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The Best Disc Golf Sets of 2022

Disc golf is an exciting sport. When you realize that there are thousands of different golf discs, choosing the best disc golf set becomes challenging. There are several factors that go into deciding which disc golf set will best suit your needs. To help you out, we have tested dozens of different disc golf kits so that you can get the best set for your needs and skillset without wasting money by making the wrong choice.

In this post, we will go over some of the best disc golf packs, and give recommendations for which to choose based on your skill level, experience, goals, and expectations.  We will discuss the best sets for beginners and then for intermediate players.

Best Disc Golf Sets for Beginners

When shopping for disc golf sets for beginners, it is very important to get the right kind of discs to ensure maximum satisfaction. Most golf discs are designed for advanced and professional players. These discs do not work well for newbies. You wouldn’t give a 16 pound bowling ball to a child and you shouldn’t give a high speed overstable driver to a frisbee golf beginner. Our beginner set recommendations only consider sets with a good selections of discs appropriate for new disc golfers. These generally include light weight and or understable golf discs.

Best Disc Golf Sets for Beginners Comparison Table

Product No. of Discs PDGA Approved Ideal For Stand Out Feature(s)
Divergent Discs Starter Set 1 Putter, 1 mid-range, 2 drivers Yes Beginners/Intermediate Best Value, More Quality Plastic
X-Com Disc Golf Set 1 Putter, 1 mid-range, 2 drivers Yes Beginners Most affordable disc golf set
Divergent Discs Max Grip Set 1 Putter, 1 mid-range, 2 drivers Yes Low Arm Speed Basilisk driver designed for players who throw less than 200 feet.
Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set 1 Putter, 1 mid-range, 2 drivers Yes Beginners Includes Bag
Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Beginner Set Bundle 1 Putter, 1 mid-range, 1 driver Yes Beginners – Intermediate Includes Bag
Viking Discs Starter Set 1 Putter, 1 mid-range, 1 distance driver Yes Beginners Most distance potential with Ragnarok Driver
Innova Disc Golf Starter Set 1 Putter, 1 mid-range, 1 driver Yes Beginners Popular Brand

Let us start with some of the best products currently on the market. I have prepared a list of some of the best disc golf starter kits to consider. There are dozens of additional starter sets I have tried that do not make this list. Some of them even have favorable ratings, but are complete garbage. You can’t always trust Amazon ratings. If you plan to shop at a local retail store for your disc golf set I would also encourage you to consider the brands reviewed here. Many of the disc sets on the shelves at stores like Walmart are low-quality discs that flat out don’t fly well and are not durable.

The following disc golf sets have been personally tried and tested by me; hence, it is an honest review and I will explain why I recommend them and who they are good for.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with my review.

1. Divergent Discs 3 Disc Beginner Set

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Our number one recommended beginner disc golf set for 2022 is the Divergent Discs 3 Discs Beginner Disc Golf Starter set. This disc has everything a new player needs. The big advantage of the Divergent set, and reason it stands out to earn our #1 rated spot is the superior plastic quality. Almost all low cost starter sets have low grade TPE plastics that wear quickly. In disc golf, disc wear alters the flight of the disc. If you really like the flight of a disc, and then it hits a tree, that flight path might instantly change as the disc becomes more understable. Divergent’s  Max Grip starter plastic will last longer than most other brands. In addition, this plastic offers better grip which allows you to generate more spin and get more distance on your throws.

The Narwhal Putter is the ultimate all purpose disc golf disc. This disc is designed with a neutral flight path to be used for throws to curve in the direction of the release angle. It has a prominent dome and provides excellent glide. The Narwhal is perfect for one disc rounds when you want to take only one golf disc with you. This is an excellent choice if you travel by plane and don’t have room in your luggage to carry a full selection of discs. While the Narwhal can be used for short putts just like any other disc, this putter excels as a thrower for short holes or straight shots off the tee.

The Leviathan Midrange is another primary reason we rank the Divergent set as our number one choice for beginners. We find that most new players who don’t have a lot of arm speed or snap get frustrated by disc golf discs that fade far to the left of their aim on every throw. The understable nature of the Leviathan allow it to go mostly straight at low power, even for beginner. Reviewers all over have rated the Leviathan as the best disc golf disc for beginners. While this disc is a midrange, it is a fast one and often times new players find that they can get more distance with the Leviathan than they can a driver.

While the Narwhal and Leviathan drivers are ideal for beginners, the Kraken is a driver that a player can grow with as they improve their form and distance. New players will find that the Kraken has a good deal of curving overstable flight to it that is perfect for navigating around trees and other obstacles. As they get more arm speed, the Kraken will become a fast straight flyer that provides substantially more distance than they can get with their Levithan midrange. Even advanced disc golfers love the flight and feel of the Divergent Discs Kraken.

If you are ready to get into disc golf and want to get started with an all out fantastic set, get started with this Divergent set today.


