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How Much Do Pro Disc Golfers Make?

If you wonder about the feasibility and earnings associated with turning professional. This comprehensive article aims to illuminate the journey to becoming a professional disc golfer, exploring potential earnings and the sustainability of such a career.

Becoming a professional disc golfer involves participating and excelling in PDGA-sanctioned tournaments. The crucial question is whether pursuing disc golf professionally is financially viable. This includes understanding earnings per tournament and overall income possibilities within the PDGA framework.

Financial Overview of Professional Disc Golfers

From 2015 to 2019, tournament earnings data categorized by event level reveals the financial landscape for professional disc golfers. The PDGA organizes events into various tiers: PDGA majors, National Tour Elite Series, and A, B, and C-tier tournaments. Each tier offers different average total prize purses, which are crucial for gauging potential earnings:

  • PDGA Major Tournaments: Average total prize purse of $64,929 with 225 players.
  • National Tour Elite Series: Average total prize purse of $40,159 with 152 players.
  • A-Tier Tournaments: Average total prize purse of $22,708 with 122 players.
  • B-Tier Tournaments: Average total prize purse of $5,087 with 58 players.
  • C-Tier Tournaments: Average total prize purse of $1,598 with 61 players.

Prize distributions typically extend beyond the top finishers, providing a broader opportunity for earning. The financial breakdown for top positions in various events includes:

  • First Prize: Varies significantly with event level, from about $7,600 at major tournaments to $281 at C-tier events.
  • Subsequent Prizes: Decrease progressively with each rank.

Top Earners in Professional Disc Golf

A glimpse at the top earners in professional disc golf showcases significant potential payouts. For instance, in a recent year, top professionals earned from $32,086 to $46,430. These figures underscore the potential for substantial earnings but also highlight the variability and competitive nature of the sport.

Additional Revenue Streams for Disc Golfers

Professional disc golfers often supplement tournament winnings with other income sources:

  • Sponsorships: Major brands may offer lucrative sponsorship deals, sometimes including bonuses matching tournament winnings or incentives based on disc sales.
  • Salaries from Teams: Players affiliated with teams, such as Dynamic Discs or Latitude 64, might receive salaries that complement their competition earnings.
  • Social Media and Online Presence: Top players leverage platforms like YouTube and Instagram for additional revenue, enhancing their brand visibility and engagement.
  • Coaching and Speaking Engagements: Professionals might conduct paid clinics or speak at events, sharing expertise while earning additional income.

The Growing Popularity of Disc Golf

Disc golf has experienced rapid growth, reflected in rising PDGA memberships and an increasing number of courses. This popularity boosts disc sales and tournament sponsorships, suggesting a bright financial future for professional players. Notably, Paul McBeth’s landmark $10 million sponsorship deal with Discraft sets a precedent for potential earnings in the sport.

As disc golf continues to expand, the financial prospects for professional players are likely to evolve positively, offering more opportunities for substantial earnings through diverse income streams and increased sponsorship interest. This evolving landscape promises greater financial security and career sustainability for those at the top of their game.


In recent years, disc golf and the salaries of professional disc golfers have seen remarkable growth. Indicators such as the increase in PDGA memberships, tournament viewership, and disc sales show that the disc golf fan and player base has more than doubled since before Covid-19. This expanded fan base has enabled top professional disc golfers to earn significantly more than in the past.

Historically, professional disc golfers played out of a passion for the sport. Many touring professionals struggled to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck to participate in the next tournament. They often relied on the generosity of the disc golf community for accommodation during tours sleeping on couches, floors, or their vehicles. Tournament winnings were their primary source of income, while sponsors typically provided only free products.

However, with the rise of modern social media and video coverage of tournaments, professional disc golfers have begun to earn a substantial income. Today, top professionals often earn more from sponsorship deals than from winning major tournaments. The growth of the Disc Golf Pro Tour has significantly increased professional payouts. In 2023, several players earned over $100,000 in tournament winnings alone. Yet, it remains a fact that most professional players earn more from sponsorships than from tournament winnings.

