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Best Disc Golf Brands of 2020

While disc golf is a relatively small sport it is rapidly growing. There are more than forty active disc golf brands, and that only includes the brands for which discs are produced. In this article we are not even going to discuss brands for bags, carts or other accessories. You may ask, which disc golf brand makes the best discs? Which should I support? Should I throw discs from more than one manufacturer or stay brand exclusive?

In this article we will discuss the different major disc golf brands, where their discs are manufactured, and we the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you determine the best disc brand for you.

Top 20 Disc Golf Brands

Rank Brand Year Founded 2020 Market Share
1 Innova Champion Discs 1983 32.08%
2 Discraft 1979 25.70%
3 Dynamic Discs 2005 6.23%
4 Discmania 2006 5.60%
5 Latitude 64 2005 5.07%
6 MVP 2010 4.86%
7 Prodigy 2013 4.12%
8 Westside 2009 3.34%
9 Axiom 2014 2.71%
10 Kastaplast 2013 1.81%
11 Gateway 1994 1.66%
12 Infinite Discs 2011 1.66%
13 Streamline 2017 1.27%
14 DGA 1976 0.87%
15 Viking Discs 2017 0.71%
16 Legacy 2011 0.60%
17 Millennium 1995 0.48%
18 Prodiscus 2006 0.48%
19 Yikun 2013 0.30%
20 Mint Discs 2015 0.26%

Innova Disc Golf Brand

Innova Champion Discs

Innova has been the #1 provider in disc golf for years, and it wasn’t even close. Innova is one of the oldest disc brands, founded in 1983, and owned the patent for the bevel edge golf disc. Innova Discs are manufactured in California. They have massive warehouse distribution centers in both California and South Carolina. Approximately one third of the golf discs currently on the market carry the Innova brand.

In addition to the largest line of discs, Innova also offers nearly a dozen different plastic blends. They offer very affordable base plastic discs as well as premium pro fundraiser support discs. You’ll be sure to find a disc and plastic you like within the Innova line.

Discraft Logo


Discraft was the second major flying disc company after DGA. While they are the number 2 producer of golf discs, they have dominated the Ultimate Frisbee scene for decades. Nearly all serious Ultimate players throw Discraft Ultra Stars.

During 2020 Discrafts market share has grown substantially. The Covid 19 shut down of organized Ultimate and Discraft’s signing of professional Ultimate Player/trick shot specialiest Brodie Smith has lead to the perfect storm. New players have flocked to Discraft in record numbers. Discraft also currently sponsors Paul McBeth, the #1 ranked player in the world and Paige Pierce who is the #1 ranked female in disc golf.

If their manufacturing process can keep up with all the disc golf demand, it’s possible that Discraft could become the #1 manufacturer of disc golf within the next few years.

While Discraft doesn’t have quite as many disc molds as does Innova, they still have a selection of seventy different molds. Discraft has excellent discs and plastics for players of all skill levels. But as of the date this article was written, good luck finding them as retailers everywhere are out of stock.

DD Logo

Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs began as an online disc golf retailer in 2005, and expanded their brand with their own line of discs in 2012 when they partnered with Latitude 64 in Sweden. This partnership has greatly benefited both the Dynamic Discs brand as well as Latitude 64 in helping them become one of the “big three” disc manufacturers.

While Dynamic Discs has a full line of discs, they have actually recently reduced the size of their line by discontinuing several of the less popular molds.  DD has about 30 disc molds that they are currently producing. Dynamics biggest selling discs include the Judge and Warden putters.

Dynamic Discs is an amazing company with a major focus on growing disc golf. While their discs are generally a little bit pricier than Innova or Discraft, you can be assured that your dollars spent will help to make disc golf even better.

Discmania brand logo


Discmania originally started out as Innova’s Euoropean partner helping to distribute Innova Champion discs throughout Europe. In 2014 Discmania moved its headquarters to California where it primarily focused on its own brand for the American market. In 2019 Discmania broke ties from their exclusive Innova partnership, moved their headquarters to Colorado, and partnered with Latitude 64 and Yikun to produce their discs.