  • Best Plastic
  • Best Value
  • Leviathan is the best golf discs for beginners
  • Great Discs you can grow with


  • You can’t pick your colors

2. X-Com Disc Golf Set

Xcom 3 Disc Golf Set

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The X-Com disc golf set was my number one recommendation last year. This is still a great set, but I just like the Divergent sets better as they provide more value. This is not only  affordable three disc starter set currently available at, but it also includes three of the best golf discs for beginners. All three discs in this set are easy to throw for beginners, but can also be used for controlled shots by intermediate disc golfers.

The Bennu putter has a great shape and feel. This is a beadless putter with a moderate height. For throwing, the Bennu will fly dead straight, even for beginners who lack arm speed and snap. The Bennu has excellent glide, which makes it great for putting. You will make more putts if you feel you can get the disc to go the distance without having to put extra power on it.

Like the Bennu, the Griffin putter is a beadless midrange with an ultra straight flight path. This disc is ultra controllable and easy to throw. It will fly in the direction of whatever angle you release it on. Release it with an outside in angle and watch it curve to the left. Release it inside out and the disc will curve to the right with a gradually slow curve.

The Helios Fairway Driver is a fantastic first driver with a thin rim. This disc is light weight and has an easy to control flight path that gives new players maximum distance. After a few rounds players will be able to get a nice s curve flight path out of the Helios where on a level throw it will turn off to the right and then fade back at the end of the flight as the disc slows down.

All three discs are PDGA approved, so you can use them for tournament play if you decide you want to get very serious about the sport. The plastic used for the X-com set is a basic TPE blend. It’s a good plastic for a baseline plastic, but is not nearly as durable as premium plastic discs that most serious disc golfers use.


  • Lowest Cost
  • Easy to Throw Discs
  • Light, easy to throw discs


  • Not the most durable plastic
  • You can’t pick your colors

3. Divergent Discs Max Performance Set

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Divergent Discs is a disc golf brand focused specifically on beginners and recreational players, so it is of no surprise that two of their sets rank in our top three recommendations of 2022. The Max Performance set includes three completely different discs of the same great Divergent MaxGrip plastic that has the most excellent feel.

The reason we rank this set below the other Divergent set has to do with the unique nature of the Basilisk Driver. This can be both a pro or a con, depending on your arm speed and skill set. The Basilisk is a wide rimmed high speed driver with a very noticeable dome. Most starter sets do not have high speed drivers because they typically require too much arm speed in order to get substantial distance. The Basilisk is the exception. This disc has potential to go farther than any other disc if you are a beginner as it is designed as a distance driver for low distance players. But, this design also make it more inconsistent and harder to control than most starter set drivers. Divergent says that if your maximum throwing distance is less than 200 feet, you can get up to more than 50 feet of distance with the Basilisk! The problem with this disc arises if you already (or will soon be able to) throw more than 200 feet, this disc becomes ultra understable and becomes very difficult to control.

The Kapre midrange included in the Max Performance Set is a fantastic midrange for players of all skill level. This mid has more stability than the Leviathan included in the other Divergent set, but the fade on this disc is still very minimal. As your arm speed improves the Kapre will become a true straight flyer, excellent for thickly wooded disc golf courses.

The Nuno putter is a more traditional disc golf putter with a mostly flat top and deep rim. This disc glides very well and is money for both short and long putts. Experienced disc golfers will enjoy the stability of the Nuno and it’s ability to withstand adverse wind conditions.

One of the nice things about the Divergent Starter Sets is that while they are both excellent choices for dinner, the discs are different and complimentary to each other.  You can purchase both sets to have a full compliment of discs for the various shot types you will face on the course.

4. Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set

Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set

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Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set is a beginner-friendly disc golf set that will help you get your game start in style. The set includes two drivers, one putter, one mid-range, and a Discraft Weekender disc golf bag. Now the discs that are included in the Discraft set vary, so we cannot comment specifically on any of them as the set you receive might be different.

Discraft is a renowned disc golf manufacturer known for manufacturing quality golf discs for both beginners and advanced players. The Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set is an excellent bundle for those who are new to the sport.

The discs included are all Professional Disc Golf Association approved, and the best part is that it comes at a low price. You can save money by purchasing the discs in a bulk set rather than as individuals.

While four discs are included in this set, all four are in low quality budget plastic. Your set is likely to include a high speed driver. High speed drivers in low grade plastic wear very quickly and rarely make it unscathed through more than a round or two. We recommend only purchasing distance drivers in premium plastics. For more information on cheap disc plastics, read this article.

The main reason to choose the Discraft bundle over the other various options is because this package set includes a disc golf bag. The Discraft Weekender bag holds about 8 discs total and is perfect of those casual recreational disc golf rounds. When considering the cost of a disc golf bag ($15) this set really is a good value. If you’re buying just for the discs, I recommend the Yikun set in terms of simply the disc value.


  • Includes four discs and a bag
  • Disc options for more than


  • Not great for obstacle-ridden courses, low quality plastic that wears easily
  • The discs in the set vary so we can’t provide specific information about them.
  • Often out of stock on Amazon

5. Viking Discs Starter Set

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If you are looking for more disc golf distance than your friends when playing disc golf, the Viking Discs starter set is your answer.

