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The Best Disc Golf Bags for 2024

As the new year begins, there are opportunities to upgrade equipment and achieve fresh goals. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to upgrade your gear, a new, larger, or better disc golf bag should be on your shopping list.

Almost every player discovers the exhilaration and joy of disc golf. As you get a grip on disc flight dynamics, you’ll soon realize the need for more discs and, crucially, a reliable bag to carry them in.

What started as a hobby for me quickly turned into a passion! Let’s dive into the disc golf bags that match your skill level and meet all your needs on the course.

Leveling up in disc golf means you’ll soon find yourself reaching for a broader range of discs to conquer those trickier courses and nail every shot. This realization often comes with the need for a bag spacious enough to accommodate these vital tools. You never know when you might need that one special disc. For those whose competitive spirit drives them towards tournaments, a larger bag or even a cart becomes essential to hold all the gear required for the slower pace of tournament play.

Most seasoned players I know carry over fifteen discs for casual rounds! Once your collection exceeds three discs, carrying them by hand is no longer practical. Let’s get you set up with a stellar disc golf bag that’ll not only sort your kit but also keep you comfy and prepped, no matter what the course throws at you.

The ideal disc golf backpack not only keeps your gear organized but also ensures comfort while you carry all your essentials on the course. A specialized disc golf backpack not only tidies up your space for essentials like discs but also stashes must-haves such as towels and sunscreen, proving indispensable when the weather decides to flip on you.

Here’s a list of the top ten disc golf bags to consider.

Best Disc Golf Bag Reviews

Let’s dive into this guide by reviewing ten of the best disc golf bags currently on the market. With the sport’s burgeoning popularity, many top products sell out quickly and are hard to find. I’ve personally tested each of these bags and will recommend the best one based on the habits and needs of individual disc golfers.

Top Disc Golf Bag Comparison Table


Our Rating Disc Capacity Non-disc Storage Style Suitable For
Infinite Discs Huck Pack Disc Golf Bag 18 4/5 3.5/5 League Rounds
Prodigy BP-1 25+ 5/5 4.5/5 Tournaments
Infinite Discs Slinger 8-12 2/5 5/5 Casual Play
MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack Disc Golf Bag 20-22 4.5/5 3/5 Tournaments
Prodigy Bp-2 25+ 4/5 4/5 Tournaments
Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler 10-18 4/5 4/5 League Rounds
Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag 8 1/5 3/5 Beginner’s game
Kestrel Disc Golf Bag 10 1/5 4.5/5 Casual Play
Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag 12 2/5 3.5/5 Casual Play

1. Infinite Discs HuckPack Disc Golf Bag


Infinite Discs Huck Pack Disc Golf Bag

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I’m really taken by the Huckpack’s knack for packing plenty without the extra pounds, nailing that sweet spot between ample space and easy handling. Despite holding up to eighteen discs, it maintains a light weight of just over a pound, never feeling overly heavy even when full. It’s perfectly sized too; it can accommodate up to 18 discs without appearing bulky, and even with just a dozen discs, it fills out nicely. For me, eighteen discs are more than sufficient. The top compartment, easily accessible without bending down, can comfortably fit at least four putters.

The Huckpack’s side pocket isn’t just for show; it neatly fits your must-haves like keys, a smartphone, and a handful of snacks. While lacking large pockets, the back pocket is spacious enough for a lightweight raincoat. Measuring 19 by 11 by 9 inches, it’s not a large bag, but it’s perfectly adequate for recreational play and single-round tournaments.

Setting it apart from many competitors, the Huckpack features not one, but two water bottle holders. These insulated pockets can accommodate large 32-ounce bottles, a feature that similar bags like the Trooper, Shuttle, and Innova Adventure packs lack. Plus, there’s a dedicated nook for stashing your mini marker and pencil so you can grab them quickly when you need to jot something down.

Ready to level up from a basic, small bag? This one’s perfect for you—it’s got the space and durability to keep everything organized without weighing you down. Although not huge, this affordable and steady bag provides sufficient space for the essentials during casual rounds. However, for tournament play, I’d suggest a slightly larger bag, as the Huckpack doesn’t have the capacity to store items like a stool or lunch for extended tournament rounds.


  • One of the best-priced backpacks
  • Can hold eighteen discs and four putters in the easy access top pocket
  • Very light weight
  • The back panel and padded straps are very comfortable
  • Two water bottle holders
  • Mini Marker and Pencil slot.


  • The bag is not too stable, and it tends to topple on hills
  • Limited pockets for large storage items

2. Prodigy BP-1 Version 3

Prodigy BP1 Disc Golf Backpack

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If you’re in search of an affordable, high-quality, full-capacity tournament disc golf bag, the Prodigy BP1-V3 is an outstanding choice.

