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Shopping from our Affiliate Partners

There are two different retail websites that we partner with, and hope that you will consider shopping with by using our links to recommended products. Often times the same product is available on both websites, so which should you chose? is of course the #1 retail website period. While Amazon has a good number of disc golf products available, when you consider all of the different brands, weight, and color combinations, the selection is actually pretty limited. If you are new to disc golf and don’t have particular preferences about disc weight and color, and like fast two day prime shipping, then Amazon is a good choice. is the #1 disc golf retailer in the world. They are a specialty store that focuses exclusively in disc golf and have an unparalleled selection. Shopping from Infinite Discs is the best choice if you are particular about the specifics of the disc golf equipment you are buying. Not only can you get the specific colors and weights of the discs you want from Infinite, but the disc you see is actually the disc you will get! They take photos of every single one of their 50,000+ discs in stock.

Which Affiliate Partner has lower prices?

Prices on Infinite Discs are very low, usually less expensive than on Amazon, but you do have to pay for shipping. In most instances, if you are purchasing only one disc golf disc, you are better off purchasing it from Amazon, but if you are purchasing two or more disc golf products at once, the price will be better on Infinite.

Which Affiliate Partner has faster shipping?

Both websites offer very fast shipping, but being that Infinite Discs is located in Utah, the shipping transit time may be longer for you compared to your location to regional Amazon warehouses. However, many of the products we recommend on are sold by third party sellers and are not shipped directly from Amazon. In these instances, many Amazon purchases actually take more time for delivery than by purchasing from Infinite.

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