The game of disc golf appears to be rather simple, but a lot goes into perfecting ones play. One of the keys to maximizing the efficiency of your throws is using the best disc golf discs for your skill set.

Unlike Frisbees, disc golf discs are designed to travel long distances with the right speed, fade, and turn, among other aspects. When people ask about the best disc golf discs for beginners, I always tell them it depends on arm speed, throwing style, and personal preference.

The disc that works best for you will not necessarily suit another individual. However, most beginners generally have slow arm speed and minimal snap. This buying guide will help you understand what goes into choosing the best discs for beginners.

The products listed here are not only tried and tested personally by me, but I have also witnessed and done tests with them with numerous beginners that I coach and play with. This review is from my personal perspective and others may have differing opinions.

Best Disc Golf Sets for Beginners

One of the easiest, and best ways to get going with disc golf is to purchase a disc golf set. A disc golf package set provides several different frisbee golf discs of different flights. These sets can include between two and ten different discs.  Most beginner disc golf sets include 3 discs: 1 Driver, 1 Midrange, and 1 Putt and Approach Disc. When purchasing a beginner set you can usually get three discs for the price of two if bought individually.

Here we will recommend our top three beginner disc golf sets. We have selected these sets based on affordability, value and the best flight for beginners.:

1. Divergent Discs Starter Set

Divergent Discs Beginner Kit

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Divergent Discs is a disc golf brand with a focus on, “disc golf discs for new and recreational players.” It is no wonder that this disc golf set is our number one most recommended.

The main thing that makes the Divergent Set stand out for the others is the quality of the plastic. This plastic is substantially more durable and provides a better grip than all of the other starter sets we also compared.

While most disc golf companies have multiple plastic blends, Divergent has only one, but it is a high quality plastic blend. Most base disc golf discs (the ones primarily found in starter sets) are made out of TPE plastics. This is a low grade but inexpensive polymer that quickly wears as discs are used. Divergent Discs plastic foundation is a substantially more durable TPU blend.

The Divergent set includes 3 discs; a putt an approach disc, a midrange disc, and a driver.

The Narwhal putter included in this set is straight flying with lots of dome. This disc is highly recommended for approach shots. Beginners love the excellent glide they can achieve with a Narwhal.

The Leviathan midrange is one of the easiest to throw gold discs period. New players will often find that they can get more distance out of the Leviathan than they can out of a driver. This is the ideal beginner midrange as it will actually stay straight for new disc golfers.

The Kraken driver is a neutral flying fairway driver similar to that found in most other beginner sets. Because of it’s more premium MaxGrip plastic, this driver is better than the ones found in the other sets.

Overall Divergent makes some great discs for beginners. As added bonus, these discs also have some super stylish stamps which helps to make disc golf even more fun. If you’re on the fence, invest in this starter set today.


  • Incredible value
  • Discs are in a durable grippy plastic
  • Good choice for beginners and experienced players


  • Putter shape is not preferred for some disc golfers

2. X-Com Disc Golf Set

Xcom 3 Disc Golf Set

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The X-Com disc golf set is not only an ultra affordable three disc starter set, but it also includes three of the best golf discs for beginners. This beginner set comes with a driver, a midrange disc, and a putter. All three discs in this set are easy to throw for beginners, but can also be used for smooth controlled shots by intermediate and even advanced disc golfers.

The Bennu putter has a great shape and feel. This is a beadless putter, meaning it has a smooth bottom rim without an exaggerated bump. This disc has a moderate average height for a putter making it a perfect first disc.

Beginners find that when throwing the Bennu, it will fly almost perfectly straight. This is a flight characteristic that is very hard for new disc golfers to achieve as they generally do not throw with enough speed or wrist snap. The Bennu has excellent glide, which means it will stay aloft in the air. This characteristic makes it excellent for making putts as you can get more distance without having to put extra power on it.

The Griffin is a beadless midrange with an ultra straight flight path. This disc is very controllable and easy to throw. It will fly in the direction of whatever angle you release it on. Release it with an outside in angle and watch it curve to the left. Release it inside out and the disc will curve to the right with a gradually slow curve helping you to navigate around curves and bends.

