Some players tend to overlook mid-range discs. They most likely proceed with using putters or drivers immediately which is a wrong perception. Whatever one’s level of expertise is when it comes to disc golf it is important to get the best midrange disc.

Capturing the perfect combination of accuracy and speed is what highlights the use of midrange discs. A midrange can fly substantially straighter than a driver and can provide you with more distance than a putter. For tightly wooded courses, the flight path that only a midrange can offer can provide you with additional birdies otherwise not thought possible.

If you think you don’t need a midrange disc, you will find the reasons why you need one here. There are also recommendations of the best midrange discs for beginners and advanced players which can be used in the disc golf course.

The recent explosion of disc golf has resulted in supply shortages which manufacturers are experiencing. We are continuously updating this review and will only include products that are likely to be available.

Best Mid Range Disc Golf Reviews

Mid-range Comparison Table

Name Flight-Ratings Best For Level of Player
Discraft Buzzz Speed 5
Glide 4
Turn 0
Fade 1
Straight shots
Turnover shots
Intermediate Advanced
Infinite Discs Anubis Speed 5
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 0
Straight Shots
Innova Champion Roc3 Speed 5
Glide 4
Turn 0
Fade 3
Control shots Advanced
Divergent Discs Leviathan Speed 4
Glide 5
Turn -3
Fade 1
Right turning shots
Medium to long range roller and turnover shots
True Beginners
Innova Mako 3 Speed 5
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 0
Dead straight shots
Smooth hyzer shots
Straight shot
Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth Speed 5
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 2
Stable control shots Intermediate
Prodigy M-Model US Speed 4
Glide 4
Turn -1.5
Fade 1
Turnover flights

1. Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc

Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc

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If you are looking for the best mid-range discs period, then the Discraft Buzzz is one that you should consider. This is a disc that is regularly used by professional disc golfers and is also a solid choice for the intermediate player as well.

I recommend this disc for all skill levels because of its versatility and intricacy of design. The Buzzz has consistently been one of the top-selling midrange discs from major disc golf retailers for the past fifteen years. I like the accuracy of this disc. Whatever the weather condition is, this disc will still fly accurately towards the goal.

This mid-range disc has an incredible flat top and a small rim. The size is just enough to fit perfectly in your hands. It is a disc that works incredibly well for both forehand and backhand throws. Thanks to the accuracy of the Buzzz, you can still lock in par even if you do not have a good drive.

When thrown with enough power, the Buzzz will hold any line it is released as. When beating in, the Buzzz is good for turnover shots. It also works adequately for swooping right to left hyzer throws where the glide helps it to go the distance.

The Discraft Buzzz has a little more stability than I would recommend for new players. But I would still recommend it to any player of any expertise. It is because any shots are beautiful with this disc. Just focus on your aim, get your release angle right, and then throw!


  • It has a true flight path
  • It flies very consistently
  • Flat top makes it ideal for forehand and backhand throws


  • Not readily available thanks to the pandemic
  • Not the best stability for beginners

2. Infinite Discs Anubis

Infinite Discs Anubis Midrange

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The Infinite Discs Anubis is among the straightest flying disc golf discs in all of disc golf. This is a super-smooth flyer with a very little end-of-flight fade.

As a wide diameter midrange with a relatively flat dome and a moderately deep rim, the Anubis provides exceptional performance. This is a beadless midrange and feels great in the hand.

If you are a beginner looking for a great first disc that will fly straight and glide far, the Anubis is a good one. Advanced and professional players will love the control the Anubs provide for long anhyzer lines and turnover shots. The wide diameter of this disc helps it to resist flipping over, even when thrown with a lot of power.

The Infinite Discs Anubis may not be as popular as discs in the Innova and Discraft lines, but we rate it higher because of the price. The Infinite Discs I-Blend plastic is several dollars less expensive than similar plastics in other popular brands, but still just as good. This I-Blend plastic looks and feels good, and all Infinite Discs have super attractive disc stamps.

If you’re looking for a super solid all-purpose midrange at a great price, consider the Infinite Discs Anubis.


  • It feels great in hand
  • The disc performs well
  • It is able to fly straight and hold any line


  • The edges do not feel sculpted

3. Divergent Discs Leviathan

Divergent Discs Leviathan Midrange Golf Disc

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The Divergent Discs Leviathan just might be the best disc golf midrange ever made for beginners. Because this disc is so understable, brand new players often find that they can throw the Leviathan farther than they can a driver.

This is a thin, low-profile, mid with a moderately wide diameter. The Leviathan is super easy to throw. It will stay straight even for the newest players with the slowest arm speed. Advanced disc golfers and those who struggle with forehand throws will love using the Leviathan for high arching turnover shots where you don’t want the disc to fade out at the end of the flight. Power throws will likely find that the Leviathan is too flippy for them when playing in headwinds.