Now the Discmania brand has three different lines. The “Original” line is manufactured by Innova, the “Evolution” line is manufactured by Latitude 64, and the “Active” line is produced by Yikun. In total, Discmania currently has 40 different molds in their lines. Like Discraft, Discmania is currently having some serious supply issues and retailers are out of stock of many of the popular molds.

Lat 64 Disc golf brand

Latitude 64

Latitude 64 is the largest overseas disc golf manufacturer producing discs from their factory in Sweden. They are a major disc golf maker and manufacture for a variety of different disc brands including Dynamic Discs, Westside, and Discmania. The Latitude 64 brand itself has the third most molds trailing only Innova and Discraft. They produce a variety of different premium plastics. The Latitude 64 brand drastically grew within the United States when they partnered with Dynamic Discs.

Lat 64 has more than 60 different molds. They have a big focus on Innovation and have developed discs with golf ball like dimples as well as overmold discs that utilize multiple plastics. Like Dynamic Discs, the Swedish produced L64 brand are generally more expensive than those golf discs made in the US or other foreign countries.

MVP Disc sports logo


MVP Disc sports entered the market in 2010 with a unique approach to disc golf. Using science, their discs feature gyro technology where the outer rim of the disc has a denser plastic creating a gyroscopic effect. This slight variation in rim weight creates a slightly different disc flight than traditional discs with a single plastic mold.

Prodigy Discs Brand


Prodigy Disc had the most rapid ascension of a disc golf brand in the history of disc golf.  In 2012 they went from an unknown brand to a major player. Their rapid growth strategy focused on partnering with dozens of the top professional disc golfers in the game. Since the inception, Prodigy now has a full line of discs produced at their headquarters in Georgia as well as a secondary Ace Line brand that is manufactured overseas. They also produce some of the most popular disc golf bags and baskets on the market.

Westside Disc Brand



Westside Discs was one of the pioneers of European disc golf brands. Located in Finland, Westside partnered with Latitude 64 in Sweden for the production of their own unique disc molds in 2009. Westside constitutes the third brand of discs manufactured by Latitude 64 commonly known by disc golfers as “The Trilogy.” Westside is known for their Finnish artwork and understable molds that work well for beginners.

With Latitude 64 offering the manufacturing, Dynamic Discs providing the US marketing and distribution, Westside was kind of stuck in the middle of an awkward Trilogy partnership. In 2017, Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 purchased the Westside brand from founder Janna Penttila. These companies now work together to continue to market the Westside line of Discs.

Axiom Dsics


Axiom is the second disc golf brand created by MVP Disc Sports. While MVP branded discs all have black rims, Axiom Discs offer more color selections in these gyroscopic overmolds. Axiom discs are very similar to MVP discs, but offer unique flight paths.

The image displays the logo of Kastaplast, consisting of a circular emblem with a  K  next to the bold text of the brand name.


Kastaplast is currently one of the fastest growing brands in disc golf. Located in Sweden, Kastaplast manufactures unique disc molds in ultra grippy plastic blends. There are currently 11 discs available in the Kastaplast line.

The image features the logo of Gateway Disc Sports, with stylized text and the establishment year of 1994 within an oval border.


Gateway is one of the oldest disc golf brands in the world. Established in 1993, Gateway offers a full line up of discs, but their Wizard putter is probably sold more than all of the other disc models combined. The Wizard is currently available in more than 20 different plastic blends.

Infinite Discs

Like Dynamic Discs, Infinite Discs initially began as (and continue to be) an online disc golf retailer. In 2018 they partnered with Innova to introduce their own disc line that consists of modified and retired Innova molds. They now offer a full selection of discs to complete your bag in a variety of unique plastic blends. Infinite provides unique disc stamps and flight numbers for each run to help disc golfers know exactly how each different disc variation will fly.

