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The Best Disc Golf Putters of 2024

Disc golf, an official sport for nearly half a century, has experienced more growth in the last four years than in its first three decades. This sport can be played professionally or simply enjoyed in occasional recreational rounds with friends. Regardless of your approach, it’s vital to have the best disc golf putter suited to your needs. A well-known saying in disc golf is, “drive for show, putt for dough.”

The most effective way to enhance your disc golf score is by honing your putting skills. The greatest potential for saving strokes lies in the putting green, more than in any other part of the game. Elevating your play hinges on selecting the ultimate disc golf putter that resonates with you. Having a putter in your hands that just feels right can really pump up your self-assurance on the course. Gaining confidence from a comfortable putter, combined with diligent practice of your skills, forms the foundation to enhance your putting capabilities over time.

With the turn of the calendar, let’s embark on a journey to select the disc golf putter that feels just right in your hands and suits your unique style.

Best Disc Golf Putter Reviews

Finding a putter is pretty easy; finding the best one, however, needs a bit of research. There are a lot of different putters on the market and I hope my list of the best products available, along with a thorough buying guide will help you in narrowing down your search.

In addition to their primary use of smashing chains in the basket, disc golf putters can be used for a variety of different shots. In this article we will discuss a number of top putters and will include recommendations for their primary uses for putting, approach shots, and short distance drives.

2024 Putter Comparison Table

Grip Bead Best Choice For
Divergent Discs Nuno 5/5 No bead Putting and Approach
Viking Discs Rune 4/5 Has bead Putting and Approach
Infinite Discs Alpaca 3.5/5 No bead Putting and Driving
Yikun Xing 4/5 Has bead Low Cost – Practice Putting
Discraft Banger GT Putter 5/5 No bead Approach Shots
Doomsday Discs Bleak 3/5 No bead Long glidey putts
Innova Nova 3.5/5 No bead Straight Flying approach

1. Divergent Discs Nuno

Divergent Discs Nuno Disc Golf Putter

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I first tried the Divergent Discs Nuno upon its release at the end of 2021 and instantly fell in love with this putter. I believe it will always have a place in my bag. My confidence soared as I consistently made putt after putt with this exceptional disc.

Divergent Discs, a brand tailored for beginners and recreational players, offers the Nuno. However, don’t be misled – this putter suits players of any skill level. Having played disc golf for over a decade and tried hundreds of putters, the Nuno is currently my favorite. The numerous admirable qualities of the Nuno putter include its exceptionally grippy plastic that enables better spinning and gliding, requiring less effort for me to throw accurate shots.

The Nuno’s superior grip of the Max Grip plastic is the first thing I appreciate, likely contributing to my increased success in putting. It boasts one of the most grippy blends I’ve encountered in disc golf, second only to Kastaplast’s K1 plastic. This superb tackiness simplifies the process of adding spin, which in turn enhances the Nuno’s loft and permits it to fly true with minimal exertion. It is also available in a base plastic that gives it a little bit stiffer feel to it.

With the Nuno, I can use the same motion for a 25-foot putt that I would use for a 20-foot putt with another putter. This means nailing putts becomes almost second nature, a key factor when you’re aiming for the hole. The Nuno’s knack for gliding far with minimal exertion not only enlarges my circle of precision on lengthier putts but also trims down my disc golf tallies.

The Nuno shines with its superior Max Grip composite, adept for both hurling drives and precise putts. Typically, I use base plastic for putting and premium plastic for driving and approach shots, but this plastic excels in both areas. Even with a stack of mixed base and MaxGrip plastic Nuno’s I don’t even notice the differences when putting multiple at a time.

As a throwing putter, the Nuno is ideal, offering a straight flight path with minimal end-of-flight fade. Suitable for players of all skill levels, it is perfect for one-disc-only rounds. The Nuno maintains any flight angle it’s given – fly straight on a flat throw, curve left on a hyzer angle, and hold true on an anhyzer angle.