The Helios Fairway Driver is a fantastic first driver with a thin rim. This disc is light weight and has an easy to control flight path that gives new players maximum distance. After a few rounds players will be able to get a nice s curve flight path out of the Helios where on a level throw it will turn off to the right and then fade back at the end of the flight as the disc slows down.

All three discs are PDGA approved, so you can use them for tournament play if you decide you want to get very serious about the sport. The plastic used for the X-com set is a basic TPE blend. It’s a good plastic for a baseline plastic, but is not nearly as durable as premium plastic discs that most serious disc golfers use.


  • Lowest Cost
  • Easy to Throw Discs
  • Light, easy to throw discs


  • Not the most durable plastic
  • You can’t pick your colors

3. Sune Sport Light Weight Disc Golf Set

Sune Sport 3 Disc Golf Set bundle

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Sune Sports is a major disc golf distributer in Norway. Their main focus is on getting great beginner discs into the hands of new disc golfers. It is no wonder that their disc golf sets is one of the best and most affordable sets on the market.

The Sune set includes three discs. Each of the discs in the set are easy to throw and has weights in the 160 grams range. This is an ideal weight for most new players. They are light enough to be thrown easily, but not too light as to be unusable in the wind.

The Interlocked putter has the feel of a traditional Frisbee. This disc is easy to control and great for both putting and just landing near the basket for easy tap ins.

The Mad Mission midrange disc has a neutral straight flight that will keep disc golfers coming back tot he game over and over again.

The Night Trooper Fairway driver exhibits an easy to throw flight path that is sure to provide new disc golfers with maximum distance.

The disc golf discs used in the Sune set are exactly the same as the Kestrel set we previously recommended, but at lighter weights– making this set even better for beginners. All Sune Sports Discs are approved by the PDGA.

If you’re looking for a bigger set, Sune also has a 5 disc set which is an outstanding value for even more discs.


  • Good weights for beginners
  • Outstanding flight paths of included discs
  • Approved by PDGA


  • Discs are all low grade plastic and will wear easily
  • Not the coolest looking disc golf stamps

Best Individual Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Perhaps you already have a starter set or some hand me down discs that don’t exactly work well for you. Now we will discuss some of the best individual disc golf discs for new players.

A lot of so called disc golf “experts” claim that it’s best to only throw putters and midrange discs when you are new. I disagree with this sentiment. The fact is that you will have more fun by throwing farther, and having the right driver, in the right plastic, and at the right weight will allow you throw farther and have more fun. To fully enjoy disc golf and the amazing flight of frisbee golf discs, you will want a variety of different disc types with different flight patterns and characteristics. In your hunt for the best disc golf discs, I’d encourage you to consider my recommendations. I was once a beginner myself who tested out hundreds of disc golf discs and since that time have introduced nearly a hundred different new players to this great game.

In this section, I will be covering a comprehensive list of 9 of the best beginners disc golf discs for 2021. There are lots of new disc golf discs and brands that have just entered the market this year and so this list will be a little bit different than my guide for last year.

I have divided this review into three categories based on the type of discs.

Best Beginner Discs Comparison Table

Product Type of Disc Flight Ratings Basic Description
Divergent Discs Narwhal Putt and Approach Speed: 3 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 0 Neutral Glidey Approach Disc
Gateway Wizard Disc Golf Putter Putter Speed: 3 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 2 Stable Beaded Putter
Viking Discs Rune Putter Speed: 2 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 1 Stable Beaded Putter
Divergent Discs Leviathan Mid-Range Speed: 5 Glide: 4 Turn: -4 Fade: 0 Easy to Throw Mid
Yikun Tomahawk Mid-Range Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: -3 Fade: 0 Understable Mid
Discraft Buzz Elite Z Golf Disc Mid-Range Speed: 5 Glide: 4 Turn: -1 Fade: 1 Stable Mid
Divergent Discs Kraken Fairway Driver Speed: 7 Glide: 5 Turn: -2 Fade: 1 Understable Driver
Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc Fairway Driver  Speed: 6 Glide: 5 Turn: -2 Fade: 1 Understable Driver
Innova Champion DX TeeBird Golf Disc Fairway Driver Speed: 7 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 2 Stable Driver


