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How to Putt Disc Golf – 4 Types of Putting

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As the game of disc golf continues to grow and develop, people are looking for ways to get an edge in the sport. There is no better way to trim your score down than putting better.

You have heard the phrase before: “Drive for show, putt for dough.” Now, you may not be making millions like Paul McBeth, but you may be able to strut your stuff playing with your friends and competitors.

So, what steps will help me learn how to putt disc golf.

Disc Golf Putting Steps

Let’s start with styles of putting and tips to help you out. Before you even go out to play disc golf, you should pick a putting style that fits you and who you are.

You can test putters at local shops to help you along the way. Primarily, you should have one style that you use consistently, and one or two more just in case you need a backup.

When it comes to putting, this is one of the most imperative skills to know in disc golf. Since you putt on nearly every hole, efficiency can really put you a step ahead of the competition.

To start, you should follow these basic steps when working on four different types of putts: Turbo, Straddle, Spin, and Push.

Turbo Putt

This style involves throwing overhand. A pro to using this putt is when getting over obstacles or other interesting landmarks. A con is that the putt itself is a weird movement that takes time to perfect.

How to Turbo Putt

Step 1: Start by having your thumb at the middle flight pate of the disc for support.
Step 2: The rest of your fingers can work their way around the rim of the disc.
Step 3: Grip and rip the disc, as if you are throwing a football or disc.
Step 4: Hold your follow-through after you toss the disc.

Spin Putt

The disc golf spin putt is a great selection because it is one of the easiest and most natural throws to make. With a spin on your disc, your putter will be stabilized and give you a great putting line.

The consistency is not as prominent with this throw because of all the joints in the body that is needed for ultimate performance. Some other variations of the spin putt include the straddle, hyzer spin putt, loft putt, and the anhyzer spin putt.

How to Spin Putt

Step 1: Start by gripping the disc naturally and comfortably.
Step 2: Have a steady stance that isn’t tight, but smooth.
Step 3: Make sure your hips are square to the basket.
Step 4: Release the Frisbee at a flat trajectory.
Step 5: Follow through.

Push Putt

Tossing the disc with minimal spin is what the push putt is all about. You will need to be able to snap the hips and using your fingers to flick the disc. With a push putt, you won’t have issues where the disc kicks out of the chain basket, but it is not the most natural of throws and it is hard to complete this throw from long distances. Other alternative throws included the staggered and straddle throw.

How to Push Putt

Step 1: Have your feet square with the target.
Step 2: Lean forward for added power.
Step 3: Push the disc, so there is no spin.
Step 4: Follow throw as you release the disc.

Straddle Putt

When completing a straddle putt, you can perform a spin or push putt within the process. By straddling your legs, a hip thrust will reduce any side-to-side movement, allowing for great steadiness. However, you may lose power and distance with this throw.

How to Straddle Putt

Step 1: Use the tan grip, where you focus on your ring finger, thumb, and pinky.
Step 2: Leave your other fingers on the rim if it is comfortable.
Step 3: Have an offset stance where the right foot in front of the left foot.
Step 4: Distribute balanced weight onto each foot.
Step 5: Keep shoulders square.
Step 6: Throw the Frisbee, as if you were doing a kettlebell swing.
Step 7: Release the disc and follow through.

how to putt disc golf

Plan your putts according to the elements

Examining your environment and your lie are important keys to evaluate when stepping up for your next throw. You should not just go out to a disc golf course and throw away. There is definitely planning that should take place for you to be successful.

When considering these disc golf-putting tips, you should think through the following factors on a disc golf course. Before you even set foot on the course, I would recommend looking up the course layout online or picking up one from the clubhouse to do your homework.


This might not cross your mind on a disc golf course, but temperature can definitely be a factor to your game. Putters work differently, depending on the weather. In cold weather, you can expect less glide and over-stability on your approach shots.


Most people are terrified of hazards because they do a number on your total score. Consider what might happen if you miss your putt. Is there water nearby or a downhill slope that could make your next shot even trickier?

If it is raining while you are playing, you may even start to notice your disc getting wet, which may affect your overall grip of the Frisbee.


Look out of bushes, trees, rocks, etc. Most players naturally see what lies ahead with their next shot. You may even what to do some disc golf putting drills that challenge you with obstacles, so you will know how to handle them when you are on a course.


Check to see if you are putting into or against the wind. From hole to hole, this might change depending on your shot. Or, you may play your shot near some trees that will block the wind on your next throw.


When you putt, sometimes you do this above or below the hole. Decide if you would rather power your putt upwards or throw an easy downhill putt.

Pick a line, and stick to it

You will have to decide what line you want to take on your upcoming throw. Can you throw your putt directly towards the basket, or will wind or an obstacle get in your way?

In my opinion, nothing is worse than overthinking your next shot. When you come to an educated decision, follow through and do your best. Statistics say your first choices is usually your best one.

Have a routine before putting

Before you even step up to throw, walk through a putting routine that is the same each and every time. This way, you will keep your mental focus and breed consistency moving forward.

I would recommend a routine similar to this:

Step 1: Mark your disc spot and clean your recently used disc.
Step 2: Look at your next shot. Start to question what could be dangerous on your next throw.
Step 3: Pick a disc that gives you the best chance for success.
Step 4: Take a deep breath and step up to throw.
Step 5: Release and follow through.
Step 6: Keep your emotions in check, no matter a good or bad throw.

The Wrap-Up

Now that you know how to putt disc golf, go out there and have a ball. If you understand disc golf putting rules, you will have your putting game under control.

Nothing is more enjoyable than a beautiful day out on a disc golf course. So, enjoy your time and shoot for a low score, and make some superior putts.

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