The Nuno is a beadless putter, similar in feel to the Viking Discs Rune but without a rounded bump on the bottom rim. The Nuno sits snugly in the hand, crafted with an attention to detail that makes it a pleasure to use.

The Nuno’s best asset may be its reasonable cost. Even using high-quality plastic, the makers manage to sell it for a very fair price compared to other disc golf putters. Despite being made of premium TPU plastic, it remains one of the most reasonably priced putters in disc golf. Its modest cost lets you grab a handful of these putters, sharpening your game with more focused practice sessions.

Perhaps the best thing about the Nuno is its affordable price. You can save even more money, by purchasing it as part of a six pack.


  • Superior Grip
  • Great Feel
  • Consistent Flight
  • Works well for putting and throwing
  • Ultra affordable for superior plastic
  • Available in Putter Packs
  • Perfect for players of all skill level


  • Some might not be a fan of the discs artwork.

2. Viking Discs Rune

Viking Discs Rune Disc Golf Putter Golf Disc

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The Viking Discs Rune features an outstanding feel with its smooth flat top and prominent bead. Available in various excellent plastics, my favorite for putting is the Ground plastic blend. The Ground plastic mix strikes a perfect equilibrium, providing both a tacky touch for control and enough rigidity to ensure precision. Not only is it one of the best-feeling putter plastics in disc golf, but it also comes at an incredibly low price.

Ground plastic, despite its reasonable price tag, shows a surprising tenacity and longevity for a disc golf putter with rounded edges. Its ability to withstand dampness means your hold remains secure in a downpour, guaranteeing reliable play no matter the climate. Buying the Ground Rune won’t break the bank, so you can easily stock up on several for your training sessions, which is perfect when you’re aiming to sharpen your skills. Sometimes, Infinite sells the Rune in putter packs, an even more cost-effective way to acquire multiple practice putters. Be quick to buy these packs when available, as they tend to sell out fast due to their great value.

The Rune has a 21.2cm diameter, nestles comfortably with a moderate rim depth of 1.5cm and a rim thickness at 1.1cm, while standing tall at an even 2cm height. Its weight typically ranges between 170 and 175 grams, making it very similar to the popular Dynamic Discs Judge.

The Rune not only excels in sinking putts but also shines when smoothly sailing towards the basket on shorter throws. Viking Discs rates it with a speed of 2, glide of 4, a turn of 0, and a fade of 0. However, I would assign it a fade rating of 1, as it exhibits a slight fade as it slows down. The Rune flies straight and true, maintaining accuracy even in gusty conditions, effectively handling the winds.

Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience on the disc golf course, the Rune stands out as a top-tier putter for its versatility and performance. In terms of value, it’s hard to beat the Rune as the best all-purpose putter on the market.


  • Incredible Feel
  • Great Flight
  • Ultra affordable for superior plastic
  • Often available in Putter Packs
  • A perfect disc for both experts and beginners


  • Color options are usually very limited, especially as putter packs

3. Infinite Discs Alpaca

Infinite Discs Alpaca - Best Putting Putter of 2023

The Infinite Discs Alpaca was the top selling true putters of 2023 on This putt and approach disc is well known for its utility as both a putting and driving putter.

The Alpaca is a beadless putter with a deep rim and a comfortably moderate dome. After the curve, the top flight plate is notably flat. Even when the most skilled players hurl it with all their might, this disc glides through the air with remarkable steadiness.

This disc bears a strong resemblance to the hard-to-find Discmania P2. Many P2 enthusiasts, including professional players like Eric Oakley, have transitioned from the P2 to the Alpaca.

One of the standout features of the Infinite Discs Alpaca is its creative artwork. Each run of the Alpaca showcases a unique and sometimes humorous image of an alpaca.

The Alpaca comes in an assortment of plastic blends to suit all preferences. My personal favorite is the X-Blend Alpaca.

If you’re in search of a beadless, versatile putt and approach disc, give the Alpaca a try today.