1. Divergent Discs Narwhal Putt and Approach Golf Disc

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The Divergent Discs Narwhal is suitable for approaches, short drives, and chain hunting. The reason this disc ranks #1 on my list is because if you are new to disc golf and are only going to use one disc, the Narwal is an excellent one to help you master your shot shaping and throwing technique. The Narwhal fly’s very straight and has very little fade when thrown flat, even for beginners.

The Divergent Discs Narwhal putter incorporates a rounded, smooth nose with a flat top and no bead on the bottom rim. This is the putter that defines disc golf putting. The disc is intended to cater to the needs of both beginners and advanced users.

The shape of the Narwhal is a little bit different than most traditional disc golf putters and so many experienced players do not like the Narwhal for short butts.

Overall, this is a solid approach disc, and all purpose disc golf disc. If you are just starting, you should definitely consider the Narwhal. These discs are affordable, beginner-friendly, can work for a variety of different disc golf shot types, and are consistent and reliable.


  • Affordable disc
  • Premium plastic
  • Best for accurate approaches and long putts
  • Narwhals are awesome


  • Its dome is just a little too much for some, especially for putting
  • Some disc golfers prefer a flat top over a rounded edge

2. Gateway Wizard Disc Golf Putter

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When it comes to well known beginner-friendly putters, the Gateway Wizard Disc Golf Putter is a staple among the disc golf crowd. It is an excellent putter for approach shots, a straight flying putts and  turnover throws at high speeds. The Wizard has been one of the most popular selling disc golf putters for years.

The Wizard is a traditional feeling disc golf putter with a deep rim and mostly flat top. It is available in a large variety of different plastic types and weights.

This putter handles controlled power exceptionally well, making it an excellent choice off the tee for upshots and mid-range drives as well.

Overall, the Gateway Wizard is a phenomenal disc with a feature set that makes it an appealing putter to any disc golfer. If you know you are going to get very serious about disc golf, you should consider the Wizard.


  • Great off the tee
  • Heavy weight
  • Stable putter with traditional putter feel


  • Stronger flicks are sometimes not released cleanly

3. Viking Discs Rune Disc Golf Putter

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This Viking Discs Rune is all about the exceptional grip that delivers superb performance even when challenging cold and wet weather conditions take over the tournament.

It is the grippy baseline plastic that spruces up the feel, making it easier to hold as you throw it out in the field and go for the chains. Viking Ground plastics is one of my all out favorites for putters. It has the feel of a premium mid grade plastic but at the price of a premium mid grade putter blend.

The shape of the Rune has a flat top and it is comfortable in the hand as well. In terms of performance, it exhibits a predictable steady flight. It goes straight and wraps up the flight with a predictable slowing putter fade.

I also think that the glide rating is true to its value which explains its reliable performance for putting and approach shot. With its consistent flight, it’s safe to say that it is one of the best driving putters I’ve tried.

What I also like about the Rune is how it easily adapts to every player, especially those who are amateur disc golfers. Given that it is a putter, it does not require a lot of arm power, making it very beginner-friendly.

Therefore, if you are just working on your putting techniques or someone who is a newbie in disc golf, you can give the Rune a shot. I’ll mention once again that the premium feeling Ground plastic falls under the ultra affordable pricing mark.

The only slight pitfall I found with this disc is the durability of the plastic if you use it for driving on rough terrain. Although it doesn’t break your bank with its price tag, over time the wear will have a significant effect on the disc’s flight. If you plan to use your Rune as a driving putter, you may want to consider purchasing it in one of the more premium plastics. My favorite as a driving putter is in the Armor blend.


