Hey y’all, it’s Caleb Simeon, stepping in as the fresh face behind the Cypress Disc Golf blog. If you’ve been around, you might’ve seen the content here slow down a bit. Miller’s plate’s been pretty full, pushing disc golf chatter a tad to the side. But here I am, fired up and ready to dive deep, giving y’all the straight talk from the heart of the sport.

Fresh Start, Fresh Brand

First order of business? We’re shaking things up a bit. Cypress Point’s served us well, but it’s time for a change. Welcome to DiscGolfDiscs.net – a name that I feel speaks true to what we’re about.

I’ve got to tip my hat to Miller and Hannah. They put in the hours, shared their know-how, and gave us some real solid reads on everything disc golf. I aim to keep that same spirit alive, dishing out regular posts and keepin’ it real. If y’all got something you’re curious about or a product you’re itching to get the lowdown on? Drop a comment. Here’s to a new chapter and journeying together in the disc golf world with DiscGolfDiscs.net.

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Caleb Simeon

I have been around disc golf my entire life! My father was a passionate disc golfer and I have been playing in tournaments since I was nine. I have inside access to hundreds of unique disc molds and plastic varieties, and love to share my favorites with everyone else.