This third iteration of the BP1 series has seen improvements with each new version. The V3 is not only visually appealing with its simple, solid colors, but it’s also crafted from ultra-durable, lightweight ripstop fabric. Weighing just over three pounds when empty, it’s significantly lighter than most premium tournament bags.

The BP1 version 3 offers ample storage for everything you need during your disc golf rounds. It’s designed symmetrically, featuring two large pockets on each side. Outside these large pockets are two insulated water bottle holders and two small pockets, perfect for snacks, keys, or a phone. What really sets these outer pockets apart is their magnetic closures – they’re not just stylish but also lock your stuff down tight.

Prodigy backpacks step up your game with zippers that are lined to keep water out, shielding your gear when the weather turns sour. The bag also has a convenient slot for carrying an umbrella or a tournament stool.

Comfort sets the Prodigy BP1 apart from its competitors, with ultra-comfortable straps and back padding, plus a chest strap for a snug fit during long walks between holes or to distant starting points in shotgun start tournaments.

For those who like customization, the large Prodigy Logo at the top is Velcro-removable, allowing you to add your own 10×2 inch Velcro name or logo.

The only feature lacking in this bag for me is a readily accessible pencil holder, though with many disc golfers now using apps for scorekeeping, including in tournaments, this might not be a significant omission.

If you’re hitting the course and need a reliable tournament bag that won’t break the bank, yet still hauls more than 30 discs with ease, then Prodigy’s BP-1 V3 should be on your radar.


  • Large capacity holds 30+ discs
  • The straps and the back are well-padded
  • Light weight and water resistant
  • Excellent storage compartments including some with magnet closing
  • 2 Insulated Water Bottle Holders


  • No readily accessible pencil holder

3. Infinite Discs Slinger Disc Golf Bag

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The Infinite Discs Slinger bag is a distinctive single-strap “sling” style disc golf bag. Lightweight and comfortable, it holds 8-12 discs. It features a front mesh pocket for two discs and a main compartment that can accommodate up to ten. The Slinger bag stands out for its quick access design, allowing you to effortlessly sling it on and dash off without a hitch. It can be worn as a one-strap shoulder backpack or in sling form with the strap crossing the chest. The bag is not only lightweight but also well-padded and comfortable.

In addition to disc storage, the Slinger comes with a small water bottle holder with a drawstring, a hook for attaching a towel or bag tags, and a compact pocket suitable for a phone, keys, wallet, or a mini marker disc.

Though the Slinger boasts a chic design, it falls short in stability when laden with a water bottle, often tipping over. The bag struggles to stand upright on the ground, particularly when carrying a water bottle, as it tends to tip over easily. Its storage capacity for discs and additional gear is limited, making it less ideal for long tournament rounds.

When I’m aiming for speed and not weighed down by gear, the Slinger stands out as my go-to bag for brisk disc golf sessions. I frequently enjoy fast solo rounds, where I run between holes. The Slinger is perfect for this type of play, allowing me to swiftly throw, grab, and go, while carrying a sufficient number of discs for various shots on the course.


  • Excellent Price
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Perfect for quick for grab and go casual rounds


  • The distribution of discs in the bag sometimes make it difficult to stay upright
  • The bottle holders are shallow, and you can’t keep bottles without tightening the straps

4. MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack Disc Golf Bag

MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack Disc Golf Bag

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The MVP Voyager backpack, with its tournament-grade design, serves up both style and substance for casual play or competitive action. Sporting a sleek look in colors like black and lime, the MVP Voyager backpack offers style without skimping on practicality for players always on the move.

The Voyager backpack nails the sweet spot with room for 20 discs, making it both manageable and generously sized. Its sleek yet sturdy build promises both style and longevity.

Functionality-wise, the backpack includes an upper putter pocket, dual water bottle holders, a stool holder, and ample storage pockets for jackets, minis, pencils, scorecards, snacks, and other essentials. The backpack has handy loops to clip on a towel.

Designed with stability in mind, the Voyager has base feet to maintain steadiness on uneven surfaces, although some users have noted discomfort from the feet against their backs.

The backpack’s shoulder straps are notably cushioned, ensuring you can carry your load in comfort without sacrificing support. The Voyager’s disc compartment is uniquely designed for ease of access, with a widened and squared main disc area for effortless insertion and removal of discs.

The Voyager’s top compartment features an adaptable triple-fastening system, ensuring your discs are both easily reachable and well-protected on the move. The MVP Voyager strikes a perfect balance, offering disc golf lovers both the ease they crave and the snug security their gear needs.