This set includes the ultra popular Rune putter, the Axe midrange disc, and the Berzerker Driver. While the other discs in this set are good, if you are a true beginner you will want the Viking set because this driver will flat out give you more distance. This thing is high speed but incredibly understable which allows it to goes incredibly far for new players. Expect to get 20-50 feet more distance with Berzerker driver than the drivers that come with any of the other mentioned starter sets. This disc is so understable that for experienced right handed players, the Berzerker will actually turn to the right on a backhand throw!

Now while the Viking Ground plastic feels great, and will work just fine for many rounds for the putter and midrange, the driver will wear in very quickly and become even more understable. This driver will give you great distance, but once you start getting more power will likely become a utility disc that will only work for trick shots as it gets beat in and changes shape. The good news is that once this happens you can buy a Berzerker in one of Vikings premium plastics.

The Viking golf disc starter kit is guaranteed to give loads of fun for all ages.


  • Great feeling plastic
  • More distance than other starter set drivers
  • Attractive stamps and designs


  • The driver will wear quickly

6. Innova Golf Disc Starter Set

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Innova is the number one brand in disc golf. They invented the “beveled edge” (driver) disc and their starter sets are the most prevalent in sporting goods stores. There is a good chance that an Innova set will be available for sale at a store near you. Due to the brand awareness, it’s no surprise that the Innova sets are the top rated kits on Amazon.

Innova has been making discs for years and they make good ones. They are experts at disc golf and have perfected discs designed for beginners.

While Innova has a variety of different beginner sets, their most common set includes a light weight Leopard fairway driver, a midrange Shark disc, and an Aviar putter. These discs are all catered towards beginners. All three discs are straight flying even with low power. They are designed for people who are new to disc golf and have less than 200 feet of throwing distance. While the light weight discs are useful for beginners, they beat in easily and do not handle the wind well.

The discs in this set are designed for backhand throws. If forehand is your throwing preference, you may want to consider a different set. The Innova set is generally more expensive than the ones we recommended previously, usually at $29.99, but sometimes it is on sale at the ultra low price of $19.99 on Amazon including shipping which is an excellent price for a three disc set.

Innova Champion Discs produces dozens of different plastic varieties. This set is available in their low grade “budget” plastic, and hence do not last very long. Nevertheless, as an introductory set for new players, this set is a good way to go as it is easy to transition into other discs in the Innova Line as you get more experienced.


  • Perfect beginner starter set
  • Established brand
  • Light weight, easy to throw discs designed for beginners


  • Usually more expensive than comparable starter sets
  • Low grade plastic not recommended for wooded courses
  • Not recommended for forehand throws
  • You can’t pick your colors

7. Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Beginner Set Bundle

Kestrel Sports Kestrel Disc Golf Beginner Set Bundle

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The last disc golf bundle pack to make my 2022 list offers high value at a price that you will have a hard time beating. The Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Beginner Set Bundle work for players of any level, but the quality is particularly appreciated by those who have little to no experience in disc golf.

The bindle contains three discs – a putter, a mid-range, and a fairway driver. The discs are composed of a special Flexi plastic blend that not only provides durability but also help push your throws to greater distances for tighter approach shots as well as longer drives.

All the three discs are approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association, and the quality of plastic used gives you the distance, control, and turn required in the game. Each disc weighs 172 grams with perfect molds for flexibility, precision, and range. As a beginner, you will surely be able to develop your game using these discs.

Both beginners and advanced users can enjoy their game using the Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Beginner Set Bundle. Compared to Innova and Discraft, Kestrel Sports is a much cheaper brand but offers quality golf disc sets.

Most importantly, this starter set is kid-friendly, making it good for children to enjoy the fantastic outdoor game. As the game is rising in immense popularity, with children getting away from smartphones and computers and enjoying outdoor play, this game is excellent to boost their physical and mental strength. And when considering playing this game, there is no better starter kit to have than Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Beginner Set Bundle.

The best part is that this bundle is that it is disc golf set with bag in which you can put all the discs and travel hassle-free.


  • Contains a bag
  • Good discs for players of all skill level
  • Approved by PDGA


  • Discs are all low grade plastic and will wear easily
  • Bag is not high quality, or designed for many additional discs.

Intermediate Disc Golfer

Best Disc Golf Sets for Intermediate Players

If you have played a significant amount of disc golf before, are experienced with Ultimate or other flying disc sports, or if you are generally athletic, you may want to considered a more advanced disc golf set designed for Intermediate players. As most advanced disc golfers buy discs individually, sets are generally catered towards beginners. The recommendations below are sets that include discs with more stability that can handle higher speed, power, and provide more distance for intermediate players than those found in traditional starter sets. Because many intermediate players are interested in playing in disc golf tournaments, we only recommend sets that are approved by the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association).

