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The Best Disc Golf Drivers for 2022

Hundreds of different molds from different brands are available in the market. It is what makes choosing disc golf drivers an easy task. Some of the drivers are quite similar in design and purpose, while others have the slightest variations, which end up making them feel more unique and give them different flight characteristics that make them stand out.

Deciding on the best disc golf driver can be a difficult task because the best driver for one player might not be the best for another. Different considerations are done such as arm speed, snap, strength, and most importantly, the throwing style.

Other significant factors go well with the throwing style of a player. However, there are instances when these are being exaggerated. To give you which among the factors should be taken priority, this article will help you.

Best Disc Golf Driver Reviews

Some disc golf drivers have an edge over the performance, feel, and popularity. The drivers listed below are my absolute favorites and have proven to be my lifesavers at the disc golf course. I hope you will find your next amazing disc golf driver that perfectly suits your needs and abilities from this list.

Product Comparison Table

Grip Best choice for Level of player
Viking Discs Ragnorak 4/5 Good Distance & Control Intermediate
MVP Disc Sports Tesla Disc Golf Distance Driver 4/5 Forehand control drivers Intermediate
Infinite Discs Pharaoh Golf Disc 4/5 Maximum Distance Intermediate+
Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc 4.5/5 Beginners, New Players All skill levels
Innova – Champion Discs DX TeeBird Golf Disc 4/5 Fairway drivers Intermediate+

1. Viking Discs Ragnorak

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The Viking Discs Ragnarok wins on more accounts than one. The 2.1cm rim width of this disc is definitely a winner. It is thick enough to be fast, but thin enough to provide control and comfort. This disc flips up and turns easily helping to give more distance to newer and intermediate disc golfers. The Ragnarok has exceptional glide and will stay in the air for a very long time. It has a very modest end of flight fade for a driver, especially one that goes so far.

There are two things that really stand out about the Ragnarok that help it rate so highly on my list. The first is plastic. Viking Discs storm plastic feels amazing and has the most excellent grip. With both Storm and Armor plastics, I don’t have to worry about the disc slipping out of my hand, even in adverse weather conditions. I feel that the excellent grip helps me to get more snap on my drives and thus more spin, glide, and distance. The gorgeous candy colors found in the Storm plastic not only serve to make the disc look brilliant but also make it really easy to find. Bright pink is the best color for disc golf drivers in my opinion.

In addition to the great feeling plastic, all Viking discs just look awesome. I’m a big fan of the Nordic themes.

As a newer brand that is not familiar to most people, I would say that the Ragnarok is similar to the highly-popular Innova Beast — in better plastic. Just a couple of throws and you will understand the similarity and likely find that you have a new favorite.

If you can really power into this driver, you will get a decent understable turn in the flight, it’s great for hyzer flips. If your average throwing distance is around 300 feet, then you will see a noticeable amount of high speed turn, giving you more distance and making it one of the best disc golf distance drivers for you. For beginners, the Ragnarok will still fly overstable, and there will be significant end-of-flight fade, however, it won’t be an overwhelming amount compared to most distance drivers.

However, overpowering this driver is just as easy. If you use a very strong arm, then the Ragnarok will a little too flippy for you. Just balance the power that you put in the disc on a nice hyzer line and the results will make you more than happy. You will notice a very soft fade with this one with uncanny distance. The driver will finish to the left but it will not cut in too hard and has minimal skip.


  • Exceptional glide.
  • Great feeling plastic in disc golf.
  • The vibrant colors make it easy to find.
  • Offers good control with the right balance of throwing power.


  • It is an understable driver which makes throwing forehand difficult.
  • Too understable for big arm players with.
  • Printed flight ratings are more understable than indicated.

2. Basilisk Distance Driver

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The Tesla is like a neutral to slightly over-stable distance driver that has its place right over the MVP Volt. The core of the Tesla is perfectly flat making it ideal for controlled forehand throws that still get good distance.

I would not call it the fastest driver in the market, but the speed is not too bad as well. MVP rims have double mold GYRO technology which adds weight around the perimeter of the rim allowing it to fly more stable than similar distance drivers which is helpful for sidearm or full power backhand throwers. The Tesla is available in a variety of different plastics, my favorite of which is neutron plastic, which happens to be the most premium material from MVP. Like the other discs from MVP, this one is also PDGA approved which means that it is legal to use in sanctioned tournaments.

With only a slight bump on the top plate, the Tesla comes with a very flat top, which means a very slim profile in your hand. Thus, I get a very clean release with this disc driver and that is something I am sure many of you will love, just as I do. But, those of you with big fingers or hands might find the Tesla a bit difficult to grip because of its lack of depth.