Huge $40,000 disc golf tournament payout.

Simon Lizotte

Besides the fact that he doesn’t have any World Championship and very few major tournament wins, Simon is likely the top earning disc golfer in the world.

Simon’s major asset, is his likable personality and showmanship. Simon is arguably the most entertaining person in disc golf and has a social media following that rivals McBeth.   His YouTube videos get thousands of views and are able to bring home a decent monthly income from YouTube ad revenue. Give him a follow!

At the end of 2022 Simon signed a multi year, multi million deal that includes the release of his own disc line. Between his guaranteed income and various revenue streams, I would estimate that Simon is currently the highest income earner in disc golf. His new Simon Line Axiom Discs were the hottest sellers of 2023, and his latest Pixel Putter release was just announced.

Paul McBeth

Paul McBeth redefined the potential for earnings in disc golf by signing the first multi-year, multi-million dollar contract. Widely regarded as the GOAT, a six-time World Champion, and consistently one of the top-ranked players globally, McBeth not only won more first place purses than anyone else in the sport from 2014 to 2022, but his sponsorship deals and signature disc sales also surpass nearly all others.

McBeth has his own signature line of discs with Discraft, which now includes four different molds. Paul McBeth’s signature disc series with Discraft is flying off the shelves at major sellers of disc golf equipment. Rumors suggest that he earns for every disc sold, and last year, sales of the PM line discs exceeded 100,000 units.

Discraft’s decision to bring McBeth onto Team Discraft in 2019, coinciding with their 40th anniversary and an improvement in production quality seems to have been a lucrative move. Not only has Discraft solidified its position as the second-leading manufacturer of disc golf equipment, but McBeth is also expected to earn a seven-figure income annually for the next decade simply by playing disc golf.

Discraft isn’t the only brand supporting McBeth. Paul McBeth’s fame has helped him to land sponsorship from non disc golf companies as well.

Richard Wysocki

Right after Paul McBeth, in the male rankings, is Richard Wysocki. As the greatest nemesis to Mr. McBeth, Wysocki has had a storied career himself. At the writing of this article, Wysocki is currently the #1 rated disc golfer in the world.

A pro since 2009, Wysocki has career earnings of $506,832. With 120 career wins, Wysocki really knows how to rake in the cash.

Ricky was sponsored by Latitude 64 from 2015-2018 where he one two World Championships. When McBeth left Innova for Discraft, Wysocki took over the number one sponsorship spot at Innova. This past off season Dynamic Discs swooped in offering him his current 1 Million per year contract plus a $250,000 sign in bonus (paid in bitcoin).

Paul McBeth and Ricky Wysocki have the perfect combination of arguably being the best, and having a huge social media presence and fan following. This is what makes these two the million dollar men. Paige Pierce is clearly the best female disc golfer in the world which puts her in a class of her own.

Ricky Wysocki holds the presidents cup trophy

While Simon Lizotte, Paul McBeth and Ricky Wysocky are millionaires from playing disc golf, there are several other players who make very comfortable livings.

Kristin Tattar

Kristin Tattar has firmly established herself as the premier female disc golfer in the world, exemplified by her impressive 998 rating. Throughout 2023, Kristin Tattar ruled the FPO division with a stunning display of talent and steady play. Her remarkable performance in tournaments earned her over 0,000 in winnings last year alone. Kristin Tattar has a stable financial base, thanks to her deal with Latitude 64 that ensures she receives an annual salary of $100,000. Beyond tournament winnings and sponsorship deals, Kristin supplements her income through various avenues typical of a professional disc golfer. These include sales from her signature disc line, earnings from disc golf clinics and personal appearances, and potential revenue from social media and online content, where her status as a top player attracts significant attention and engagement. Kristin’s earnings strategy is a tapestry of the varied and burgeoning opportunities present in the expanding arena of disc golf. We estimate that Kristin made more than half a million dollars last year.