Best Disc Golf Sets for Intermediate Disc Golfers  Comparison Table

Product No. of Discs PDGA Approved Ideal For Stand Out Feature(s)
Viking Tournament Hobby Set 8- 1-Putter, 2 Midrange, 5 Drivers Yes Intermediate Players Premium plastic quality discs with a variety of different disc flights
Divergent Discs Complete 8 – 2 Putters, 2 Midrange, 4 Drivers Yes Low Arm Speed Players Good plastic and bag at affordable cost
Viking Tournament Set 8- 2 Drivers, 2 Midrange, 4 Drivers Yes Expanding Your Bag Top of the Line Plastic
Yikun 4 Disc Set 1 Putter, 1 mid-range, 1 fairway driver, 1 distance driver Yes Budget Hunters 4 Discs, Including a premium plastic driver at the same cost as 3 disc sets.
Divergent Discs 2 Disc Set 2 – One  Putt/Approach Disc, 1 Fairway Driver Yes Simplistic Only 2 Discs that can be used for nearly any shot type
Prodigy Ace Line Set 1 Putters, 1 mid-range 1 driver Yes Beginners/Intermediate Excellent plastic quality, more stable discs than other sets.
Viking Complete Ground Set 8- 2 Drivers, 2 Midrange, 4 Drivers Yes Players Looking for Value 8 Discs gives a full variety of disc flight paths at a fraction of the cost.

1. Viking Discs Tournament Hobby Set

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If you are in intermediate disc golfer, you likely already own a few discs or starter set and are ready for additional discs to provide you with more distance and various flight paths. Viking Discs is a company located in Finland that has a focus on recreational intermediate players. They have quality discs in a variety of plastics as well as disc golf sets designed for this demographic. While I like all of these Viking intermediate sets, my favorite is the Tournament Hobby Set.

The Tournament Hobby Set includes 8 premium plastic discs of different varieties. Five of these discs are drivers, with four of the 5 being distance drivers. The main thing that intermediate players want is more distance, and this set gives you the perfect opportunity to try a multitude of discs to find the one that will give you the most distance. Many will find that the Valhalla gives the most distance for backhand throws while the Odin or Thunder God Throw give maximum distance for forehand. If you aren’t able to throw any discs at least 300 feet, several of the drivers in this set might be a little bit too fast and overstable for you.

Viking offers two premium plastic blends: Storm and Armor. With this set, you are able to try both of these plastics to see which one you like best. The discs included in Storm plastic include the Knife Putter, Loki Midrange, Fenrir Driver, and Odin Distance Driver. Armor plastic discs include the Warrior Stable Midrange, Barbarian Fariway Driver,  and Valhalla and Thor Distance Drivers.

One of my favorite things about the Tournament Hobby set is that it includes the Loki midrange. This is a disc you don’t know you need until after you try it. Once you have it, you can’t live without it. The Loki is so overstable that it spikes right into the ground with very little skip on most throws. This disc does not go very far and is perfect for windy conditions and ultimate control.


  • Excellent Value – Save $44 over buying individually
  • 8 Discs in the Set
  • Two different premium/durable plastics to try
  • Discs for a variety of shot types and skill-sets


  • Several discs may be too overstable for lower arm speed intermediate players


2. Divergent Discs Complete Set

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The Divergent Discs Complete Set is one of the best values in all of disc golf. This set includes all the discs an intermediate player needs as well as a handy carrying bag that will include all eight discs in this set as well as an additional three discs.

This is the best intermediate set for low arm speed players including women, children, and senior citizens. This disc includes several very understable discs ideal for beginners, as well as some straight flying stable discs, and an overstable driver.

Ultra Understable Discs – The Leviathan midrange and Basilisk Distance driver are ultra understable. These discs are perfect for beginners, but intermediate players will find a useful place for them on shots where they need to turn contrary to the direction of the disc rotation. The Lawin is a slightly more overstable disc that gives players more distance in the 250-300 foot range, but is usually too flippy for players with more arm speed.

Discs for All Skill Level – the Nuno Putter, Narwhal Approach Disc, Kapre Midrange, and Kraken driver are excellent all purpose discs for players of all skill level. These are all straight flyers for most intermediate disc golfers.

Overstable – The Minotaur is the sole overstable driver included in this set. Overstable drivers are useful for controlled curve shots and high wind conditions.

All discs in the Divergent Complete Set are available in MaxGrip plastic which is a midgrade blend that is better than the base plastic in most sets, but not quite as durable as premium plastic as recommended in the Viking Tournament set.


  • Incredible Value
  • 8 Disc Golf Discs and a Carrying Bag
  • Includes easy to throw drivers and midrange
  • Discs for a variety of shot types
  • Good for beginners and intermediate players – best choice for players with throwing distance between 200-300 feet.


  • Basilisk and Lawin drivers may be too understable for Advanced players
  • Plastic is not quite as durable as the Viking Hobby Set

3. Viking Discs Armor Set

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The Viking Discs Tournament set is another great option for advanced intermediate players who have good arm speed and power and are looking for that perfect driver to set a new distance record.