The Leviathan is available in an ultra-grippy Maxgrip plastic that looks great and feels even better. This is a moderately durable plastic blend that will give you confidence in all weather conditions. The softness of this plastic does take a beating when you are hitting lots of trees or sharp rocks. I play primarily in very difficult disc golf courses, you may want to consider a disc available in a more durable plastic variety.


  • It flies straight, even for beginners
  • It is accurate to use
  • Great for hyzer flip and anhyzer turnover shots
  • Ultra grippy and moderately durable


  • It turns over too easily for power throws

4. Innova Disc Golf Champion Mako 3 Golf Disc

Innova Disc Golf Champion Material Mako 3 Golf Disc

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The Innova Mako3 is another wide diameter midrange with an ultra-straight flight path. This disc is really similar to the Infinite Discs Anubis in both flight and feel.

It is easy to control, so beginners and professionals alike may have a shot at using it efficiently while perfecting the techniques at throwing discs. While it may require many technical shots, this disc would respond to the way you would want it to.

This disc is definitely an ideal choice for those who want to have a straight flyer with a limited fade. Its exceptional glide delivers added distance, despite the low speed. Since you may treat this as an option, then you would want to know that this disc could do dead straight shots, smooth hyzers, and turnover shots; depending on the shots required.

I like the fact that it is easy to control. This is a go-to disc if you are in a course that requires technical shots because it responds the way you want it to. If I throw it flat, it goes right and eventually hits the ground.

What I also like about this particular disc is that you could readily and easily grip and release the rim for clean and consistent releases. The edges are round, giving it a feel of a regular Frisbee. So, you could already work your way to using this efficiently while enjoying playing it. If these are features which you are looking for, then this disc is for you.


  • It delivers a straight flight
  • The plastic material is durable


  • Not as affordable as the Anubis
  • Some players do not like the deep feel of the Mako3

5. Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth Midrange Golf Disc

Dynamic Discs Lucid EMAC Truth Midrange Golf Disc

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The Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth is a solid midrange here to satisfy you with its excellent flight characteristics and features. This disc was designed in part by 2010 World Champion Eric McCabe. This design takes the popular DD Truth and adds a little extra stability to it for players with more power.

The Emac Truth is a wide diameter midrange but has a much more shallow feel to it than the other discs that we recommended as our best midranges. The Emac Truth has a rim depth of just 1.2m which is just 1 mm more than the PDGA minimum required. While the Discraft Buzzz has a more square feel, the EMac Truth is more rounded around the edges making it more comfortable.

Its versatile and neutral flight of this mid-range disc will surely remind you of the core of disc golf: to throw the disc to the place where you want it to go and let it fade home. This consistent flight will surely satisfy you.
If you are an advanced player looking for a stable to overstable flight path and prefer a shallow feel, consider the Dynamic Discs EMac Truth.



  • Great feel with rounded edges
  • Overstable thin profile allow it to handle wind conditions better


  • Too much stability for beginners
  • More expensive than our other recommendations

6. Innova Roc3

Innova Champion Roc3

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The Innova Roc3 is another of the most possible midrange discs in the game as used by professional players. As this disc is designed for the pros, it is more over-stable than most of those that we have reviewed and able to handle more power. Innova gives the Roc3 flight ratings with a speed of 5, glide of 4, 0 turns, and a significant fade rating at 3.

The bead and stability of this particular midrange give it the ability to hold a line in a variety of windy conditions without losing control. It has a predictable fade, making this mid-range disc an ideal go-to disc that you can use in all situations when you have an open fairway with room to fade. Compared to a disc-like the Buzzz, the Roc 3 has a bead and a deeper profile. The stability is adequate for forehand throws, but I prefer the more shallow rim of the Buzzz.

The Roc3 is highly recommended for advanced and tournament disc golfers.


  • It has a true flight path
  • It flies very consistently
  • The disc is great for advanced players
  • It is a very stable mid-range disc, good for wind


  • Beaded rim is less desireable for some

7. Prodigy M-Model US

Prodigy Ace Line M Model US Midrange Driver

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Prodigy Disc has always made some of the best mid range discs on the market. Their new Ace Line models just might be the best of them all.

The M-Model US is an understable mid-range disc which is getting a lot of hype due to its straight, flip, and turnover flights. I love its flat profile which results in a consistent release with moderate power.

What sets it apart from the rest of the best mid-range discs is its price. All Prodigy ACE Line discs are available in two different plastic blends. Both Base Grip and Dura Grip are extremely affordable, but they have not based plastics that wear easily. The reason that the Prodigy Ace Line is so cheap is that these discs are manufactured overseas in China.