I first tested Tesla when the wind speed was around 25 mph because I wanted to see how it fares in that condition. And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. If you can give it a bit of hyzer, and throw with a power of about 350 feet, then it will hold up well in the headwind. In fact, with a power of 350 feet, it will hold up against crosswinds as well.

Overall, the Tesla is my favorite driver for forehand throws.


  • The high-end material used to make this durable driver.
  • A straight disc with a healthy consistent fade.
  • The flat flight path make it ideal for forehand throws.


  • New players generally do not have enough power to throw this disc very far.
  • Not the most comfortable disc for players with fat fingers.

3. Infinite Discs Pharaoh

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If the main reason you’re looking for a new disc golf driver is distance, you are going to want to try the Infinite Discs Pharaoh. It is known as a “maximum distance” driver for a reason and is quite popular amongst intermediate, advanced, and professional players. For disc golfers with less than 400 feet of total distance, the Pharaoh provides the perfect stability to get a big S-Curve flight for maximum distance.  Compared to other discs in the market, the Pharaoh is more a more versatile distance driver that is efficient for a broader range of skill sets.

For me, I use the Pharaoh for both maximum distance forehand and backhand throws. I like the thinner rim of the Tesla for control shots, but for all-out gliding distance, I reach for the Pharaoh. Swirly S-Blend plastic at 174g is my preferred plastic for sidearm throws. Professional disc golfer Jessica Weese also uses the Pharaoh for her max distance flick shots as well.

The Pharaoh is available in several different plastic types. The I-Blend is more understable, and the one I use for backhand throws. It offers an impressive grip that allows me to get a good snap and maximum distance. When I need full distance I reach for a light weight 159g Pharaoh. This is one of the only discs I’m able to get more than 400 feet of total distance with.

However, in the light weight which is best for my max distance, the Pharaoh is very finicky in the wind. If it’s a breezy round, I must use the Pharaoh in a heavier weight, and it just doesn’t give me the same distance as my ultralight one.

The Pharaoh has wide at 2.3 cm which makes it very fast. Players with small hands may be more comfortable with drivers with rims that are not quite this thick. But overall, this is a very comfortable high-speed driver for ll throwing styles.


  • Maximum distance golf driver
  • Best for players who want maximum distance
  • Perfect stability for long S curve flight
  • Versatile for Backhand and Forehand Throws
  • Awesome name and stamp design


  • Too fast for new players and those with small hands

4. Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc

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The fourth product on our list is the Innova DX leopard which is an excellent fairway driver for beginner level disc-golf players. It is one of the most classic straight flying and best Innova distance drivers. Players might have heard about the Leopard driver as it is typically the driver included in Innova starter sets.

It is a great beginner-friendly under stable driver and should be the first choice when you are looking to buy golf discs. It is easy to throw straight and far and has an excellent glide. It is an amazing driver and a turnover disc for players of all skills levels in general. But, it is preferred by experienced players as they can use the Leopard for throwing maximum distance shots.

The best thing that I liked about the disc was that as it ages, it will make a more dependable long-range roller. It is great for all types of drivers, from straight line, anhyzer shots, and rollers to beginner’s first driver.

Talking about the plastic, it is made from DX plastic which is cost-friendly and provides for an excellent grip, no matter what weather you are playing the game in. The disc comes in the range of 145g-180g; you can pick the one that fits your feel and playing style.

Over time, as and when you use the disc, it will take on new flight characteristics. They might start out a little over stable, but it will match the flight ratings gradually. It is inexpensive as well, making it a good choice for people who are looking to explore the sport without pouring in a lot of money in the beginning.

The shaping of the rim is great which gives a smooth feel and allows for clean releases.

The only drawback of this driver is that it is not as durable as other drivers under the same class range. This does not mean that it is fragile; it’s just that you can expect a few nicks and scuffs along the way. It is one of the best stable disc golf drivers.


  • Great for all skill levels
  • Allows more speed
  • Perfect for mid-range shots
  • Comes with a softer grip


  • In DX plastic it is not as durable as other discs

5. Innova – Champion Discs DX TeeBird Golf Disc

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What do you see in the sky? Is that a bird or a plane? I guess not. It is the new Innova TeeBird which is one of the best fairway driver disc golf.

This disc has been used by many pros including Avery Jenkins and Ken Climo who have won multiple world titles. If you are looking for a driver that ranges from straight to overt sable, you have to consider TeeBird.

It is one of their most accurate and reliable fairway drivers which have the perfect combination of straight flight, high glide and good speed. All these features when mixed together, makes for an accurate and long flying driver which is suitable for both, up wind and downwind.