  • Good for putting and approach shots
  • Excellent feel
  • It flies straight
  • Wind-resistant and can tolerate strong winds
  • Good for all skill levels


  • Hot runs sell quickly and are hard to get

4. Yikun XING

Yikun Xing

The Yikun Xing is just a fantastic beaded putter. It is similar to the Viking Discs Rune but is a little bit deeper disc and is available at an even more affordable price. It is almost identical to the Latitude 64 Dagger used by World Champion Ricky Wysocki.

While there are many good disc golf putters out there, the Xing makes our top putters list because it is not only a great disc, but it is literally the cheapest quality disc golf putter on the market, especially when you buy it as part of a putter pack.

The Xing is a deep putter with good glide. It works well for both nose down and nose up push putts as well as spin putts.

For throwing and approach shots, the Xing has a straight stable flight. With a level release, this disc will glide roght towards the intended target.

If you like value, cheap discs, and high performance, consider the all new Yikun Xing putt and approach disc.


  • Most affordable quality disc golf putter
  • It is highly accurate
  • Nice deep dish good for spin and push putts.


  • Rim is a little deep for small hands
  • Made in China

5. Discraft Banger GT Putter

Discraft Jawbreaker Banger GT Putter

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If you’re looking for a VERY different putter, consider trying the Discraft Banger GT.

The Discraft Banger GT, celebrated for its trusty throws and snug feel in the hand, is crafted to offer both gentleness and unwavering reliability. Crafted for a hassle-free grip release, the Banger GT putter dismisses any unease regarding disc control during gameplay.

This putter leans on the stable side, with a 1.0 rating for steadiness, serving players well for both sinking shots and closing in from afar. This putter’s tendency to resist wind drift is particularly favored by those who throw with a curved, downward path.

This disc’s hallmark is its unwavering flight path, holding a line on longer throws without succumbing to an unwanted curve. It’s also crafted to keep the skips low on brisk putting lawns. The initials “GT” stand for Groove Top, a feature that gives your thumb a snug spot to rest and ensures the disc’s steady departure from your hand.

The Jawbreaker plastic material used in this putter is not only durable but also exceptionally tacky, offering medium stiffness ideal for approach discs and putters. The plastic is aesthetically pleasing with a marble texture and comes in a variety of pastel colors. Yet, it’s the tactile quality that truly shines – offering an enhanced grip coupled with a hint of slickness to boost your putting prowess.

In terms of color and weight options, please note that not all colors may be available in every weight range, and vice versa. Prioritizing the tactile sensation and efficacy of each disc, we place less emphasis on the spectrum of hues to ensure every player enjoys an optimal throwing experience.


  • It delivers consistent releases
  • It offers perfect stability
  • Comes in varying colors
  • Jawbreaker plastic adds to grip and reliability


  • Weight and color range availability can be a problem

6. Doomsday Discs Bleak Putter

Doomsday Discs Bleak Putter

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If your putting accuracy is bleak, perhaps you should just embrace it.

The Doomsday Discs Bleak putter is one of the most popular disc golf putters available on Its exceptional design and fun name make it a popular choice in many players’ bags. It’s also a common choice included in many Doomsday Discs golf sets. The Bleak putter stands apart with its easy use for short putts and long shots to the green. It boasts excellent glide, achieving significant distance with just a snap of the wrist.

The Bleak, crafted in a range of polymers, includes the cost-effective Ration blend that offers a pleasing touch. When a Ration Bleak is well-used, it flies perfectly straight, curving in any direction you want based on your release angle. Due to its popularity, the Bleak is available in multiple different plastic types.

The flight characteristics of the Bleak can be described using a few key metrics – it moves at a moderately slow velocity through the air, glides reasonably well without much effort, does not curve left or right on its own, and fades gently to the left at the end of its flight. The Bleak has official flight ratings with a speed of 2.0, glide of 4.0, a turn of -1, and a fade of 1.0. The Bleak’s official ratings indicate it flies straight and true, making it well-suited for putting. As Ration plastic Bleaks undergo wear and tear, their flight rating evolves to a true straight-flying 2/4/-1/1. As the Ration plastic discs experience wear and deterioration, their flight path evolves into a true straight trajectory.


