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Aerobie Epic – The Most Unique Legendary Disc

The Aerobie Epic? It’s a legend in disc golf for its crazy fllight and incredible distance from overhand throws.

I was first introduced to the Epic while playing a disc golf tournament in 2013. There was a guy on my card who would throw the Epic overhand and get far more distance than I could get with either a backhand or forehand throw.

The Epic is literally like no disc golf disc else made. Like all Aerobie Discs, it’s no longer in production, the Aerobie Epic has transitioned from a mere playing tool to a sought-after collector’s item, fetching hundreds of dollars on platforms like eBay due to its rarity and unique flight characteristics.

Epicyclic Design

The Aerobie Epic’s unique epicyclic design quickly became a favorite among players who specialize in thumber throws, captivated by its unconventional flight path that achieves impressive distances. The “thin” side of the Epic reaches the PDGA’s maximum rim width of 2.4cm, while the larger side significantly exceeds this limit. Although initially approved by the PDGA, the Epic was “grandfathered in,” ensuring that its distinctive shape remains unique in the sport, as no other brand can create a PDGA-approved disc with this specific mold.

Shaking up the disc sport scene, the Aerobie Epic introduced a radical spin on throwing techniques that had even seasoned players rethinking their game. The Aerobie Epic’s unique, off-center build was no accident; it was a calculated move to boost its soar and upward drift, showcasing the cleverness woven into its inception.

But let’s not overlook the Aerobie Epic’s intricate design, which brings its own set of challenges to master. The Aerobie Epic’s unique trajectory and the fine-tuning it demands have clearly divided players. While some players embrace it for the edge in distance and control, others find its demanding nature off-putting. The disc’s off-kilter rim and customizable design present a learning curve, requiring players to fine-tune their throws for that perfect flight.

No Longer In Production

As the Aerobie brand got sold by different toy companies over and over the disc golf discs in the Aerobie line eventually got cut from the production line. Aerobies other discs were just bad, they didn’t fly well at all, but the Epic was a classic. Had those that own the mold known of the popularity of this disc it surely would still be in produciton today.

Even though they’ve stopped making the Aerobie Epic, its impact on the game sticks around. The Aerobie Epic isn’t just respected for how well it flies; it’s also celebrated for the unique place it holds in disc golf’s tale. Players who have mastered its quirks regard the Aerobie Epic not just as a disc, but as a testament to the sport’s evolution—a piece of disc golf lore.

Where to Buy an Epic Today

Scoring an Aerobie Epic today will require navigating the secondary market and contending with collector’s prices, it’s more than just acquiring a disc. Snagging an Aerobie Epic isn’t just about getting your hands on a disc; it’s about connecting with a piece of the sport’s trailblazing heritage and cherishing a design that revolutionized how we play. Grabbing the Aerobie Epic, you’re not just upping your game; you’re holding a piece of disc golf history that screams innovation. If you really want to throw it, you’re going to have to pay big money.

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