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Discraft vs. Innova – Knowing the Competition

In the world of disc golf, no two brands are bigger than Innova and Discraft.

Innova is the biggest of the two brands and the most well-known manufacturers on the market today. On the other hand, Discraft is Innova’s closest competitor, as they try to come up with new ways to inspire in the disc golf market.

So, let’s talk about the two brands and what they are all about, shall we?

Discraft Disc Chart

When it comes to Discraft disc golf, they use a Stability Guide to help their customers understand how their discs work. Just like with different clubs and balls used in golf, Discraft discs have their own properties you should know, too.

Since most disc golfers are right-handed, let’s use them as an example.

A right-handed disc golfer goes with a backhand motion for their first shot using a driver. If the disc flies straight with normal power, you can consider this disc to be stable. This would be any of the orange or yellow disc in the chart.

On the Discraft disc chart, this type of disc would receive a 0 rating. But, let’s say the same right-handed player throws a disc with the same consistency, but it starts to fade away to the right. A negative stability score would be given now.

Depending on the severity of the fade, a mild right turn would receive a -1, while a stark fade would get a -3 score. This is called the under-stable range. This would be any of the green colored disc on the chart.

Now, if this same player throws their driver and it fades to the left, this is where the Discraft disc chart would say that a throw is now entering an over-stable range. A little fade to the left would be classified as a 1, while a great left turn would be a 2.5. Red and orange are the type of disc for this category on the chart.

If you are a left-handed play, then switch the classifications. Discs going to the left are under-stable, while discs fading to the right are over-stable. Because left-handed players are rarer, there are no specific discs made for left-handed players, but using this knowledge can help you figure out your game, too.

Also, when shopping for Discraft disc, you made notice a stability rating on their discs. This is to help you get a general understanding of the disc, as you pick your disc. You should still try out any disc before you buy it.

Lastly, when shopping with Discraft, make sure that you own a mixed bag of different stabilities. This way, you will be prepared for any challenge that comes your way on the disc golf course.

Innova Disc Chart

When it comes to Innova, there is a lot to offer the modern day disc golfer. With different grip and durability options, you are sure to find something to fit your liking. Some models are better to throw upwind, like the Star, GStar, or Starlight, while other discs are perfect for your downwind shot, like the DX, Pro, or Glow.

Are you looking for a driver that is perfect for players with less power, but will still give you that distance you are wanting? Then, look for the Sidewinder, Roadrunner, or Valkyrie.

Or are you the player that already has great power, but you are looking for a disc that will stay under control, even in the windiest of conditions? The Ape, Boss, and Dominator are ones you should check out.

Maybe speed in the common denominator for you and your disc golf game. Check out the Firestorm and Colossus to get that fast release.

Innova has other types of disc models for use, too. There are Fairway Drivers, Mid-Range Discs, Putt & Approach, Specialty, and Ultimate & Rec choices. With over 100 discs to sift through, there really are endless varieties you could play without on the disc golf course.

Discraft vs. Innova

When comparing the two brands, we can all agree that these are the gold standard of disc companies. Here is a breakdown of which discs are similar to each other:

Discraft Innova
Maximum Durability / Reliable Flight Elite Z Champion
High Durability / Long Disc Life Titanium (Ti) Star
Good Feel / More Consistency Elite X Yeti Pro
Basic Grip and Value Pro D DX

Discraft vs. Innova Plastics

Discraft focuses on a few plastics because they believe that less is more. Each line of Discraft plastics uses different polymer plastics, which all produce diverse outcomes.

Remember, the best way to check if a disc is for you is when you try it out for yourself. No way is better than you gripping and ripping.

There are 8 plastics to choose from with Discraft: FLX, Ti, ESP, Z, Z Lite, Jawbreaker, X, and Pro D. FLX, Ti, Z, and Z Lite have the best durability, while FLX, Pro D, and X have the best grip when throwing.

When looking for the most inexpensive of Discraft disc golf options, X and Pro D are good models to check out.

Do you worry about the weather? Don’t fret because FLX holds up in all types of climates.

The other side of the coin is Innova’s plastic options.

With 13 different plastics to choose from, Innova has 5 more plastic options than Discraft.

Innova created a multitude of options because they believe in catering to beginners and professionals. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to all options.

Let’s dig deeper.

The models Star, Color Glow Champ, and Starlite are the most stable plastic Innova has to offer. If you are looking for under-stable varieties, keep an eye on Pro and DX.

Are over-stable discs the ones your looking for? Metal Flak and Glow Champion will not lead you astray.

Maybe you are shopping for Innova disc that is durable. Then, the Star, GStar, Champion, Metal Flake, and Glow Champion will be your best bet. For grip purposes, look to the XT Pro, GStar, and Echo Star.

Picking Perfection

No matter what brand you decide to pick, Innova or Discraft, make sure you are picking the best disc options that works for you and your game. If the discs are perfect for you and you play well in the process, nothing else will matter.

So, go out there and get your perfect discs because disc golf courses across the country are calling your name.

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