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Best Gift Ideas for Disc Golfers

Preparing gifts for loved ones has been a tradition in every event or gathering. It is very ideal to bring a gift that best reflects their personality and their preferences. So, you have a loved one who loves disc golf. What might be an excellent gift for them?

In this guide, we will discuss some of the best gifts for disc golfers of all skill levels. This is perfect if you are preparing for the Christmas holiday shopping season, birthday gifts, or for any other reason. Hopefully, you will get some good ideas that will help you to purchase the perfect gift for your disc golfer.

Gift Ideas for New Disc Golf Players

During 2020 disc golf has seen unprecedented growth. With government mandates and the disruption of many normal recreational activities, many have picked up disc golf as a new hobby this year.

Below are our recommendations for gifts for new disc golfers who enjoy the game but who do not currently own a lot of equipment.

New Discs

New Disc Golf DiscsThere is nothing more valuable to a disc golfer than a disc that will give them more distance, accuracy, or confidence. Disc golfers love shiny new plastic, especially if it looks really good and will help to improve their game. For this reason, disc golf discs are the perfect gift for those who are enthusiastic.

One of the nice things about giving disc golf discs is that they are lightweight, easy to order by mail, and inexpensive. A basic disc golf disc can be purchased for less than $20. Including shipping, a premium plastic golf disc is available for less than $20.

But there are so many different golf discs. Which should you buy?

New disc golfers are always looking for:

  • More driving distance
  • Make more putts

Chances are, the frolfer you’re looking for a gift for falls into one of these categories. You will likely want to consider purchasing for them a maximum distance driver or a new putter.

To help you select the best discs for your disc golfer, consider these “best of” articles:

New Disc Golf Bag

Disc Golf bags and backpacksA new disc golfer always wants more discs and an upgraded bag for carrying them. If your player is new to the game then a basic starter bag to hold their discs will do. If they already have a bag, then perhaps it is time for them to upgrade to a high end backpack. A disc golf backpack not only provides more storage space for more discs, but it also gives players capacity to hold additional items and accessories. Check out our article on the best disc golf bag to help you in deciding which bag to gift your loved one.

Portable Disc Golf Basket

Portable Disc Golf Goals DisplayA disc golf practice basket is an excellent gift for players of all skill levels. Portable baskets are excellent for putting practice and for setting up fun disc golf courses in areas that don’t actually have a permanent course. There are a variety of different disc golf baskets available for any gift budget. Economy portable baskets can be purchased online for as low as $40 and high-quality practice baskets can be purchased for less than $150.

Thrill your loved ones by purchasing a disc golf basket for them. When selecting a basket, be sure to check out our best disc golf baskets guide to find exactly the best basket for them and their needs and desires.

Disc Retrievers

Disc Golf Retrievers Hanging on Slat WallThere is nothing worse than losing your favorite golf disc in a water hazard. A disc retriever minimizes the frustration of losing discs and is an excellent gift for any disc golfer who plays courses with water. Disc retrievers make a great gift because they are inexpensive (less than $20 for basic retrievers) and are useful for players of all skill levels regardless of if they have a particular brand preference.

There are a variety of different disc retriever options to choose from. Be sure to check out our article on the best disc golf retrievers when selecting one to buy as a gift.

Gift Ideas for Disc Golf Fanatics

Disc Fanatic Making the hard puttIf you’re looking for a present for a die-hard disc golfer, a disc just might not be the best gift. We’re talking about someone who lives and breathes disc golf. You see, many seasoned players know their preferences and are set in their ways. They might have a certain brand preference and may be opposed to trying something else. For this reason, our suggestions here are for disc golf neutral suggestions that every disc golfer will be sure to enjoy, even if they already own fancy disc golf bags, accessories, apparel, and more discs than you could ever imagine would be needed by anyone. What can you get for a disc golf fanatic who already owns everything disc golf?

Gift Card

Seasoned disc golfers often have very particular preferences in regards to the disc brands, colors, weights, and molds they actually throw. You know they are always buying more discs, but how do you know what discs to get them?

The absolute best gift you can purchase for a disc golf fanatic is a gift card. With a disc golf gift card, they can purchase exactly what they want.