It is versatile in nature and its strongest selling points are – pin point accuracy, distance and sidearm. When you throw the driver flat, it will fly dead straight with a lot of fade as soon as it is near to slowing down. After it breaks in, the disc will glide straight for several days.

When you put the disc on hyzer, you can expect hook shots and when you release it on anhyzer angle, it will flex back. This is what I like the most about this disc as it works great with hyzer and skip shots.

I would recommend the TeeBird to intermediate and advanced disc-golf players. This is because they have the arm speed which will help them get a stable flight that TeeBird is designed for.


  • Enables accurate fairway drives
  • It is a utility driver for flex shots
  • Excellent choice for pin-point accuracy
  • Available in different colours


  • Not suitable for beginners

III. How to choose the disc golf driver

Disc golf is not such a prideful game when compared to other sports, so people might not judge you when you are playing with old discs, but it is always good to invest in new ones. With regular usage, discs might undergo wear and tear and will eventually lose their integrity.

When you decide to purchase a new disc, you have to consider a few things and make sure you know them before you make the purchase.

The length of the course

The driver that you choose depends largely on the course that you play in. For instance, the longest holes will need a distance driver, while fairway drivers are good enough for a shorter distance.

To explain the distance range in figures for your better understanding, keep in mind that the fairway drivers can hit about 350 ft., whereas the distance drivers can hit even more than that.

So, for instance, if the course is somewhere around 300 ft. you wouldn’t need to bring out the distance driver because it would end up moving past the basket.

Disc fly pattern (know how to read disc golf number)

These numbers are important but do not make them the basis of your purchase. No disc will match the exact numbers and the flight pattern of every disc is just a factor of many different variables including wind speed, throwing pattern, speed, and disc wear and tear. Innova as a brand promises to provide the most-detailed and well-explained graphics that will help you to understand these numbers.

You should not confuse speed with distance. These two are completely different things.

Speed is the capacity at which you throw the putter so that it behaves in the way the numbers that are displayed on the putter. The speed also depends on your arm speed so, the greater your power, the greater is the speed of the disc.

The player is supposed to have enough power and skill so that he can throw the driver in the same way it was designed for, which is the flying pattern.


All discs are made from plastics, but different discs are made from different types of plastics. The kind of plastic that is used affects the grip, durability, and stability of the driver. The molding pattern can be different giving away dramatic effects on the disc flight patterns and weight.

Plastics tend to shrink when it’s cool and the shrink characteristics of different plastics are different. It is important to choose drivers that offer ease of replacement. Usually, every company that deals with discs has a plastic of their own that sets them apart from their competitors.

For example, Innova DX uses “DX” plastic which is highly durable. You should know the kind of plastic a company uses before buying the drivers.


The weight of the disc has an important role to play in the turnover and fall of the disc. It determines how straight the disc will fly.

Say, for example, consider the disc as a paper airplane, the more aerodynamically shaped it is, the farther it will go before it gets affected by air and gravity. There should be a good balance between the weight and design of the disc so that it can fly straight for maximum distance. Discs fall under the weight range of 100-200gm, with distance drivers being in the middle and putting discs the heaviest.

The factors that affect the flight distance of disc golf are- player skills and level, a brand of the disc, plastic and disc mold, the weight of the disc, and release velocity. Lightest discs will also carry, but this does not mean that you should buy the lightest version of your current favorite driver.

The more speed you use, the more turnover you will get. If you are looking to increase stability, in that case, you can select a lighter-weight disc. Weight is directly proportional to the wind at your course, so keep that in mind when deciding the weight.

Wind Conditions

How can you choose the best disc gold based on wind conditions? The key point to remember is that the disc’s high-speed turn depends on two things- the first is Disc Turn rating and the second is Release Velocity.

If you own a disc that flies at an optimal flying pattern when you throw it, if you take the same disc and throw it more velocity, you will get more high-speed turns. Similarly, if you throw it at low velocity, you will get low-speed velocity.

disc golf drivers shelf

Thing to Consider for Distance Drivers

Distance Drivers have the ability to travel the longest distance. But they also need the highest speed to travel that distance due to their inherent flight features, which makes them best suited for experienced players. These drivers have sharper noses and wider rims.

There are four things that you need to consider when choosing distance drivers: speed, turn, glide, and fade.

The glide should ideally be between four and six, and the fade should be between two and four.

The speed depends on your level of expertise, and experienced players can go for a higher speed.

Thing to Consider for Fairway Drivers

Fairway drivers have smaller rims than distance drivers and they are easy to control because their low-speed potential ensures that they do not go crazy in the wind. You can comfortably throw this around for anything below 350 ft. and over 290 ft. These suit both experienced and inexperienced players and are a good choice for tight lines, straight flights, and short drives.