This set includes exactly the same discs as the Viking Complete Storm Set which has a slightly different flight and feel. Personally, I prefer Armor plastic over storm as I find I am able to get more distance with that plastic blend. In addition, Armor plastic is more expensive when the discs are purchased individually, so the Armor set actually provides even more value and savings by purchasing in bulk than does the storm set. Both are excellent choices and plastic preference really comes down to personal choice.


  • Big Savings by buying in bulk
  • 8 Discs in the Set
  • Ultra Premium Plastic
  • Discs for a variety of shot types and skill-sets


  • Most expensive of the recommended disc golf sets

4. YiKun 4 Disc Deluxe Disc Golf Set

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If you’ve already played disc golf a few times and know you’re hooked, you are going to want more than just a starter set. The Yikun Deluxe set is the perfect choice. This set not only includes three great starter discs, but it also includes an understable distance driver that adds an additional disc to your arsenal. While distance drivers are not normally recommended for beginners, the Wei driver is not too fast and has a unique very understable flight characteristics that make it easy to throw for players of all skill level.

The best thing about the Wei distance driver is that it is in premium plastic (much higher quality than most starter sets). The distance driver alone has a retail value of $17. It’s like you’re getting the rest of the set for just $13!

The Gui putter has an excellent feel with unique grip pads on the bottom of the flight plate. This is a nice touch, but if you don’t like them part of the disc is without the grip pads and a more traditional feel. The Gui is a great driving putter and is also very comfortable for short putts alike. It has a smooth beadless bottom rim.

The Yao midrange has a stable to overstable flight that works well if you need to curve left or right. While this mid wouldn’t be my first recommendation for beginners, it works well for both forehand and backhand throws. Because the fairway driver is such a straight flyer, the Yao is a good compliment to the set offering differing flight characteristics. This is a midrange disc that can easily become a go to workhorse for players of all skill levels.

The Jiau fairway driver is a super straight easy-to-throw flyer similar to the Innova Leopard used in the first starter set we discussed. This disc is excellent for beginners and when thrown correctly will stay dead straight down tight fairways.

While the Yikun Set is slightly on more expensive than a three disc set, in terms of value, it among the best, especially when you factor in the premium plastic driver.


  • 4 Discs in the Set
  • Includes an easy to throw Distance Driver
  • Discs for a variety of shot types and skill-sets


  • Mid range is almost identical to putter

5. Divergent Discs 2 Disc Set

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Sometimes simplicity is better than having so many discs you need a backpack to carry them around. Some disc golfers like to play quick rounds of disc golf where they run between holes. Others don’t like being weighed down by a heavy carrying bag. Some just enjoy the simplicity of carrying only a handful of discs and letting the throwing style and release angle do the work to navigate amidst the varying obstacles on the course. If you fall in one of these categories, the Divergent Discs 2-Disc set is for you.


  • Lowest Cost
  • Simple and Uncomplicated
  • Discs work well for all skill levels


  • Only 2 Discs in the set

6. Prodigy Ace Line Disc Golf Set

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Prodigy makes some of the best disc golf discs for professional players and sponsors some of the top pros in the world, while they try and make discs for beginners, it seems like they always turn out too overstable and so are better designed for intermediate disc golfers. A few years ago they introduced their sub brand, Ace Line, which produces ultra quality discs at an even more affordable price.

The thing that makes the Prodigy Ace Line stand out from the other disc golf sets is the plastic quality of its TPE base plastic. Most starter sets come in baseline plastics to make them more affordable. Prodigy plastic in this set is a mid grade blend that is substantially more durable than the other sets we recommend here. The reason that this set doesn’t rank higher on our recommendations is because I don’t exactly love the driver, and feel that the other sets offer better options for beginners.

Putter: The putter that comes with the Ace Line set is the P-Model US. This is one of the best putt and approach discs on the market today. It features a beadless bottom rim and a nice flat top making it an excellent choice for both putting and driving. While this is one of my most favorite putters, the ones that come in the three disc sets are very light weight. It is a good disc, but I prefer heavier putters.

Midrange: The midrange in this set is the P-Model US. This is a very good beadless mid with a flat top. It has some stability to it but will stay mostly straight in flight for newer players. Like the putter in the set, this is rather light.

Driver: The Ace line set driver is the F-Model US. As the name indicates, this should be an understable driver but even at the ultra light weight, the disc I received in my set is quite overstable. Compared with most fairway drivers, the F-Model discs have a very thick rim and could easily be considered a distance driver. While I personally like the driver included in this set, I would not recommend it for beginners which is why the Ace Line set is not my number 1 choice.

The Ace Line disc golf set discs are all PDGA approved. One bonus feature is that this set includes a mini marker disc which is a necessity if you ever decide that you do want to play in a PDGA sanctioned disc golf tournament.


  • Good plastic for the price
  • More durable than most starter sets
  • Includes a bonus mini marker disc.