In the Prodigy Line, discs are described in the name. M Model signifies that this disc is a midrange. US identifies this disc as understable. And while this disc is understable for professional players, like those that own Prodigy, new players will find an overall stable flight path that is fantastic for a workhorse mid for beginners and intermediate disc golfers.

If you want a solid mid that can perform all kinds of shot types at the lowest price, then try out a Prodigy M-Model US today.


  • Ultra Low Price
  • Great Feel and Performance
  • PDGA Approved


  • Made in China

What is a Mid-Range Disc Golf Disc?

To better understand what the best mid-range golf discs could offer, it is only right to first discuss what they are. This way, you would have an ample idea of what it does and how it could benefit you in the future.

A mid-range disc is one of the four major types of golf discs. The others include distance drivers, putters, and fairway drivers. A mid-range disc consists of rounded edges which are less aerodynamic in nature. It could fly further than a putter. When compared to distance and fairway drivers, mid-range discs are slower in flying. But do not treat the speed as if it is a flaw.

Actually, once you get to experience playing it frequently, you will find that it is very accurate. It could accurately reach 300 to 350 feet away from where you are. Moreover, it does not skip as harshly as the other drivers.

The design of a mid-range disc provides maximum accuracy and control while ensuring that it does not sail past the target. So, you could use the mid-range discs for straighter flights and an easier finish. You could also use them for intermediate distance shots.

We also like using mid-range discs because you could throw them with your normal power and still get the distance range that you always wanted. There is no need for you to exert more effort or power down such as the other drivers.

Mid-range discs are also flexible and versatile. This gives most players the chance to use them for various kinds of throws. Hence, you could indeed use these discs to improve your skill in throwing a disc and at the same try out different throwing techniques.

How to Choose the Best Mid-Range Discs?

Before you even attempt to buy a mid-range disc, there are some aspects which you need to consider. These features could make or break your playing experience, so you have to consider them well. Here are some things to note when choosing the best mid-range discs

Type of Mid-Range Disc

New players need to understand that mid-range discs come in different various types. You have to look for a disc which provides you most distance while providing you with enough control. Primarily, there are three major types of mid-range discs.

  • Stable mid-range discs: These discs are straight, accurate, and more controllable. They will be able to hold a straight line without doing many turns. They even have a reliable fade to the left as it would slow down.
  • Overstable mid-range discs: At high speed, these discs would follow an arcing path to the left. These discs have a pretty good fade at the end of all your shots.
  • Understable mid-range discs: At high speed, these discs tend to turn over. They bend to the right before turning to the left when it already slows down.

As a player, you have to base the type of disc-based on your preference and your situation. So, choose the disc which suits your own playing style, disc golf course, and your methods of play.

Moreover, you have to choose the type which you feel would work best for you.

But I recommend that beginners should choose a stable or a slightly overstable disc with low speed, predictable fade, and with a decent glide. So that you’d use less power to throw, I would recommend you choose a disc made from premium/ good plastic. Moreover. Make sure that you understand the flying patterns of these discs because they also play a huge factor in the gameplay. If you do so, you will need less power to throw the disc.

Weight of Mid-Range Disc

Another factor to look into is the weight of the disc. When will you need a heavier disc? When will you need a lighter disc? The weight of the mid-range disc would depend on the arm strength.

Is it windy where you are located? If so, then do not get a disc that is less than 170g. Heavy discs tend to be more reliable when exposed to the wind. The disc might be more difficult to throw compared to a lighter one. But as long as you get used to throwing heavy discs, your playing experience will not suffer as much in windy environments.

You will be able to get more distance with a lighter driver. However, if the mid-range disc would not go far enough at the maximum weight, then you could always pull out a fairway driver.

Personally, I like maximum or near-maximum weight for my mid-range disc. If I am trying to throw some discs accurately in wind, I feel like more weight would offer a better distance and accuracy.

Here is something you have to note, though. A heavy disc will be more overstable than a lighter one. Hence, there might be some instances when your disc might be harder to throw than a lighter version.

young woman aiming disc to target

Plastic Durability

As beginners, you might want to be mindful of the durability of the plastic material of the mid-range discs. The durability of these plastics would assure you that the disc will not change throughout the course of time. The durability will also ensure that you will be using a long-lasting disc that will not get destroyed after a few uses.

It is worth noting that the softer and grippier plastics might look and feel good for the first few months of use. However, they might end up becoming unreliable and floppy as they break in and as you use them over long periods. Hence, it is always best to pick the most durable plastic. It does not only benefit your experience, but it would also benefit your game.

Plastic Type and Construction

The type of plastic of your disc would also have an effect on the way it would fly. Various types of plastic vary in terms of their feel, affecting the way you release it. Take a look at some of the types of plastics which you should consider for the best mid-range disc for a sidearm.