You need to make sure that the fairway driver you choose is comfortable to grab and release in your style of playing. The fly pattern is also an important consideration for fairway drivers. Try your hands at a few fairway drivers to know the fly patterns of each, before making your choice.

Overall, When buying drivers, you would want to look at something that is smooth and far-flinging. They should feel smooth when you handle them so that they allow for enjoyable throws.

Selecting The Ideal Disc Golf Driver for The Beginners

Selecting a disc golf driver for beginners can seem like quite a difficult task.

For one, you have not really played the game well enough before to know the kind of drivers that can suit your style.

Secondly, you would probably also be a bit confused regarding the different features of a driver that can make it suitable for a beginner.

The following are a few points that can come in handy while selecting the ideal disc golf driver for beginners among you.

The glide and the grip

The glide and the grip of the discs are the first things that a beginner needs to check. Hold the driver in your hand and check its grip. Ask yourself whether you are comfortable in the way you are able to hold it. Throw the driver and see how well it glides with the grip that you have.

The speed of the driver

The fact of the matter is that the beginners do not really have enough power to throw a high-speed driver. Though, I have seen choosing high-speed drivers to be the most common mistake made by them.

I would suggest that you to start with slower discs for ensuring that you have more control. The slower drivers need less speed to go along their designated flight paths.

The level of the beginner

If you are absolutely new to the world of disc golf, then I would suggest you choose mid range and putter in place of drivers while you are learning form and angles. Putters and mid-range discs offer better control and are easier to throw. Throwing a disc that is too fast for your arm speed will lead to poor form which will limit your long-term progression.

If you have just completed a few months playing disc golf, then I would advise you to choose a lightweight understable or neutral fairway driver. These fairway drivers offer more control and will often provide just as much distance for beginning players as distance drivers.

The power and the skills

As a beginner, you need to play for a while and determine the power and skill that you can put in the driver. Stick to the discs that have a speed of lower than nine or ten. Once you feel comfortable with that speed, you can go for a driver that moves faster.

IV. Frequently Asked Questions

Now that most of your queries and doubts have been answered, let’s move on to the questions that I have frequently been asked by you people and my fellow disc golfers. So, here it goes:

Fairway driver vs. Distance driver

The most common question that I have come across is the difference between fairway drivers and distance drivers.

Fairway drivers have smaller rims when compared to distance drivers. They are quite easy to control as they have less speed potential. They have less distance potential and are suitable for tighter lines and shots that require less skip towards the end. They are great for straighter flights and shorter drives. The best part is that they can be used by both, experienced and inexperienced players.

On the other hand, Distance drivers, as the name suggests, are highly potential of traveling a great distance and are best for maximum shots. Nonetheless, they require great speed to match up with the distance so that they can travel more. These have wider rims and sharper noses and are not exactly suitable for new and younger players or for players who have slower arm speed.

Farthest flying disc golf driver

Distance is the Holy Grail for most players of disc golf. It is something we are proud of, and proudly boast about. The moment a player hits that 300’ mark, he starts seeking 350′, then 400′, and so on. To know if a driver will fly the farthest, take a look at the ride and the flip portion of the flight, but do not forget accuracy and putting as well if you want it to hit the mark.

David Wiggins Jr, an Innova Team member holds the World Distance Record for the farthest throw in 2016. He threw a 154 gram Boss to 338m distance (1,108.92 feet) and reclaimed the title from Simon Lizotte of Germany, who later broke his record by throwing the Innova Blizzard Boss 1030 feet.


Hopefully, your doubts and queries were answered clearly by this article. May this serve as a comprehensive guide for you in choosing the best disc golf driver you can use on your rounds on the disc golf course.

There are a lot of things that need to be considered when picking the best for you. But always bear in mind that it all depends on your preferences and skills.

Did I miss out on something? Is there anything else that you want my take on? What are your thoughts on my product selection and buyer’s guide? Let me know all of it in the comment section below.

Here’s waiting to hear from you lovely people!

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  1. Bud Ranks

    I am 80 years old and started playing disc golf 7 or 8 months ago. I love the game and play 4 or 5 times a week. My question is how far should I expect to be able to throw a disc from the tee. I am currently throwing at about 150 to 170 feet.

    1. Randy Discer

      That’s a great question. As an 80 year old, I’d say you are doing great. One thing that might help is the discs you’d select. For your skill level, I’d highly recommend trying discs from the Divergent Discs brand.

  2. Pat Goodyear

    I am 69 I started playing April last year. My distance is 175-220 throwing a speed 7 disc. I have tried higher speeds but worse results. I also throw 140 – 150 gram discs, 170 g discs I loose about 30 feet.

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