  • Only three discs
  • Not premium plastic

7. Viking Discs Ground 8 Piece Starter Set

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The Viking set I would least recommend is the ground set. The advantage of this set is that it flat out provides low cost discs. You get more discs for your money with this set than any other set. At the time of the writing of this article, the ground set is available on Amazon for just $55.95. That’s less than $7 per disc! A savings of $32 versus buying each of these discs individually. The discs are all good, but I just don’t recommend base TPE plastics for disc golf drivers because they wear in too quickly. While base plastics work for beginners or recreational disc golfers that only plan to play occasionally while not focusing on improving their abilities, these plastics are not a good choice for the true intermediate disc golfer. The Viking Ground Set is a fun way to try new disc feel and flight at a low cost. When you find disc molds that you do like from this set, you can then later invest in premium plastic versions of the same great discs, or even buy from the Storm or Armor sets to get the same discs in a more durable plastic.

Choose this set if you are looking to try a variety of discs at an ultra low price.


  • Low Cost Per Disc
  • 8 Discs in Set
  • Affordable way to try new discs


  • Low quality plastic is not very durable

What to Look For When Buying Disc Golf Set

Starter disc golf setsDifferent disc golf sets have different qualities and features. From the disc golf types to the color, weight, and the material used, your skill level, and throwing style, there are a lot of considerations when it comes to choosing a disc golf set.

The major disc golf brands produce discs in a variety of different plastics. Even though the discs are produced by a reputable brand that professional disc golfers use, the disc quality in individual starter sets are not always good, and are often not good for beginners. When I first started playing disc golf, my first pack was an ultra low quality Whamoo Frisbee golf set. These discs wore out after just a couple of rounds and my father in law informed me of Innova Discs. I proceeded to buy a set of Innova Discs, hoping for better quality, and while the quality was slightly better than my frisbee golf discs, it still did not include the premium plastic discs I was looking for. That’s when I learned about different plastic types.

In this section, I will be some of the main points to consider to help you put your money in the right place.

Discs Included in a Disc Golf Set (Number/Type)

There are basically three types of disc golf discs included in most starter sets.

They include: The Driver, The Mid-Range Disc, The Putter

These discs have different roles to play in the game of disc golf. Different discs are most effectively used for different types of shots.

The driver is designed to achieve maximum distance, while the mid-range disc is designed to provide more control for short range shots, and a putter is designed to provide maximum float and control.

Disc golf sets are typically meant for beginners. Choosing good beginner discs will help you have more satisfaction from the game and will help you gain a better understanding of their flight paths and behavior. Disc golf discs fly substantially different than traditional frisbees.

When you’re just getting started with disc golf, it’s most fun to have a complete kit. A complete kit is critical in getting the basics right, and learning the many different ways that golf discs can fly.

So a run down of the basic disc types:

1. Drivers

Drivers are meant mostly for distance and speed, and this is the type of disc that you will usually use for tee shots. By profile, drivers are the flattest disc types with wide rims. This profile gives them potential to cut through the air faster and fly farther. This is the reason they differ in flight characteristics.

Choosing a decent disc golf set requires good knowledge of the drivers. In order for a disc golf driver to fly its intended flight path, one needs to have adequate speed and control. Beginners do not have this needed speed and power, and so it is very important that they only select drivers that are suitable for their skill-set.

Control Drivers:

Control drivers are also known as fairway drivers. They have thinner rims than distance drivers and are easy to control, hence, the name.

The control drivers have smaller rims than distance drivers. These drivers are generally easier to control, and will not fade as much at the end of the flight as a distance driver. Intermediate to advanced disc golfers will typically throw a control driver for shots between 250 and 350 feet.

Aside from distance, control drivers are often selected based on the required flight path to navigate obstacles. Fairway drivers have more potential to stay straighter. These drivers are best suitable for both inexperienced and experienced players and are an excellent choice for straight flights, and tight lines when you don’t need maximum distance.

A control driver in a disc golf set must be adequate to match your style of play. Very understable fairway drivers are catered towards new disc golfer backhand throws while heavier discs or more overstable drivers are suited for forehand shots.

Maximum Distance Drivers:

Distance drivers, unlike control drivers, are designed to travel the longest distance. Due to their inherent flight features, they are able to fly at the highest speeds and do not slow as quickly. This makes the distance drivers the most preferred type for experienced players. Every disc golfer I have ever met wants to throw farther, and finding the right distance driver for you is a key.

Distance drivers have wider rims and sharpers noses. Intermediate disc golfers use distance drivers for throws of 300+ feet. Professional disc golfers typically do not use a distance driver unless they need 400+ feet of distance, and can often throw their distance drivers more than 500 feet.

The type of driver included in your disc golf set will depend on the brand and your level of expertise. If you choose a disc golf set meant for beginners, you will probably get a control driver. However, there are disc golf sets that include a distance driver as well such as the Yikun and Discraft sets.