  • Premium Plastics: these types of plastic provide excellent durability and grip. While they are more pricey, you are ensured of its quality and its performance.
  • Ultra-Light Plastics: Lightweight disc golf discs offer new players more distance. Because they are light, they are able to travel farther.
  • Ultra Durable Plastics: This type of plastic is marked by its smooth, hard, and clear construction. The durability of this plastic makes it a good option for when you are throwing in rough areas.
  • Middle-Grade Plastics: This type of plastic is durable and have better quality than the basic plastics. However, it may be in danger if it gets stuck on a brick wall or a tree limb.
  • Basic Plastics: These low-grade plastics offer a nice grip, but they tend to wear easily. They are also susceptible to scratches when used, making them less stable over a period of time.

Speed and Glide

For buzz mid-range disc, you should try looking into their speed and glide. When we talk of speed, we are not referring to the distance. Instead, we are referring to how fast it will go after you throw it.

The Innova rating system denotes how fast it would fly. The fastest discs have speed ratings that range from 13 to 14. Slow discs with blunt edges have ratings that range from 1 to 2.

Moreover, discs with higher speeds have thicker rims, making them more difficult to throw accurately. For mid-range discs, consider looking for a disc with a speed that ranges from 4 to 5.

Glide, on the other hand, refers to the ability of the disc to remain in the air after you throw it. Glide ratings range from one to seven. The discs with higher glide ratings will retain their loft longer than those with lower glide ratings.

Usually, discs with lower glide numbers will fly nearer than the discs with higher glide numbers. If you ask us, we think that glide is great when you are after the distance. But for approach shots and putts, we do not necessarily recommend it.

Disc Stability

Finally, you have to consider the stability of the disc which you will be buying.

You could determine the stability of the disc by looking at its stability rating. If the rating is at 3.0 or more, then your disc is highly overstable. This means that you would find it difficult to control the disc.

Discs with a high stability rating would hyzer or when the top of the mid-range disc would face away from the thrower. Hence, you might find it difficult to let them fly straight. Whereas when your disc has a stability rating of -3.0 or less, then that means that you would have an understable disc. These discs are easier to control than overstable discs.

Choose the best mid-range disc golf with a slightly higher stability rating that would suit your game. Not too high, and at the same time not too low. Specifically, choose a rating of around 1.0. We don’t think beginners would find it good to choose a highly overstable or highly understable mid-range disc since they might both be difficult to control.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions in glass

When to use a mid-range disc?

Mid-range discs may be underrated, but you could sure play them in various instances. You could use the best straight mid-range disc when throwing up shots. At this range, they provide accuracy and control while being easy to use.

You may also use them when doing wooded courses because they are able to dodge trees. The best mid-range discs for beginners give you the control you need to work through the woods. Because of their precision and speed, you could also use mid-range discs for the tee box.

A midrange disc should be used to:

  1. Limit Power. Your normal power (not your full power but your smooth max control power) throw with a driver will sail too far beyond the target.
  2. Shape Shots. The shape of the shot, such as staying straight to navigate through woods or avoiding fade to remain on the fairway is necessary. Most midrange discs have less end of flight fade and are able to stay straighter than drivers, thus helping you to land in a more favorable position.

What distance should I throw mid-range discs for?

New players often don’t know when it is appropriate to use a midrange versus a driver or putter. This distance varies based on a player’s skill and power. Personally, I primarily use midrange discs for distances between about 220 and 260 feet. Some professional disc golfers will use mids any time a shot is less than 350 feet.

Some new players assume that a midrange should always be used for the second shot off the tee. This is rarely true and in many instances using a putter or driver again is most appropriate for the second throw.

How to throw mid-range disc golf?

To some players, using the mid-range disc might be confusing. However, some may fail to realize that the ways how to throw a mid-range disc golf disc are easy.

Primarily, you have to look for a comfortable disposition for a throw. Carefully aim with your mid-range disc. Then, throw it in a straight line while maintaining a low angle. The low angle provides more power, resulting in a longer distance. Continuously practice using mid-range discs to improve your game.


The best mid-range discs will be a great help for you to improve and become excellent in playing disc golf. As much as they are very underrated, they provide plenty of benefits that will help you become a better player.

In terms of choosing the best midrange disc, regardless of the brand make sure the disc will provide you with control, precision, accuracy, and distance which are vital in playing the sport. Also, consider the important factors mentioned above.

To improve your game, practicing regularly will be very helpful. Keep an eye on the techniques and features so that you will not regret using a dysfunctional product. After all, what we want in the end is a good game.

Enjoy playing your “Go-to” mid-range!

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