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Best Disc Golf Discs for Kids

Disc golf has grown at an incredible pace over the past decade, and the pace has accelerated even more during the global Covid 19 pandemic. With most traditional team sports shut down at the moment, more children than ever are picking up disc golf. This youth explosion is especially common if you have a disc golf course within walking distance of your home.

But, should children use the same disc golf discs as adults? Are some disc golf sets better for kids than others? Well, you don’t have to do the homework, we’ve done that for you. Here is our comparison of the top frisbee golf starter sets for children, youth, senior citizens and some women.

Let’s get started.

Best Disc Golf Brands for Kids

The key to making good flying discs for kids is the weight of the discs. Lighter discs are just easier for children to throw than are heavier discs. In addition to the potential of more distance, light weight discs are also much safer for children.

From my experience, I’ve found that kids rarely wait for their turn to throw and typically don’t have very good aim. It’s not uncommon for a child just learning the game to throw sideways or even backwards!

While good flight is one thing, young children often care more about how the disc looks than how it flies. Children love bright colorful colors and sweet stamp designs. A flying disc is more than just a piece of sporting goods equipment as it can also be a coveted piece of artwork.

Most of the major disc golf manufacturers, like Discraft and Innova, make some discs catered towards kids, these discs are ultra rare in today’s market. With the pandemic created disc shortages, light weight discs are low on the major manufacturer machine time priority list. Finding an Ultra-Light Innova disc these days is darn near impossible.

In our quest to find the best discs and sets, I’ve been able to find three disc golf brands that are literally designed specifically for kids!

Discs for Kids Comparison Table

Brand Name Designed Specifically for Kids PDGA Approved Are the Discs Light Weight? Stand Out Feature(s)
Dino Discs Yes No Yes Ultra Light Weight and Feature Dinosaurs
Sune Sport Yes Yes Yes Super Floppy – Safest Discs for Kids
Divergent Discs No – But Designed for Beginners. Yes Yes – But Not Ultra Light Designed for beginners.

1. Dino Discs

Dino Discs

Dino Discs is a disc golf brand designed specifically for kids. That is literally their mission, to get more young children playing disc golf. Dino discs are designed for kids (and anyone else) who cannot throw more than 200 feet of total distance.

There are currently 11 different Dino Discs, each named after a different dinosaur. The Dino disc line includes three distance drivers, a fairway driver, four midranges, and two different putt and approach discs.  All Dino Discs are ultra light weight with some of them weighing less than 120 grams. The heaviest Dino Disc I have seen was 146 grams.

In addition to being ultra light weight, kids love Dino discs because of the colorful plastic and dinosaur stamps. Some of the Dino Discs even change colors in sunlight and glow in the dark. What kid doesn’t want a color shift disc?

While the plastic on Dino Discs looks great it is not the most durable. In addition, Dino Discs are not PDGA approved for tournament play — which simply means that Dino Discs hasn’t payed the $300 fee to the PDGA for them to get approved. Because most people who play sanctioned PDGA tournaments are able to throw more than 100 feet, Dino Discs are not likely to be used in tournaments and so this con is nearly always a non issue.

When it comes to safety, the ultra light weight and soft plastic make Dino Discs very safe.

If you’re looking for discs specifically for children, you can’t go wrong with Dino Discs.


  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Attractive Plastic
  • Dinosaurs
  • Light, easy to throw for Young Children under age of 10
  • Float in Water


  • Not PDGA Approved
  • Plastic is Not Ultra Durable

2. Sune Sports Safety Line

The image shows a logo featuring the silhouette of a person with raised arms and the text  SuneSport  in stylized font.

Sune Sports has developed a special line of discs designed for Children and Safety. These discs are ultra light and ultra soft; perfect for teaching disc golf in a large setting like an elementary school. These discs are so soft, they are even safe to throw around the house!

There are currently two discs in the Safety Line. The Cumulus is a low profile putter with a blunt knows. This disc is easy to throw and even works well for playing catch with. The Cirrus is a midrange disc with a slightly thicker rim than the Cumulus while still maintaining that soft safety feel.

Sune Sports Safety Line Discs all weigh between 110 and 120 grams.

While it’s not likely that these kid discs would ever be used in a disc golf tournament, they are PDGA approved for tournament play.

Because both discs are so similar, the Sune kids discs don’t really make up a set. However, if you just want to give a young child a single disc to throw around you won’t find anything safer than these.


  • Brightly colored
  • Ultra Safe
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Float in Water


  • More Expensive
  • Not much differentiation
  • Design is boring

3. Divergent Discs

Divergent Discs logo

Divergent Discs is the third brand that we highly recommend for kids. While these discs aren’t made specifically for young children they are designed just for beginners. The plastic of these discs is super grippy and relatively soft. Divergent Discs are not maximum weight, but are not ultra light weight like the other kids discs we’ve recommended. Most Divergent Discs are in the 160-170gram range.

Divergent will soon have 9 different discs available for sale. The ones I’d recommend most for kids include the Narwhal, Leviathan, Tiyanak, and Alpas.

While I’d recommend the Dino and Sune discs for kids 10 and under, Divergent Discs are probably a better choice for kids between the ages of 8 and 14. The really understable discs like the Leviathan and Tiyanak are still excellent choices for kids.


  • Excellent Discs
  • Cool Designs
  • Discs Your Kids can Grow Into


  • Not as light weight
  • Not as Safe

Best Discs for Kids Conclusion

The main aspect you’re looking for when choosing a starter set for children, compared with a disc golf set for a full grown man, is the weight of the discs in the set. The average child under age 12 who begins playing disc golf will not be able to throw more than 100 feet, whereas the average man can get more than 250 feet of distance with a few weeks practice. This drastic difference in throwing power calls for substantially different discs. It’s also helpful to consider discs with thin rims that work for people with small hands. For kids, it is very important to choose not only discs with an easy to throw design, but to get the best set, they should also be very light weight.


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  1. Sean Patrick

    Dino discs are my kids choices , I have a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old and both love the colors, look ,shape and feel. They throw them exceptionally well especially compared to how they throw my max weight putters. Get your kids a Dino disc and you will be very rewarded with the biggest smiles .

  2. David

    I got the Sune discs on your recommendation. They are perfect for the youngest and least trustworthy one. I also got the discmania active soft starter set. They feel more like “real” discs, and everyone throws them well. It is surprising that a market with this many vendors all looking for any small differentiator to sell additional discs hasn’t rushed to fill this vacuum.

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