  • It is a professional disc
  • It is made from high-quality plastic
  • It provides high speed
  • Available in different colors


  • Not an ideal choice for beginners
  • Can become less stable over time

7. Innova Nova

Innova XT Nova Paul McBeth 4X Signature Disc

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The Nova putter uniquely combines a rubbery rim and XT plastic to create an innovative disc unlike others. The rubbery outer layer sets this putter apart from its competitors. Its unique construction allows the Nova to glide straight and resist twisting, even when thrown with power.

The manufacturing process of the Nova putters is advanced, featuring a flight plate made from firm XT material. This XT material is expertly fused to a soft, grippy putter plastic rim, ensuring a comfortable and smooth grip.

The benefit of this soft rim is twofold: it aids in a straighter landing of the putter and allows for more powerful throws. The outer rim is specifically designed to efficiently grab the chains. The grippy yet smooth plastic makes the disc steady and straight at high velocities, while also preventing it from curving too much when going slow, so you get nice control either way.

Adding to its intriguing build, the putter also features notches carved around its edge, enhancing its already distinctive character. Players can pick from a spectrum of hues for their Nova, ensuring the disc stands out.

For those in pursuit of a putter that excels at precise short games, sticks the landing without skipping, and nails direct shots to the basket, the Nova stands out as an impeccable choice. This disc’s weight varies, comfortably spanning from 165 to 175 grams, appealing to a diverse array of throwing styles and personal tastes.


  • The disc is made from XT material
  • It grips the basket
  • It offers stability


  • It can get scratched easily
  • More expensive than other recommended putters

How to Choose The Disc Golf Putter?

With a vast array of disc golf putters on the market, choosing the right one can be daunting. However, it’s essential to understand that playing without a suitable putter could put you at a disadvantage. Don’t worry, though – my buying guide will simplify the process for you.

Consider the Weight

While lighter drivers are often better for beginners, heavier putters are generally effective for all skill levels. In selecting a putter, consider the impact of wind. Lighter putters are less efficient in strong winds, as they’re easily affected and tend to veer off course. In contrast, heavy putters are more wind-resistant, maintaining their path or fading right for a right-handed player. Conversely, lighter putters may turn right.

For children, lighter putters are recommended, primarily for safety reasons. Given that kids may not always adhere to course etiquette, a lighter putter, such as one weighing 130g, is safer than a heavier 175g one.

Check the Plastic Type

The type of plastic used in molding putters influences their weight, grip, and durability. There are four main types of plastics for putters:

  • Basic Plastic: The most affordable option, basic plastic putters offer good grip but may wear down over time, altering performance. They’re suitable for short putts and soft approaches but less ideal for driving. The affordability of these makes them perfect for regular practice sessions.
  • Middle Grade Plastic: Popular among putters, this type offers slightly better grip and durability than basic plastic. While still prone to wear, these offer a premium feel and are favored by intermediate players.
  • Ultra-Durable Plastic: Made from high-quality polymers, these are more expensive but offer smoothness and hardness. They don’t grip chains as well as mid-grade plastics but withstand wear and tear effectively, making them ideal for straight drives in rough terrains.
  • Premium Plastic: The most expensive, these putters excel in performance, control, grip, and durability. They may lack the tackiness of mid-grade plastics and are less commonly used due to their higher cost.

Understand Flight Path Ratings

Innova’s rating system, which many brands adopt, categorizes flight paths into four aspects:

  • Speed: Indicates the required throwing speed for optimal performance. Putters typically have a speed rating from one to three.
  • Glide: Refers to the putter’s air time and distance potential. A rating of three is typically sufficient.
  • Turn: Measures the disc’s curve post-release, with most putters ranging from -3 to 1.
  • Fade: Indicates the disc’s behavior at the end of its flight, with putters having a fade range from zero to three. Putters generally fade less than drivers due to their shape.