  • Can hold up to 23 discs.
  • Comes with four drink holders- two large and two small.
  • The foot of the bag is extremely stabilizing.
  • Comes in a wide range of color.


  • Some have complained of the comfort
  • More pricey than other bags

5. Prodigy BP-2 V3

Prodigy BP 2 Disc Golf Bag


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Prodigy’s reputation for top-tier disc golf backpacks isn’t unfounded; they’re the clear favorite among players who value quality gear. Prodigy has become the #1 option for disc golf backpacks for a reason. Catering to all styles and price ranges, their bags are affordable, efficient, and durable. When you’re eyeing a pro-level disc golf bag without breaking the bank, the BP-2 is your go-to—it packs quality and affordability into one.

The BP-2 can hold up to twenty-five discs, depending on the mix of drivers, midrange, and putters. The BP-2 ups the game with a pair of insulated holders that not only keep your drinks cool but also bump up the comfort with some extra padding.

Comfort is a priority with this bag. The back is equipped with three ultra-thick soft pads, and it has well-padded shoulder straps and a chest strap, making it comfortable for extended periods, especially when your starting point in a tournament is far from the central area.

Storage-wise, the BP-2 includes zip-up pockets on both sides, next to the water bottle holders. These pockets are sufficiently large for a wallet, keys, phone, and a light jacket, although they might not accommodate a heavy jacket or hoodie. The only drawback of the BP-2 might be its limited storage space for non-disc accessories.

The bag features two pencil holder slots at the bottom on both sides, a loop for a towel, bag tags, or carabiner, and an easily accessible pocket for a tournament seat or umbrella.

For quick access, the BP-2 excels with numerous pockets. The top putter compartment, with two separate zippers, can hold up to 8 discs. An easily accessible putter pocket is located at the front of the bag, which can also store a scorecard or mini, as there are no specific compartments for minis. Additionally, if the main compartment is kept zipped up, an extra disc can be inserted at the front.

The BP-2’s numerous pockets enable quick access, letting tournament players organize their discs efficiently. You can pick up the Prodigy BP-2 in a range of seven eye-catching hues to suit your style.


  • Most Affordable Tournament Bag
  • Relatively light weight but extremely durable
  • Lots of disc storage including quick access pockets
  • Insulated water bottle holders
  • Pocket for holding umbrella


  • Only moderate non disc storage pockets.
  • No pockets specifically for mini marker discs.

6. Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Disc Golf Bag

Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Disc Golf Bag

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The Dynamic Discs Cooler Bag stands out in Dynamics’ range of bags, combining the popular Soldier bag design with a unique twist – a detachable, zippered, insulated cooler compartment.

This cleverly designed pocket can easily chill up to six standard-sized cans, perfect for staying refreshed during a game. When using the cooler, the main section of the bag can accommodate ten to twelve discs. Without the cooler, it expands to hold up to 18 discs, offering flexibility based on your needs. Plus, the bag comes with several nifty compartments that are just right for stashing pens, scorecards, and a bit of cash—everything you need at hand.

On the bag’s top, you’ll find a secure zippered mesh pocket designed to safeguard your valuables. The front of the bag includes a putter pocket that can hold two putters, while each side of the bag has a drink holder accompanied by a small pocket. With cushy padding for those long treks across campus, the bag’s strap is easily tweaked to match your carrying style perfectly. Its tough construction promises durability, so you can count on this bag to handle the rigors of the game time after time.

The aspect is the bag’s built-in cooler pockets to keep drinks chilled in your disc golf bag. For players who value a cool drink as they hit the course, the Dynamic Discs Cooler Bag stands out with its built-in chill factor.


  • A detachable cooler compartment for beverages
  • Comes with an insulated cooler compartment
  • The padded shoulder strap is adjustable, hence easy to carry
  • You can store up to 10-12 discs
  • Comes with dual drink holder, each can hold up to 1 liter of bottle


  • Some users have a complaint about the zipper opening in the wrong way

7. Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

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The Discraft Weekender, with room for up to eight discs, hits the sweet spot for newbies or casual players looking for a no-fuss disc golf bag. It’s a top pick for newbies, delivering solid bang for your buck without weighing down your budget.

Designed primarily for beginners, this bag isn’t intended for carrying a large array of discs and gear. Its storage capacity is limited to 8 discs, with an additional pocket for a putter.

Dive into the bag and you’ll spot compact, zippered compartments perfect for keeping your small treasures safe. The bag’s design includes a strap that you can adjust for comfort, a spot to secure your water bottle, and even a rain cover—plus, the top rolls down and fastens with Velcro to make grabbing your stuff quick and simple.