The image shows a black and white logo for  Streamline Discs  featuring stylized text and a graphic element resembling a disc in motion.


After touting the advantages of Gyro technology for years, MVP disc sports decided that there was also an opportunity to make money by selling traditional single mold discs. Rather than have single mold discs as part of their existing brands, they decided to start a third brand. As of the date this article was written, Streamline had seven different disc models.

DGA Discs Logo


The Disc Golf Association was the original disc golf company. Founded in 1976 by Ed Headrick, DGA was the pioneer in making disc golf into an official sport. Today, DGA is best known for their popular course and portable baskets. They continue to offer a full line of golf discs, including some of the softest and most unique putters on the market. DGA discs are now manufactured by Discraft.

Viking Discs Logo

Viking Discs

Viking Discs initially began as a distributor for Westside Discs in Finland. When the Trilogy mergers disrupted their business operations in 2016, they decided it was time to produce their own brand of discs in.  They offer a full line of discs in ultra quality plastics.

Legacy Discs Logo

Legacy Discs

Legacy is a US based manufacturer that specializes in premium disc golf discs. They offer a full line of discs designed for all the potential disc golf shots you’ll face on the course. Legacy golf discs are among the most expensive on the market.

The image shows the bold word  MILLENNIUM  in capital letters with the phrase  golf discs  in smaller font below it, likely a logo for a golf disc brand.

Millennium Golf Discs

Millennium was one of the oldest disc golf brands on the market. They revolutionized the sport by producing higher quality disc golf plastics. Like Discmania and Infinite, Millennium discs are manufactured by Innova Champion Discs.

Prodiscus Logo


Prodiscus is another  Finnish disc golf brand. They currently offer 13 unique disc molds. Their Jokeri and Sparta putters are their best selling products.

Yikun Logo


Yikun is a large disc sports company located out of China. While their main focus is on Ultimate Frisbee in Asia, they produce a full line of golf discs including unique double mold discs. Yikun discs have been increasingly popular since the partnership with Discmania.

Mint Discs Logo

Mint Discs

The final brand to make our Top 20 for 2020 is Mint Discs. This disc golf brand currently has only four different disc molds. At the writing of this article, they also have two additional molds in the work. Mint Discs was able to make the top 20 despite their limited selection because of their great discs and passion for creative marketing. Like Infinite Discs, each Mint Disc run is labeled so that you can know how the discs flight varies.Innova Pig in a basket

Best Disc Brands for Value

If you’re looking for value, the most bang for your money, the lowest cost discs with the best value we recommend the following brands:

Prodigy Ace Line – The Prodigy Ace line not only has the most premium base plastic, but its premium plastic is the lowest price in the business. Through online retailers you can usually purchase Prodigy “Sure Grip” plastic for just $8 a disc! To me this plastic feels like a $12 per disc blend. The premium plastic “Dura Grip” blend is usually available for just $12 each. A fantastic price for quality discs that’s comparable to other brands offerings in the $15 range.

Yikun Discs – While Yikun is a Chinese company, they have a serious focus on disc sports and make a quality product. Remember,  Yikun makes discs for Discmania which is one of the top 4 disc golf brands.  Their double mold discs are very unique and their single mold discs are among the cheapest on the market. Yikun’s base plastic is not as durable as the Ace Line Sure Grip, but it is a good plastic with an excellent feel, especially for putters.

To no surprise, these “best value” brands are both manufactured in China. The fact of the matter is that China can just produce goods for less money, hence, Chinese manufactured discs are available for less.

Best Plastics for Disc Golf

Who manufacturers the best disc golf plastic?

Plastic feel and quality is very subjective. The most popular plastics in disc golf are Innova Star and Discraft ESP, but to me the best plastics on the market are made by two foreign brands: Kastaplast and RPM and a small US brand Thought Space Athletics.