Two Main Putter Types

In disc golf, putters come in two primary varieties: the putting putter and the driving putter. A putting putter is designed for the specific task of landing the disc in the basket, typically used in close-range shots. On the other hand, a driving putter is geared more towards throws and long approach shots, where distance and control are key.

For those just dipping their toes into disc golf, distinguishing between the nuanced roles of these specialized discs can often lead to a head-scratching moment. Take, for instance, the Discraft Zone. Despite being hailed as one of the top disc golf putters, it’s rarely used for actual putting. Instead, it excels as a throwing or approach disc.

Grasping a clear comprehension of these two main categories of putters, as well as their intended functions, is imperative. Choosing the right disc is key, as it matches one to your unique playing technique and preferences.

disc on table

How to choose disc golf putting putter?

Putting putters are designed for precision and control, offering the slowest and shortest flight ideal for basket shots and scoring points. They’re also great for controlled, short upshots within fifty meters of the target, ensuring easy release from the hand.

Selecting a putting putter is a highly personal decision. It’s crucial to physically hold the putter to gauge its shape, plastic, size, and firmness. Take your time to examine it thoroughly, as the putting putter will likely be the most frequently used disc in your bag. Choose one only when you find the grip and release comfortable. Here’s what you should consider when selecting a putting putter:

Putting Styles

There are four basic styles: Turbo putt, Spin putt, Straddle putt, and Push putt. While it’s possible to use different putters for each style, finding one that feels comfortable for all styles is ideal. Sticking with one putter can sharpen your play, whether you’re tapping in a short shot or curving a long-distance attempt.

Chain Contact

This refers to how the putter interacts with the basket’s chains. You want a putter that makes solid chain contact and stays in the basket. Putters made from softer materials tend to grip the chains better, reducing the likelihood of slipping through, especially in wet conditions.

Speed and Weight

Standard putters have a speed rating of less than three, allowing for maximum control near the basket. Weight preference varies, but a general recommendation is between 165-174g for most players. Choose a weight that feels right for your playing style.

Glide Rating

While a higher glide is beneficial for long-distance shots, it might cause overshooting the basket with putters. Opt for a mid-range glide rating if you are a power putter. If you prefer minimal arm movement with a lot of spin on your putts, a high-glide putter might be the best choice.


Putters are typically the tallest disc golf discs, though not the widest. They average 2.11 centimeters in height with a thin rim width of about .98 centimeters.

If you’re buying online and can’t physically feel the putters, don’t worry. Carefully read the specifications and reviews to make an informed choice.

Consider borrowing putters from your golfing pals to get a real feel for what suits you before you commit to buying one. Experiencing the feel of different putters firsthand can prove crucial in selecting one that enhances your performance on the green.

How to choose disc golf throwing (driving) putter?

Disc golf enthusiasts who’ve honed their skills often reach for specialty putters, crafted to soar across great distances and navigate towards the basket with precision on those longer shots. With the right technique and a bit of strength, these specialized putters can soar up to an impressive 400 feet.

When selecting the best driving putters for disc golf, consider ones with speed ratings around 3 and thicker rims. When picking a disc for your game, think about how fast it flies, its ability to stay aloft, the way it arcs or resists turning in flight, what it’s made of, and its size and shape. Here are key aspects to consider when choosing a throwing/driving putter:

Speed and Weight

The optimal speed for throwing putters typically ranges from 2 to 4 in the Innova rating system. Both putting and throwing putters generally weigh between 165-175 grams, as per PDGA standards, so weight variations are minimal.

Glide Number

A higher glide number in throwing putters enables greater distance coverage. Opt for a high glide number if distance is your goal, but choose a low glide putter for closer, more controlled approach shots to avoid overshooting the basket.