  • Ideal for wet and cold weather conditions
  • It is made of a grippy plastic that lends a tacky feel
  • It is a reliable driving putter
  • It performs with a predictable flight and fade
  • It delivers an accurate glide
  • Ideal option for beginners
  • PDGA Approved


  • The plastic feels a bit flimsy
  • It tends to turn over quickly when thrown with a lot of power



1. Divergent Discs Leviathan

Divergent Discs Leviathan Midrange

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The number one frustration with disc golf discs among new players is that they just don’t seem to fly straight. Part of this is technique, but part of it is also the result of the discs they are using.

The Divergent Discs Leviathan is actually designed for the beginner. It is meant to go straight even with developing throwing technique. This disc is what the disc golf industry calls “understable.” This means that when thrown at an outside in angle, the Leviathan will flip over. At the right speed it will flip to flat and then just continue going straight.

While the Leviathan is designed for rookies of the game, experienced players will enjoy the flight of this disc for certain shots where the disc needs to fade in the opposite direction of the disc rotation.

Perhaps the best thing about the Leviathan is the affordable price for such a great plastic. Reviewers rate over and over again about how great the Divergent Discs maxgrip plastic feels.

If you’re tired of disc golf discs that just fade hard to the left then buy the Leviathan as one of your first disc golf discs.


  • Made from premium quality Prime Burst plastic
  • It lends a great feel in the hand
  • A very reliable for upshot drives
  • It provides an incredible grip for versatile throws
  • It delivers longer flight while obtaining great distance
  • An ideal midrange disc for everyone – beginners and professionals
  • PDGA Approved


  • It may sometimes bear left so hard when thrown with little arm power
  • The Prime plastic isn’t very durable

2. Yikun Tomahawk

The Yikun Tomahawk is hands down one of the best disc golf discs for new disc golfers. Although the flight ratings say that this disc has a 0 turn rating, this mid is actually very understable. The Tomahawk is one of the few disc golf discs that will finish the flight flying straight rather than fade to the side at the end of the flight as the disc flows down.

The Tomahawk is an excellent choice for Ultimate Frisbee players converting to disc golf as it has a very similar flight. Throw it at a hyzer angle and the Tomahawk will flip up and fly straight. This disc is perfect for thickly wooded courses and tunnel shots. This disc is fantastic for touch approach shots and forehand throws.

Thanks to the understable nature of the Tomahawk, this disc is also excellent for curving shots that you need to turn in the direction opposite the normal disc golf rotation. For right handed players making backhand throws, by releasing this disc on an anhyzer angle, you can get the Tomahawk to fly and finish to the right. Because this disc is so understable, it is only recommended for experienced players as a utility disc for select shot types.

When it comes to disc feel and structure the Tomahawk is unique. This disc uses a unique double mold technology. The outer rim features a grippy rubbery feel while the inner flight plate is made up of plastic similar to that found on an Ultimate Frisbee.

Despite its name, the Tomahawk is not actually a very good disc for overhand Tomahawk throws, but this is a fantastic first disc for beginners.


  • It is a very versatile midrange disc
  • It impressively finishes flying straight
  • Excellent for straight flights and controlled approaches
  • Excellent durability that endures highly rugged courses
  • Double mold technology exhibits attractive aesthetics
  • PDGA Approved


  • Too understable for power throwers

3. Discraft Buzzz Golf Disc

Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc

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When it comes to mid-range disc golf discs, the Discraft Buzzz is one of the best all around mid range discs on the market. It has consistently been the top selling midrange disc in disc golf for years. Thanks to its versatility and effectiveness the Buzzz is popular among players of all skill levels. What I liked about this model is its consistency, control, and reliability. It comes in many plastic variations, colors and weight ranges.

The Discraft Buzzz has a perfectly flat top and flat outer edges with very little rounding curve. I find this shape very comfortable for both forehand and backhand throws. The flat top of the Buzzz helps make it one of the most consistent releasing midrange discs, especially for sidearm shots. This disc has a smooth, consistent release and comfortable feel with both grips. This, of course, results in a steady shot that generally results in some consistent and fantastic accuracy.

