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New Disc Golf Brands of 2021

The Global Covid 19 pandemic has created an explosion in growth for disc golf.  Perhaps you too are new to disc golf. If not, you have surely noticed the increase in players at  your local courses. With this increased growth, major disc golf manufacturers like Innova and Discraft have not been able to create discs fast enough to keep up with the growing demand. This global “disc shortage” has created a prime opportunity for new disc manufacturers to enter the market. In this article we will discuss the new disc golf brands of 2021

While some of the brands aren’t completely new this year, the pandemic demand has really helped them take off and become more accepted in the disc golf world.

New Disc Golf Brands of 2021

Brand Name Country # of Current Molds Discs Coming Soon
Dino Discs USA 11
Divergent Discs Philippines 3 4
Elevation Discs USA 1 1
EV-7 USA 1 2
Fourth Circle Discs Australia 4
Hero Discs USA/China 3
Hobbysport Denmark 1
Hyperflite USA 1
Lone Star USA 6 1
Sune Sport Norway 9
Thoughtspace Athletics USA 3 2
Wild Discs USA 3 1
X-Com Discs China 5

Dino Discs

Dino Discs is an interesting disc golf brand. It is a cooperation of three different disc golf companies working together to make discs designed specifically for kids. There are currently 11 different Dino Disc molds, but rumor has it the the mold for the Tyrannosaurus Rex driver has broken and so that mold is now extinct.  Find more details about these discs at

Divergent Discs logo

Divergent Discs

Divergent Discs is another unique brand with a focus of providing disc golf discs for the every day player. While most of the major disc golf brands focus on providing discs for their sponsored professional players, Divergent Discs are designed for recreational players, beginners, and people who do not throw very far.

While Divergent Discs are designed for Recreational players, they currently have 4 discs that are PDGA approved. According to their website, they also three discs being produced that should be available by the end of the summer. One of these discs, the Alpas, is supposed to be a floppy rubber disc similar to the discs that were created by Vibram. Get more details at

Elevation Disc Golf

Elevation Discs

Elevation Discs just might be the hottest new disc golf brand of 2021. Elevation makes disc golf discs using a unique floppy silicone material.

There is currently only one Elevation disc on the market, the Interceptor, but this disc sells out as fast as retailers can get them in. I have seen Elevation Interceptors sell for more than $60 on disc golf auction websites. This disc is overstable and perfect for approach shots where you want your disc to just stay putt without skipping or rolling. Elevation has another putter, the Koi, that should be available very soon. Get more information about this new company at

The image shows the logo for EV-7, described as  Premium Disc Golf Putters.


EV-7 is another specialty disc golf company with a focus specifically on premium putters. EV-7 was formed by Phil Arthur who was one of the primary founders of Prodigy Disc. There is currently one putter, the Penrose, on the market with two additional putters that have been PDGA approved.

Professional disc golfer Drew Gibson is sponsored by EV-7 and uses the Penrose as his primary putter. Get more information about this new disc golf brand at

RPM Disc Logo a circular symbol with a tri-spiral design known as a triskelion within a ring of small triangles and dots.

Fourth Circle Discs

Fourth Circle Discs brings four new disc golf discs from the land down Under. This is Australia’s first (and only to our knowledge) disc golf manufacturer. Fourth Circle actually began in 2017, with their first disc being approved in 2018, but their discs didn’t reach the US until this year. All the Fourth Circle discs feature Australian animal names such as Dingo, Taipan and Firehawk. Learn more about Fourth Circle at

The image shows the word  HOBBYSPORT  in bold, slanted lettering next to a circular emblem with the letters  H,   S,  and  20X20  inside.

Hero Disc Golf

Hero Disc Golf is a sister company of Innova Champion Discs. In the past their focus was on Dog Discs and fundraiser discs for the Japan Open disc golf tournament. Hero Disc Headquarters are located in Rancho Cucamonga, California, the same location as Innova.

Now it appears that they have their own line of disc golf discs manufactured in China. As of this article, there are only three Hero disc golf discs available and it appears that you can only purchase them in a three disc set.

While we aren’t sure of the partnership that Innova actually has with Hero, we do know that Innova is the distributer of this new disc brand. It appears that Innova has gone the way of Discmania by partnering with a Chinese manufactuer for one line of discs. With the lack of local machine time, and the inability to keep up with disc golf demand, it makes sense for Innova to outsource less profitable base plastic discs. It will be interesting to see if more discs continue to be produced under the Hero brand, or if they are content with a single starter set.

The image shows a stylized logo with the text  Hero disc USA  alongside a graphic of a smiling face and a disc golf disc with an American flag design.


Hobbysport is a disc golf company out of Denmark that we know almost nothing about. The only thing we know about Hobbysport is that they have a midrange, the HS2020, that has been PDGA approved. As far as we know, this disc is not yet available in the United States. You might need Google translate, but you can check out their website here:

The image shows the Hyperflite logo, which represents a brand specializing in flying discs.


Hyperflite is a new disc golf brand that is not new to flying discs. This is a company that specializes in Dog Discs, but they have recently come out with the Cheengz I-One disc golf disc. This is a unique perfectly straight flying golf disc that is kind of a mid-range putter hybrid. You can buy the Hyperflite Cheengz I-One disc here.


The image shows a logo with a red and black swoosh design that reads  Lone Star Disc.

Lone Star

Lone Star discs has brought us some of the coolest looking stamp designs of 2021. Lone Star launched as a family owned company in 2020. This line includes disc names such as the Mad Cat and the Penny putter. There are currently six disc golf discs available for sale with a seventh disc, the Curl, that should be coming soon. These discs are all hot sellers and don’t last long on the shelves of disc golf retailers.

See the full selection of available Lone Star Molding discs for sale here.

The image shows a logo featuring the silhouette of a person with raised arms and the text  SuneSport  in stylized font.

Sune Sport

Sune Sport is a sporting goods distribution company in Norway. With the large shortage of disc golf equipment they decided to expand their offerings with their own disc golf line. This line includes eight different disc golf discs including two ultra soft “Safety Line” silicone discs designed for children. Most of the discs in the Sune line are targeted towards beginners.

The Sune Sport disc golf discs just landed in the USA last month. You can purchase Sune discs here.

TSA Logo

Thought Space Athletics

TSA is another ultra hot disc golf brand that has emerged since the pandemic. Thought Space Athletics started as an on-the-road retailer, design and apparel company. During the pandemic, the partnered with MVP Disc sports to produce some of the most premium looking and feeling disc golf discs available. There are currently three TSA discs on the market with two new discs coming soon.

All TSA discs feature impressive art work and three foil stamp designs. You can purchase Thoughtspace discs here.

Wild Discs

Wild Discs is a boutique disc golf company with a unique focus of conserving wildlife. Wild Discs are manufactured by Gateway Disc Sports. This company differs from the other Gateway sub brands in that 5% of all proceeds go to help save animals and Wildlife Conservation.

Find out more information about Wild Discs and their mission at

The image displays the text  XCOM  in bold capital letters with a red swoosh underline.

X-Com Discs

X-Com is a popular Chinese Frisbee company that has made Ultimate Frisbees for many years. Their disc golf discs and sets have entered the US market and have been well received this year. The X-Com set is one the most affordable and our top rated sets for beginners.

X-Com currently has five disc golf discs, and for now they are only available in a base TPE plastic. They are currently working on a more durable premium plastic which should be available by the end of the year. If quality but inexpensive discs is you’re thing, you’re going to want to try X-Com. Purchase X-Com discs here. 















































Lone Star

Thoughtspace Athletics

Wild Discs

X-Com Discs


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