But if you’re after a bag that can hold more and has extra bells and whistles, it might be worth looking into different models.

In essence, the Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag is a straightforward, no-frills option. It’s ideal for days when you want to travel light to the course. When you factor in the price, it’s clear that this is a seriously strong choice for anyone looking to keep things light on the disc golf course.


  • Comes in a compact size; best for casual play
  • The rain cover is zippered and velcroed
  • Affordable price; high-quality material


  • The bottle holder can only hold 16-Oz bottles
  • The bag is too small to hold more than 8 discs

8. Kestrel Disc Golf Bag

Kestrel Disc Golf Bag

The Kestrel disc golf bag is crafted with the primary goal of conveniently holding a few discs for your casual rounds. Crafted for top-notch performance, this bag is resilient enough to take on tough courses without breaking a sweat.

Capable of carrying up to 10 golf discs, the bag is equally efficient when transporting just 3-4 discs. Built tough, this bag stands up to the great outdoors and keeps going, just like your game.

While the bag doesn’t feature an abundance of compartments, its two large sections make disc organization straightforward.

The bag also includes a bottle holder, though it’s somewhat basic and best suited for small water bottles. The bag’s ergonomic design lets players carry discs comfortably without strain.

This lightweight yet robust model is particularly effective for advanced players who don’t need to carry a large number of discs. It’s built tough to stand up to whatever mother nature throws at it, from scorching sun to pouring rain. If you’re after a sleek bag that’ll keep your discs safe without any fuss, the Kestrel disc golf bag hits the mark.


  • Available in different colors
  • The bag is made of top-quality material
  • Weather resistant
  • Compact size to store all your necessary belongings.
  • The discs will remain organized
  • It is perfect for any age group
  • Comes with a 100% guarantee or money back offer


  • Water bottle holder is not very effective
  • The button snap should have been placed a little lower

9. Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag

Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag

Check Price on Amazon Shop at Infinite Discs

Capping off our selection, the Innova Standard Bag stands out as a solid, hassle-free choice that neatly stores a decent array of discs for players on the move.

The bag fits up to twelve discs plus small items. Its resilient waterproofing shields against the elements. The bag’s smartly crafted shoulder strap, which you can adjust and is padded to avoid slipping, makes lugging your gear around a breeze—even when it’s packed.

Efficient and stylish, this bag deftly stashes your discs alongside daily must-haves—cash to cards to snacks—with ease, all while keeping costs down. It is particularly suitable for players who prefer not to carry a large bag.

With detachable dividers and a disc sleeve for added protection, the bag’s interior space is customizable through Velcro attachments. The bag’s top-notch materials not only promise longevity but also provide a snug spot for your discs to chill. The bag can fit both large and small water bottles in its holder.

Despite its simple style, the Innova Standard Bag packs a punch in functionality and bang for your buck, making it a top pick for players who mean business.


  • It is affordable
  • You can hold up to 12 discs
  • It is a lightweight bag and compact in size
  • The Velcro is ergonomically designed and provides extreme comfort


  • The strap can be a little uncomfortable
  • The clips are made of plastic

How to choose the right disc golf bag?

Elevating your disc golf game starts with selecting the right bag. A quality disc golf bag suited to your needs makes playing more fun. If you’re really getting into disc golf, it’s a smart move to put some money into a top-notch tournament bag. I’ve often seen new players start with a small starter bag, then quickly progress to a mid-range option, and finally opt for a high-end tournament backpack within months.

Consider these factors when selecting the best disc golf bag for you:

Capacity Needs

The capacity of the bag is crucial. The bag’s size is pivotal because it dictates the number of discs you’re able to bring along. The smallest bags hold about 8 discs, while the largest can carry 25 or more. Consider whether you need to bring your entire collection for each round, or if a select few will suffice.

Remember, the more discs you carry, the heavier your bag will be. It’s important to consider your weight-to-options ratio according to your personal preference and disc golf playing style. This will help you determine the best disc golf bag capacity for you.

Tournament Play

For PDGA sanctioned tournaments, a high-capacity, quality bag is essential. Tournaments typically last longer than casual rounds, requiring space for snacks, sunscreen, a jacket, a grip bag, a disc retriever, a stool, and extra towels. Smaller bags may not suffice for these extended rounds.

If you’re new to playing tournaments, take into account the possibility of losing some discs during a round, especially on challenging courses with numerous water hazards. Therefore, it’s crucial to carry backups of your go-to discs. Make sure the bag you choose for tournament play has enough space not just for each type and stability of disc you need, but also for these additional backups.