The Buzzz has a ‘0.5’ stability rating meaning it will fly mostly straight if your throw is level. The best thing I found about Discraft Buzzz is that it’s available in so many different plastic varieties. This disc is ultra cheap in Pro-D blend and their are a variety of ultra premium full color foil versions as well if you’re looking for a disc that will really stand out on the course.

Thus, if you are a beginner or just looking for a quick addition to your disc golf kit, believe me, the Discraft Buzzz is an excellent choice.

Overall, it is an excellent mid-range that will help you master your shots and shave strokes off your rounds. Throw it hard and it will hold any line you put it on.


  • Recommended for all skill levels
  • Offers the best accuracy in all conditions
  • Smooth flat top


  • Not the best disc for brand new players


1. Divergent Discs Kraken

Divergent Discs Kraken Beginner Driver

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The reality is that most beginner disc golf drivers are very similar. They are thin rim discs with neutral flying understable flight paths. The Kraken is really not much different than these other popular beginner drivers, but the thing that sets it apart is the quality of the plastic used.

When you’re looking for affordable beginner discs, you usually need to sacrifice quality for price. This is not the case with Divergent Discs as the Max Grip plastic has a premium feel at a base price. With the Kraken you get a quality beginner friendly disc golf driver for cheap.

Divergent Discs is a new disc golf company that just started this year, but their low price and high quality is quickly making them a favorite of ours, especially for beginners.

The Kraken has a diameter of 21.1 cm, height at 1.8cm and rim thickness at 1.7cm. Divergent Discs gives the Kraken disc flight ratings of:
Speed: 7
Glide: 6
Turn: -2
Fade: 1

The Kraken is a great driver for players of all skill levels and is approved by the PDGA for tournament play.


  • Accurate fairway drives
  • Quality Plastic
  • Attractive stamp artwork


  • Not as light weight or understable as some beginner drivers

2. Innova Leopard Golf Disc

Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc

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If you are looking for a fairway driver that’s great for beginners, roller shots, anhyzer throws, and tailwind, this classic straight flying driver from Innova is the one.

The Innova Leopard Golf Disc is a part of most Innova disc golf discs starter kits due to its limited fade and easy-to-throw reliable flight. Beginners and those who are just starting out will likely be able to throw the DX Leopard as far as any other disc, making it the best Innova disc for beginners.

If you are an advanced player, you will notice that the Leopard has a high turn and glide making it an excellent disc for manipulating the flight pattern and sneaking around the obstacles. I would recommend a disc like this for every beginner’s arsenal.

While many consider the Leopard to be the best driver for new players, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this fairway driver initially. When I started playing disc golf my forehand was my stronger throw and the Leopard just didn’t fly well for my throwing this style. Nevertheless, after practicing a few backhand throws, I was a fan, and the Leopard soon became one of my straightest flying and most controlled discs.

Overall, this isn’t the best forehand disc for beginners as is the case with most very understable drivers. It almost always turns sideways and ends up a roller when I throw it with my imperfect sidearm release.

For backhand throws the Innova Leopard is a straight flying, easy to throw driver – a great choice for beginners to improve your game and you lower your scores. The Leopard is available in a variety of different plastic types. If you’re looking for a disc that is ultra cheap, I’d recommend it in the DX plastic. If you want a disc that still feels good and will last for years, I’d recommend the GStar plastic blend.


  • Best straight line driver
  • Beginner friendly
  • Extremely useful for turnover shots and long straight shots
  • Available in the broadest selection of weights and plastics


  • Not great for forehand throws

3. Innova TeeBird Golf Disc

Innova - Champion Discs DX TeeBird Golf Disc

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If you are looking for an overstable to straight fairway driver, you need to consider the Innova TeeBird Golf Disc. It has been used by multiple pros to win numerous world titles. Hence, it is safe to say that disc is the choice of the professionals.

The TeeBird is quite overstable, meaning when thrown flat, the disc will fly dead straight with plenty of fade as it begins to slow down. While this isn't the best disc for beginners for backhand throws, it is adequate but works excellent for forehand shots.