2. Mid-Range

Mid-range golf discs are best used for tee shots on short holes or for shots between 100 and 300 feet. This type of disc is known for its better control and accuracy. Because a mid-range disc does not fly as fast as a driver, it has less potential to overshoot the target. While midrange discs are used very often for pros, they are likely the least important discs for starter sets.

3. Putter

Putters are short-range discs meant to travel short distances with sheer accuracy. They are used to sink the disc into the basket for hole completion, but are also used for approach shots, and throw conditions where your disc just needs to stay very straight. Putters are usually referred to as “putt and approach” discs and should be used for more than really short pitches at the basket.

These are the slowest flying golf discs of the three types. They are easy to control, have a short flight range, and they generally fly straight.

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Color of Discs in Set

Believe it or not, the color of the golf disc plays a critical role in enhancing your performance as a golf disc thrower. These discs come in a variety of color options.

To ease the learning curve, we recommend a disc golf set that incorporates differently colored discs. The discs need to be brightly colored for easy visibility and clearly marked so that you can tell which is which (driver, mid-range, putter).

Professional and experienced disc golf players choose disc colors based on the area where they are playing.

Pro Tip: Light-colored golf discs are suitable for playing on green grass courses, but are not great for rocky terrain or dead grass courses. So, choose accordingly!

Hence, if you want to explore the sport by playing on different courses, you can have a variety of different color golf discs in your kit. When in doubt, pink is always a good color as it is rarely found in nature.

Disc Golf Weights in Starter Sets

When it comes to the weight of the golf disc, there is no perfect weight fore every situation. Disc golf discs come in a variety of different weights, especially when they are bought in sets.

Although most golf discs weigh between 165-174 grams, it can get lower or higher based on the manufacturer and the needs of the player. However, the weight of the golf disc is determined by the diameter of the disc, and it is regulated by the Professional Disc Golf Association. This governing body of disc golf decides how heavy a disc can be, primarily as a safety factor.

For instance, midrange golf discs come with a slightly wider diameter; hence, they are likely to weigh more than 175 grams. On the other hand, putters and drivers generally cannot exceed above 175 grams as approved by PGDA.

Heavier golf discs are less likely to turn over and are going to be more over-stable, whereas lightweight golf discs are more likely to turn over and are more under-stable.

If you are a beginner, newly starting the game, or have slower arm speeds, you are advised to go with disc golf set with disc golfs weighing between 140-160 grams. Lighter discs will help you get to know the control, which is an essential aspect of disc throwing.  Heavy discs, on the other hand often offer more control, but are harder for new players to get distance out of. As you develop experience as a player, you will be able to understand the different disc weights and know when a different weight might be useful. In the beginning, just find a disc golf set you are comfortable with and based on the way the disc flies, you can choose a lighter or heavier disc to better meet your needs.

Plastic Types of Golf Discs

The type of plastic you choose influence greatly on the durability of the disc and the way the discs fly. Moreover, plastic has the tendency to degrade over time, which can impact the flight performance of your disc. Also, the type of plastic material used influence the feel of the grip, which ultimately affects how you throw the disc. Most disc golf starter sets are in low grade plastics so that they can be offered at low prices to entice new players.

However, disc golf discs composed of high-quality plastic material are expensive in comparison to those composed of low-quality plastic material. But, the greater the quality of the plastic, the greater will be the life and performance of the golf disc.

The following is a break down of some of the plastic types of disc golf discs used by the manufacturers.

Basic Plastics:

Base Plastic Examples: Kestrel Plastic, Yikun Tiger LIne, Retro Line, Prime, D-Line, Pro D, and Innova DX.

These plastics get scratched and nicked easily. Hence, this makes the discs made from basic plastics less reliable as they become less stable over time.

What’s worse is the fact that if the disc contacts a tree or hard surface, it can leave a significant flight altering impact.

I recommend the basic plastic type for mid-range discs and putters rather than drivers. Discs with blunt rims that aren’t thrown with as much force are typically adequate in inexpensive base plastics.

Middle Grade Plastics:

Mid Grade Plastic Examples: Sure Grip, Biofuzion, P-Line plastics, KC-Pro, Jawbreaker/Rubber Blend, BT Hard

That are more durable than the basic plastics but can get easily damaged when thrown into a brick wall or a tree limb. Mid grade plastics are most commonly used in putters when manufacturers are looking for an enhanced putting grip.

Ultra Durable Plastics:

Durable Plastic Examples: Innova Champion, Discraft Z, Latitude 64 Opto, Dynamic Discs Lucid, Prodigy 400, C-Line, Viking Storm, Yikun Phoenix Line, are examples of some of the ultra-durable plastics that give the golf discs the potential to tolerate wear and tear for years.

The ultra-durable plastic is made from TPE polymers and is typically clear, smooth, and very hard. Their flight path remains incredibly steady, and the discs can take the abuse of rough courses. However, the major disadvantage of golf discs composed of ultra-durable plastics is that they don’t offer a superior grip.