What is the best disc golf gift card for a fanatic?

One from the largest online retailer of course. We recommend gift cards. Now in full disclosure, we do earn affiliate revenue for purchases from Infinite Discs, but even if we didn’t, Infinite Discs is the number one website for a reason.

  • The largest selection of disc golf discs, bags, and accessories. They pretty much have everything disc golf-related.
  • More than 40 different disc golf brands including Innova, Discraft, Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, MVP, Prodigy, Kastaplast, Discmania, Westside, and about thirty plus other disc golf brands that you have likely never heard of.
  • Pictures of every disc. Yes, they literally take pictures of every disc listed on the website so the disc you see is the disc you get.
  • Hundreds of unique stamps (including lots of really attractive three foil artwork discs)
  • Low prices and fast shipping.

Combine all these reasons and an Infinite Discs gift card is the best gift for an avid disc golfer. Other honorable mention retailers to consider are OTB Discs, 1010 Discs, or any local retailer in your area. It’s always good to support the local disc golf shop.

Disc Golf Games and Puzzles

The image shows components of a disc golf  board game including cards, player boards, and tokens laid out on a wooden floor.Die hard disc golfers usually want to pick their own equipment out, but when it comes to non disc golf activities, they love anything disc golf related. For the cold winter months ahead, consider purchasing a disc golf game or puzzle. A disc golf game gives them something disc golf related that isn’t actually disc golf equipment.

Disc Golf Storage/Practice Bag

A black disc golf storage duffel bag with white stripe detailing and a water bottle attached on the side.What does a disc golfer who already has more discs than they can manage need?

Something to sort and store their discs. A disc golf practice bag or rack offers the perfect solution for sorting extra discs in your car or garage.

Collectible Discs

Top Disc Golf BrandsMost people don’t realize this, but disc golf actually has a huge collectors market. Some discs, especially old ones and anything with Paul McBeths name on it are worth far more money than the retail price. Lots of discs have limited numbers of first or special edition discs. Many “collectible discs” are auctioned off on Facebook websites like Dollar Disc golf Auctions. If a disc has lots of bids and the price goes up quickly, it is likely a rare or collectible disc.

You can also purchase all kinds of limited edition discs when they are listed at These discs always sell very quickly and so the best way to be alerted of limited releases is to subscribe to their weekly newsletters.

Pay for a Disc Golf Tournament Entry

Disc Golf bags on the courseAnother great gift for an avid disc golfer is to pay for a tournament registration for them. Disc golfers love tournaments, even if they are not very good. At most disc golf tournaments amateur players receive player packs with valuable products and get a full day of disc golf fun on excellent courses.

If you know your giftee already plays in disc golf tournaments and really want to surprise them, register them for one of the big national tournaments like the Las Vegas Challenge, Glass Blown Open, or Ledgestone Insurance Open. Note, that these events sell out very quickly and so you will have to be sure to pay attention to the registration date and know which division your disc golfer is eligible to play in.

You can also visit to find a small local tournament in your area to register your disc golfer for. If your disc golfer has never played in a tournament before, consider registering them for a Trilogy Challenge or Ace Race. These are fun promotional events where disc golfers of all skill level get valuable prizes and compete in a fun “no pressure” atmosphere.

Gifts Ideas for People Who Don’t Play Disc Golf (Yet)

Not only is disc golf equipment a great idea for people who already play disc golf, but it also makes an excellent birthday, Christmas, wedding, or graduation present for just about everyone.

Disc golf is easy to play and inexpensive. It is a great source of exercise and hobby that everyone can enjoy.

Below are our gift suggestions for people who don’t currently, but soon will play disc golf.

Disc Golf Sets

Top disc golf kits for kidsThe best way to get someone started with disc golf is by purchasing a disc golf set for them. Disc golf sets come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can include everything from two discs and nothing else to multiple discs, minis, towels, and starter bags. Rather than list our recommended disc golf kits here, click this link to check out the best disc golf sets.

Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Kid putting in disc golfPurchasing a single golf discs also makes an excellent gift and great way to get someone started with disc golf. However, not all disc golf discs are equal and some are absolutely terrible for beginners.

For recommendations on the best golf discs for beginners, read this article.



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