I really liked the Innova TeeBird for hyzer shots, and throws that need to curve hard to get around obstacles. It works great with my forehand as well. If I need a shot to curve left, I throw the Teebird backhand. If I want it to curve right, then a forehand throw will do the trick.

The TeeBird has been a consistent top selling disc for years and thus is available in a full variety of different plastic types. In Champion plastic it is a bit more overstable than its counterparts like Star or DX. Hence, if you are looking for a less stable version, choose the TeeBird in DX or GStar plastics.

Overall, this is a great fairway driver for beginners. It's excellent for those shots that you need to curve one way or another and works well for both backhand and forehand throws. While the TeeBird is good for beginners, I would also recommend this disc to advanced players as well. As you progress your disc golf skills, the TeeBird is a disc you can rely on for years.


  • Accurate fairway drives
  • Available in different plastic materials
  • Good for forehand throws
  • Excellent for pin-point accuracy – extremely reliable


  • Not the farthest flying disc for beginners

girl throw pink putter

Choosing The Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Disc golf is easy, fun, and a great sport to play. If you are new to the sport and get the best disc golf starter set, that’s it; you will be hooked. While it is becoming hugely popular all over the world, it is also a rapidly growing professional sport.

Now that you know how amazing this sport is, all you need is- a decent disc golf disc and a nearby course.

However, with hundreds of different designs and molds and plastic types from over a dozen different brands, choosing the best disc golf discs for beginners is anything but easy. So, here is a breakdown of criteria that will help you select the perfect disc golf discs for your level.

Type of Discs for Beginners

There are actually three main different types of disc golf discs which beginners should choose. Let us better explain these for you. Most three disc sets include a putter, mid range and driver.

For beginners, I would strongly recommend a neutral flying putters for learning your release angles and developing good form. Most new players think that putters are only for very short throws where you toss the disc into the basket. The reality is that putters can still go hundreds of feet and offer a much straighter flight path than many midrange and drivers. Don't only use your putters for putting, but use them for throwing for most shots within 150 feet.

When selecting a midrange and driver, for backhand throws, you will want to make sure that the discs you are selecting are very understable. For forehand throws a stable or even overstable driver will usually perform better as the technique used for flick throws generates more spin.

Weight of Disc for Beginners

As you start to understand the best disc golf for beginners, you also need to realize that not all discs are the same. The same disc mold will actually vary in flight and ability to handle the wind based on its weight. Different disc golf discs come in many weights. In the following bullets, I will explain how these weights differ.

Light Weight 140-159 grams: These discs are consider very light discs and are highly recommended for new disc golfers. It is easier to throw lighter discs and get more distance with them. However, light weight discs are more affected by wind. In Japan, disc golf discs are only allowed if they weigh 159 grams or less. Lighter weight discs flight path is more "understable" than the flight paths of heavier discs.

Middle Weight 160-170 grams: Disc golf discs which range from 160 to 170 grams glide better than heavier weights. Discs in this weight range are better in the wind than the ultra light discs, however, they will not fly well in windy conditions as heavier discs. Moreover, you often have more control over the discs in this range because you do not need to throw it as hard as you can to get the intended flight path. Lighter discs will help you get to know good form and control, which is an essential aspect of disc throwing.

Max Weight 174+ grams: The PDGA regulates the maximum weight that discs are allowed. This weight limit is primarily based on the diameter of the disc. For wide diameter discs, which includes many midranges, the maximum weight is usually 180 grams. For most putters and midrange discs, the max allowed weight is usually 174 or 175 grams. For max weight discs you will have to throw them harder to get the same distance. In general, heavier discs are more reliable in wind. Professional player primarily just throw max weight discs. But until you have pro form, you must try and throw it harder, which often makes you lose control.

For drivers, the discs you are throwing because you want distance, I would personally recommend discs in the light weight class. For midrange and putters the weight is not as important as the control offered by discs in those classifications is more important than the distance they provide.