Water Bottle Holders

Staying hydrated is key. While most bags have water bottle holders, their size and number vary. If you drink a lot, especially in hot climates, ensure your bag has sufficient capacity for your hydration needs.

Comfort Level

Comfort is paramount. A bag that causes discomfort can distract from your game. When choosing a bag, prioritize comfort by opting for one with cushioned shoulder straps and an ergonomically crafted back panel to ease your load. Make sure the straps are broad enough to evenly spread out the load, with an ergonomic design boosting overall wearability.

Quality Material

Choose a bag made from durable, quality material. If you’re in a rainy area, opt for a waterproof bag with a rain cover to protect your discs and valuables. Reading through reviews can often clue you in on how tough a bag really is.


A bag’s durability is tested by its exposure to weather and outdoor elements. Choose bags crafted from robust materials such as polyester to brave the elements outdoors.


Stability is as important as capacity. A bag that tips over easily can be annoying and lead to lost items. Look for bags with a wide base or plastic or rubber feet for added stability.


Style is a personal choice. Backpacks are in style, giving you the comfort of even weight on your shoulders and keeping all your stuff sorted just right. If you prefer something lighter and more affordable, a single-shoulder strap bag may be better.

When you’re prepping for a day on the course, pick a disc golf bag that nails the look you want, holds all your gear, and feels good on your back—whether it’s just for fun or serious competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, I have answered most of your questions about disc golf bags by now. You know all about the top ten products in the market and how have some more information to consider when choosing your bag. But, just getting the bag is not where it all ends. You also need to know things like what to pack in the bag, how to clean it, and so on. So, let’s get to it without further delay.

What’s in your disc golf bag?

There are several essentials that you may want to consider adding to your disc golf bag besides just the discs. The following are some of the most common non disc products disc golfers keep in their bags:

The essential non-disc items in the bag

  • Water bottle
  • Drinks and snacks you need
  • Bug spray
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses, Hat
  • Pen, Pencil, Sharpie
  • Two towels
  • Medical tape or Band-aids
  • 25 ft. Tape measure (It’s useful for measuring distance to the pin and for getting discs out of trees)
  • Sling shot to get discs down from high trees
  • Small fan
  • Pocket Knife or Multi-tool
  • Black Light for night play

A few other things you may want to consider based on the conditions of your round include a three leg tournament seat, umbrella, first aid kit, poncho, and extra pairs of socks and shoes.  Some disc golf players also carry things like cards or hacky sack for add on games and downtime due to group backups during tournament rounds.

How to clean a disc golf bag?

If you’re an avid disc golf player, it’s inevitable that your disc golf bag will get dirty. While many disc golf bags are suitable for dry cleaning, you don’t necessarily need to take them to a professional cleaner.

For a more convenient and cost-effective approach, try washing your bag at home. I personally clean mine in the bathtub using only water. Gently scrub and rinse the bag several times until it’s thoroughly clean. Once washed, ensure it dries completely by placing it in front of a fan for around an hour, or you can hang it outside as an effective alternative. It’s important to use only cold water during the cleaning process.

I recommend against machine washing or drying your bag, as this can be more time-consuming and poses a risk of damage or tearing. Remember to remove any internal dividers before washing. This home cleaning method has kept my ten-year-old bag looking nearly as good as new with just a few washes each year.

Another simple strategy to minimize the need for frequent cleaning is to choose a disc golf bag in dark colors that don’t easily show dirt.

What are disc golf bag tags?

You may have noticed tags hanging from disc golfers’ bags while playing at the course. What are these tags and why do so many disc golfers have them?

Disc golf clubs often have something called “bag tags” that identify their individual club and who the members are. When you join the club, you typically pay the dues and get a bag tag that shows your membership. Clubs typically make new bag tags and renew club membership annually.

Bag tags often have sequential numbers and are used for competition at leagues and mini-tournaments. If you have a high bag tag number, you can challenge another player with a low number to a “tag round.” If you beat them, then you swap tags and now have the lower number until you get beat at a league round or bag tag challenge. Bag tags are a fun way to add more competition and skin in the game to your recreational disc golf rounds.


Before purchasing any of the recommended bags mentioned above, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your needs and expectations. Grasping your specific wants and needs sharpens the hunt for that ideal disc golf bag tailored just for you.

The ideal disc golf bag for you will ultimately be a matter of personal preference. Take the time to think about what you really need before you pick out your disc golf bag. Ensuring your comfort while using the bag is one of the most important factors.

Now is the time for you to pick your bag, sling it over your shoulder, and head to the course for more thrilling days of disc golf!

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