Paige Pierce

Paige Pierce is often likened to the “Paul McBeth” of women’s disc golf, dominating the Female Pro Open Division. Similar to McBeth, she secured a profitable contract with Discraft and is expanding her signature PP disc line. It’s estimated that she earns over half a million dollars annually from her disc sales and bonuses. However, health issues and the emergence of Kristen Tattar have somewhat diminished Pierce’s popularity and market value. In 2023, her worth to her primary sponsor, Discraft, was significantly less than half a million dollars.

Eagle McMahan

Eagle was the Discmania prodigy and sidekick of Simon Lizotte. Not only does he throw incredibly far, but his skills on the course put him right up there with McBeth and Wysocki. If healthy, It won’t be surprising at all to see McMahan as the #1 rated disc golfer in 2024.

Eagle had something good sponsorship with Discmania, but he has the desire to move on. Most see him going to MVP in a deal similar to what his buddy Simon Lizotte got. There is also potential he will go to Innova as he has stressed his love for the “Discmania Originals” which were discs manufactured by Innova. Regardless of where Eagle lands, you know he will have a big money contract that supports his talent and fan base.

Drew Gibson

Drew Gibson’s is able to maximize his sponsorship value by partnering with multiple brands. He is the biggest name representing Infinite Discs and EV7. Drew has signature discs with a variety of different disc golf manufacturers and makes a portion of all EV-7 disc sales. His biggest revenue potential comes from his new Finish Line Discs brand. Depending on the success of this new line of discs, which has not even released yet at the time of this writing, Drew has potential to make millions of dollars over his lifetime.

Kona Panis Montgomery

Kona Panis, ranked as the 10th best female player in the world, secured a contract with Dynamic Discs worth $250,000 annually, despite not being a top tier player. Kona Panis’s notable online influence and adept promotional talents played a significant role in securing her the lucrative deal with Dynamic Discs.

Regrettably, Kona and Dynamic Discs faced challenges as she encountered significant health issues, leading to a decline in her performance. Her diminished play resulted in limited earnings on the tour and reduced visibility in the media and on lead cards. Arguably, this downturn could be viewed as one of the most severe challenges ever faced in the disc golf realm. Consequently, it has partly influenced Dynamic Discs’ decision to guarantee contracts only to players who are healthy and able to compete throughout the year.

Matt Orum Wins the MVP Open

Matthew Orum

Matt Orum serves as a prime example of a professional disc golfer who earns a living from the sport without being exceptionally wealthy. Orum, who consistently finishes in the top 10, is estimated to earn $125,000 annually under his new contract with Westside. This contract was renewed at the end of the last season, and it’s uncertain whether its value has increased, especially considering his major victory last year.

Previously, Orum mainly played regionally, focusing on the Southern states. However, with the increased financial opportunities now available in disc golf, Orum has been a full-time touring professional since 2022.

Eric Oakley

For many years, Eric Oakley was a prominent figure at Dynamic Discs. While not among the world’s top disc golfers, his substantial social media following and online presence have been noteworthy. He’s carved out a niche in the digital promotion game, cleverly capitalizing on an unrestricted gear agreement with Infinite Discs as his chief backer. This tactic not only garners profits from his main backer, Infinite Discs, but also propels Oakley to a prominent position among up-and-coming disc creators like Thoughtspace Athletics and Clash Discs. In 2022, Oakley significantly increased his earnings, making more than triple digits from the sales of his various signature discs.

Nate Sexton

Nate Sexton, while still skilled in disc golf, no longer earns a substantial income from tournament play. He is now better recognized for his disc golf commentary, where his likable personality shines. The majority of his earnings come from the significant sales of his highly sought-after signature Color Glow “Sexton Firebirds.” As the team captain for Innova, Sexton’s renown in recent times is largely due to his professional commentary in disc golf, which, coupled with his appealing personality, has driven the demand for his lucrative Firebirds.


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