Disc Speed and Stability for Beginners

You should understand that different companies produce an array of discs for different skill levels. Most of the major disc manufacturers actually cater their new disc releases for the pros they sponsor. These discs are generally not intended or recommended for beginners. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the best beginner discs:

Speed - In order to gauge the disc suited for your skill level, examining the speed rating can help. Most disc manufacturers list the speed rating as the first number in the four digit flight ratings. The speed metric of a disc refers to the rate at which a disc can travel through the air from 1 to 14, with 14 being the fastest. The higher the number, the higher the required speed coming out of the hand required to throw the disc. A higher speed disc does not mean that it will go farther or faster. In most instances, drivers in the 6-9 range are best for new players.

Stability - Stability is the discs ability to fly stable (straight). At the end of the flight as they are slowing down, all golf discs fade, especially drivers. The higher the disc speed, the more potential it has to fade. To help compensate the lack of speed you have as a beginner, an "understable" disc will help. Stability is primarily determined in the third number of the 4 digit flight ratings. The lower the negative rating, the more understable a disc should be. Beginners should choose understable discs.

Remember: You don't need a high-speed driver as a beginner. It is because there's a 99% chance that you lack the proper arm speed and technique to throw it the way it needs to be thrown to fly properly. Unless a high speed driver is both understable and in a light weight, it will not provide maximum distance for you.

Most beginners assume that a higher speed, higher glide disc is better for your game, but this is probably false. If you don't throw it properly, with the required speed and torque, all of these high-speed drivers will fly a limited distance and bomb hard to the left. Using high speed discs and try to throw as far as possible is a mistake that most beginner make.

Disc Golfer about to tee offPlastic Types for Beginners

It is always important to know the type of plastic that the disc golf discs are made up of. This way, you can determine which ones meet your preference and suits your skills the best.

Many discs are made in low grade "base plastics" as well as a variety of different, more expensive, premium blends. The base plastics are typically made of TPE polymers while the premium plastics are made of a variety of TPU polymer blends. Some TPU blends focus on durability while others focus on enhanced grip.

I recommend different plastic types based on the type of disc you are getting and your throwing style. I personally prefer the most grippy discs for backhand throws and like the more durable blends for forehand.

Putter Plastics

For beginners, I recommend choosing base plastic for putters. It is the cheapest and base plastic has a good feel for putting. However, the base plastic tends to wear easily which alters the flight of the disc. If you are going to use your putter for throwing, you'll likely want to also consider one in a more durable blend. New disc golfers regularly try new putters out, trying to find the one that works best for them, the one that will shave the strokes from their game. Knowing that you will likely test several putters before you find the one you love, it's nice to spend a low price on the disc until you find the putters that best suit your needs.

Driver Plastics

For drivers I recommend choosing a premium blend. Because the shape of a driver is more aerodynamic, and due to the fact that you throw them harder, drivers are far more susceptible to flight altering wear and tear. Some blase plastic drivers do not last more than a few rounds of disc golf.

Midrange Plastics

When it comes to the midrange, most players prefer the durable premium plastic blends, but base plastic mids are usually adequate for beginners if you're looking to save some money.

For more information about plastic types and what they mean, check out our article on the Best Cheap Disc Golf Discs.

Skill and Power Mindset of Beginners

You can buy every disc in the world. You could be the strongest, most athletic person on the course. But if you do not have enough knowledge on the discs you're throwing, you are not going to win any tournaments.

Disc golf technique requires practice and muscle repetition. Focus on smooth form rather than on power.  A higher disc speed does not necessarily mean that you will get more distance. Your technique has a great impact on the distance. So if your technique improves, you can get more distance. Be patient with your disc golf game and you will likely see more satisfaction in the long run.

The truth is, it does not matter how fast you start a throw. Instead, it only matters how you end it. Hence, you should start your throw slow like Tai Chi to set your aim up. The speed the disc comes out of your hand is what matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about disc golf discs over the internet.

What Are the Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners?

For beginners, I would say go for neutral flying putters and understable midrange and driver discs.