Throwing putters come in understable, stable, and overstable variations. Understable putters curve right, stable ones fly straight with minimal fade, and overstable discs veer left. The ideal stability depends on your throwing strength and the specific flight path you need. It’s vital to pick a putter stability that suits the flight pattern you aim for in your game.


For throwing putters, high-grade and premium plastics are recommended. Basic plastic putters may not withstand intense disc golf courses with trees, rocks, and other obstacles.

Remember, the best throwing putter for you depends on your specific needs and style of play. Reflect on your playing style and preferences to pick a disc that will boost your performance on the course.

Long Disc Golf Putt

Frequently Asked Questions

Having gone over the basics of disc golf putters and recommended the top putters on the market, let’s delve into the most frequently asked questions.

Disc golf putters, the most unhurried and substantial of discs with slender edges, excel in short-range flights and provide a steady hand when nudging the disc into its final target.

In disc golf, there are four primary types of discs: distance drivers, fairway drivers, midranges, and putters. Putters are the slowest and deepest discs with the thinnest rims, designed for short, straight flights. As the slowest spinning discs, they are less likely to deviate from their intended line or overshoot the basket. They not only boost your scoring potential but also sharpen your approach to the nuanced aspects of play close to the basket.

How Many Putters Should I Get?

Dedicated disc golf enthusiasts often find it advantageous to have a collection of various putters at their disposal. More putters allow for increased practice repetitions in a shorter time. Additionally, many players use different putters for putting versus driving and approach shots, often preferring premium plastic for driving and TPE base plastic for putting.

Professional disc golfers often have a substantial collection of putters to suit various game needs. There’s no strict rule on the number of putters you should own or carry during tournament rounds. Having a mix of putting and throwing putters is generally sufficient.

What is the Best Disc Golf Putter Weight?

While the weight of drivers may vary based on skill level, putter weight doesn’t offer significant advantages for lighter versions. Lighter putters are more affected by wind, which can be detrimental in gusty conditions. Generally, I recommend choosing a putt and approach disc weighing between 165-175 grams. Lighter putters are suitable for children or those seeking a bit more glide and ease of throw.

Do I Need More Than One Putting Putter?

Technically, you only need one disc to play a round of disc golf, including a putter. However, if you’re serious about the sport and participate in tournaments, having at least one putter for putting and another for approach shots is advisable. Keeping an identical backup of your primary putter is also wise in case of loss or damage.

To hone your skills to their finest, it’s a smart move to stock up on several of the same model of putters. Personally, I always carry at least four putters: two for approaches and drives, one for putting, and an extra for backup. Throughout the years, this combination has proven quite effective for me on the greens.


As this extensive review of 2024’s finest disc golf putters wraps up, I sincerely hope my first-hand experiences and insights have given you a more lucid picture of what characteristics to seek out when selecting your next disc golf putter. We’ve scoured through a range of putters, each flaunting its own special quirks and powers, from the nuances in how you hold them to their performance on pinpoint landings or during shorter flights down the course. In crafting this detailed guide, I’ve mixed technical details with real-world applications to ensure you grasp not just the specs but also how these putters perform when you’re aiming for that clutch putt or threading an approach. I hope the advantages and drawbacks I’ve outlined for each putter will steer you toward a choice that meshes well with your individual approach to the game.

To wrap things up, I’d like to highlight how crucial it is to find a disc golf putter that meshes well with your personal style. The buying guide and FAQ were created to help you grasp the many moving parts that figure into picking a disc golf putter – things like heft, types of plastic, and how much curve it’ll have when thrown. No matter if you’re just starting out or have plenty of rounds under your belt, the ideal disc for putting can truly elevate how you play. I encourage you to share your own experiences and thoughts on the putters discussed here or any others that have worked well for you. By sharing your insights, you not only weave richer understanding into our collective tapestry but also guide fellow players along their journey to that ideal disc. Joyful tossing, and may your discs consistently bang those chains!

Do you guys think I missed out any? Or, have any more interesting facts or ideas to share with me? What putters do you like or work well for you? Let me know in the comments section below!

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