Premium Plastics:

Premium plastic examples: Innova Star, Discraft ESP, Latitude 64 Goldline, Dynamic Discs Fuzion, Infinite Discs, S-Blend, are examples of premium plastics that offer excellent grip, is evenly balanced, and provides outstanding durability; they also offer excellent stability, control, and optimal performance.

Discs composed of premium plastics are generally the most expensive of all. These plastic blends are also made of TPE polymers but have additional additives for enhanced feel.

Apart from these plastic types, there are many additional different plastic variations offered by the manufacturers that include double mold or over-mold discs, discs made of rubber, and more.

Row of premium starter sets

Disc Golf Brands to Choose and Avoid

With dozens of different brands offering hundreds of different molds, choosing the best disc golf set is anything but easy.

Different brands have different criteria for manufacturing disc golf discs. They give them different flight characteristics, other different variations to make them feel unique and stand out.

While there are hundreds of different disc golf sets for sale on the internet, I recommend only buying from those disc golf companies that actually focus on disc golf.

Quality Disc Golf Brands

Here is a list of disc golf focused brands that currently offer sets:

  • Innova
  • Discraft
  • Divergent Discs
  • Dynamic Discs
  • DGA Disc Golf Association
  • Kestrel Sports
  • Viking Discs
  • Latitude 64
  • Axiom Discs
  • Yikun Discs
  • Infinite Discs
  • Prodigy Discs
  • Ace Line
  • Prodiscus
  • RPM Discs
  • Westside Discs
  • X-Com Discs

Disc Golf Brands to Avoid

It is extremely important that you choose a renowned brand manufactured by companies thats focus is disc golf when selecting your frisbee golf set. The reality is that there are lots of cheap Chinese made discs out there, made by companies who don’t even know someone who has ever played disc golf before. These brands may seem like a value because their discs are so cheap, but believe me their quality is junk.  These discs are only adequate for the most casual round as possible. The plastic feels like garbage and the discs fly even worse. A few companies I would advise staying away from with a six foot pole include:

  • Franklin Discs
  • Halex
  • Park and Sun
  • Coast Athletic
  • Wham-O
  • Wenjian
  • ESP Sports
  • Versus Sports
  • S&S Discs

Discs from these brands should not be considered disc golf discs. Do not be fooled by the ultra low prices. We want to make sure that your experience as a beginner is more than pleasant.

Just because a disc is approved by PDGA(Professional Disc Golf Association), doesn’t mean that the discs are good. It simply means that the company payed the $300 fee to test to make sure that the disc matches the predefined weight and size requirements.

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Accessories and Other Things that Come with a Disc Golf Set

Most of the disc golf sets offered by brands come with three golf discs and some also include a carry bag or mini marker disc.

A small disc golf bag is handy for carrying your discs once you have more than three discs. The carry bag contains extra compartments for storing playing accessories like gloves and holding items like keys, your phone, snacks and drinks. If you play with three or less discs, a bag is not really necessary. When you’re first starting playing disc golf we don’t recommend having more than three discs. It is best to first learn how to throw the discs you have before getting a complete bag full of discs of different speeds and stabilities.

Once you get started understanding the game of disc golf, you will likely want to up the ante and invest in disc golf discs used by the professionals. The professionals signature disc may cost more than  your complete set of beginner discs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the frequently asked questions related to disc golf set.

How Many Discs Do You Need to Play Disc Golf?

In order to play a casual round of disc golf, a single disc is sufficient. However you will have more abilities and more satisfaction in the game by having a variety of different discs that can do different things.

There are primarily three types of discs used in Disc Golf, namely Drivers, Mid-range Discs, and Putters. So, the answer to the questions is that to start it’s good to have three discs, but it’s also good to have backups. As you get more serious about disc golf, you will likely want at least 20 different discs to offer you the full compliment of potential shots.

However, the numbers may vary depending on the player and his/her playing style.

Where Can I Buy a Disc Golf Set?

You have plenty of options on where to buy a disc golf set. For disc golf sets, the worlds biggest retailer, is an excellent choice. There, you can find golf discs of almost any brand. But before you do online disc shopping, I recommend that you should do your research first. is a disc golf specialty website. It is the best choice for individual discs. It includes hundreds of different disc varieties with thousands of different reviews, but the disc golf sets on that site tend to be a little more expensive than at Amazon. We have affiliate relationships with both of these websites, and so would appreciate it if you would buy from them after clicking through links at Cypress Point :). Discount Disc Golf is another online alternative to find ultra cheap frisbee golf starter packs.

Some areas also have small disc specialty retailers. At stores like this, you can get expert advise from the local pros. If there is a disc golf specialty store in your area, you should pay that store a visit. It is often helpful to physically feel the disc so that you can get to know about its grip and handling.

The reality is that most areas do not have disc golf pro shops and so the next best choice is to purchase a disc golf set online.


That’s it! This is my complete buying guide for finding the best disc golf set. I hope you have a better understanding of what goes into the basics of disc golf discs and can make better decisions when buying disc golf equipment.

We hope our recommendations will help you purchase the best disc golf set and give you the ultimate disc golf experience possible!

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