  • Kastaplast
  • RPM
  • Thought Space Athletics

Disc Golf Molding Machine

Where Golf Discs are Manufactured

Disc Golf Brands made in the USA

Surprisingly, most disc golf discs on the market are currently made in the USA. The #1 and #2 disc golf brands are both manufactured right here in the United States. These two brands account for more than half of all the disc golf discs on the market. Among the top 20 brands, thirteen have at least some of their discs manufactured domestically.

Brands made in the USA include:

  • ABC Discs
  • Above Ground Level
  • DGA
  • Element Discs
  • Gateway
  • Infinite Discs
  • Innova Champion Discs
  • Legacy Discs
  • Lightning Discs
  • Mint Discs
  • MVP Disc Sports
  • Prodigy Discs
  • Remix
  • Reptilian Disc Golf
  • Skyquest
  • Storm Discs
  • Thought Space Athletics

Foreign Disc Golf Brands

Disc golf is also growing on the international scene and there are several emerging brands from overseas. To no surprise, most of the areas where disc golf discs are manufactured are also hot spots for disc golf courses as well.


To our knowledge, Daredevil is the only disc golf brand manufactured in Canada. According to Wikipedia,  Distraft, the #2 producer of disc golf discs originated in Canada, but I can’t find any supporting information to confirm that.

  • Daredevil


China manufacturers a good number of disc golf discs, but most of these are not the mainstream brands. The only top 20 brands manufactured in China are Discmania, Prodigy, and Yikun. Among these, only Yikun is manufactured exclusively in China (and is the only disc brand actually owned by a Chinese company). Only a small portion of Prodigy’s discs, the Ace Line, are made overseas while most of their discs are manufactured at the main Prodigy factory in Georgia.  Discmania has three lines of discs and only the Active Line is manufactured in China (by Yikun).

  • Discmania
  • Franklin
  • Galaxy Disc Golf
  • Halex
  • Kestrel
  • Prodigy Ace Line
  • Wham-o
  • X-Com Discs
  • Yikun


For such a tiny nation, Estonia has a rapidly growing disc golf scene with a couple lesser known disc manufacturers.

  • Disctroyer
  • Trindem OU


Finland has the #1 per capita population of disc golfers in the World. A few of the smaller disc brands are manufactured here, with most of them being produced by Prodiscus.

  • Fourth Circle Discs
  • Full Turn
  • Prodiscus
  • Plastic Addicts
  • Viking Discs


The home of Simon Lizotte has a small disc manufacturer in Crosslap. Also, Viking Discs claims that their plastics were from Germany, so we’ll give Germany at least part of their manufacturing credit.

  • Crosslap
  • Viking Discs

New Zealand

New Zealand manufactures one of the up and coming brands in RPM Discs. RPM makes some of the most brilliant best looking plastics on the market.

  • RPM Discs


Guru Disc Golf is a disc golf brand located in Norway. Guru is kind of like the Infinite Discs of Europe. They are primarily a disc golf retailer, but also have their own brand of discs. The Guru disc line is manufactured by Innova Champion Discs. There are currently only four discs in the Guru line that feature characters from Norse mythology.

  • Guru


Sweden is the second largest disc golf disc producing nation behind the United States. The following disc golf brands are manufactured in Sweden. Most of these Swedish produced brands are all manufactured at the Latitude 64 facility in Skellefteå. Only Kastaplast utilizes a different factory for production.

  • Discmania Evolution Line
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Kastaplast
  • Latitude 64
  • Westside Discs

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a relatively new disc golf brand, and the name will not surprise.

  • Disc Golf UK

Top Disc Golf Driver for Each Brand

In this video, professional disc golfer Drew Gibson (one of the farthest throwing disc golfers in the world) throws the top selling disc golf driver from the top brands. Note, because he throws so much harder than the average disc golfer, the flight of the discs when he throws them will be much different than when you do. Which disc goes farthest for him? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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