Throwing putters is much easier to keep straight. A putter is recommended because as a beginner, you don’t have that arm strength to keep a faster flying disc straight (except for really understable mids like the Tomahawk we recommend). The shape of disc golf discs, designed to make them go far, makes them "fade" or curve at the end of the flight as the disc slows down.

Disc types like drivers and midranges are more likely to fade out and finish left, but a putter can stay in a straight line while helping you learn good form and arm control.

Stacks of Frisbee Golf DiscsHow many discs should a beginner have?

New disc golfers should use between 2 and 5 disc golf discs. Beginners should start out with at least two discs; a putter and a driver. While some recommend for new players to use only a putter, the reality is that players will get more distance (and have more fun) by also throwing a driver. It's important that the driver for beginners be light weight, understable and easy to throw to achieve maximum distance.

Midrange discs, especially those that will stay straight are also useful for beginner disc golfers and most sets do come in packs of three. For more versatility on the course and the ability to bend shots and curve them around trees it is also nice for new players to have at least one overstable disc (a disc that will fade very hard in the direction opposite the way the disc is spinning).

Until a new player has mastered the discs in a starter set and has achieved adequate distance (250+ feet) it is not necessary to have more than about five discs.

How far should a beginner disc golfer throw?

Disc golf discs and sets designed for beginners are intended for new players who throw less than 200 feet of distance. For many new disc golfers, achieving 100 feet of total distance the first time they play is considered a good throw.

Once a player can get more than 250 feet of total distance, players should upgrade to more stable discs designed for experienced players. At this point they are ready to try a full bag of discs designed with different flight paths, speeds, and stabilities.

What speed disc should a beginner disc golfer throw?

Players of all skill level can effectively throw all disc golf disc up until about a speed of 9. For drivers, beginners should stick to understable discs in the 6-9 speed range.

The speed of disc you should throw really varies based on your arm speed and the discs stability. New disc golfers can successfully throw higher speed discs, if they are understable enough. The turn rating (third number in the disc flight numbers) is the primary indicator of understablity.

If your total throwing distance is less than 200 feet then most discs with speeds above 9 will provide less distance than will low speed drivers.

A light weight driver with a high speed (12-14) and a high turn rating (-4) will typically provide new disc golfers with the most distance and it allows new disc golfers to get a full S-Curve flight out of the disc. While discs like this can provide more max distance, they are usually more difficult to control and provide less accuracy than a slower speed driver.

What disc weights should beginners throw?

To achieve more distance, a new disc golfer should throw light weight discs. Disc that weigh in between 150-165 grams. Disc golf discs in this weight range generally provide more distance while still providing adequate control for new disc golfers.

When it comes to putting, many new disc golfers find that putters in the 160-175 gram weight range provide more control in the wind than lighter weight discs.

Young children under the age of 10 and senior citizens often find that ultra light discs that weigh less than 140grams perform best and provide maximum satisfaction on the course.

How much does a disc golf disc cost?

One of the best thing about disc golf is how inexpensive it is. You can purchase a single base line starter disc for just $10. The three disc beginner sets we recommend in this article can be purchased for as little as $18, making the cost per disc of just $6 each. Disc golf discs are least expensive when purchased in sets.

If you have a disc golf store near you you may be able to purchase used discs for as low as $5 each.

While basic starter discs are very inexpensive the average premium plastic disc will range between $15 - $20. With the nationwide disc shortage we have seen that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not uncommon to see limited and rare discs sell on auction sites for more than $100 each.

How to Increase Arm Speed for Disc Golf?

You cannot master your arm speed overnight when starting out. It takes practice and repetition to throw like a real disc golfer. First, start with less stable, lower-speed discs, as you would want to focus more on a controlled throw. Trying too hard will put a strain on your muscles and almost always leads to inconsistent throws.



Based on my experience with the products mentioned, I am recommending them to you as excellent choices for those new to disc golf. Moreover, I have designed the buying guide after my experience with a plethora of trying many, many, disc golf discs.

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